Sunday, August 9, 2009

2009 Jermuk - Cheparinov and Leko Win R.1

Ivan Cheparinov and Peter Leko starts the 2009 Fide Grand Prix at Jermuk with a wins. This put their opponent Jakovenko and Inarkiev to temporary zero point. While ten more players in 1/2 points as every other game is a draw. But round 1 did not looks like a boring draw start with all the games went to 30 up moves. The shortest was Kasimdzhanov - Karjakin in 32 moves but the last position of Q+K vs Q+B with less possible move lead to victory for both side. Gelfand - Eljanov is a repetition check by White to compensate because White is R+R vs R+R+K.

See the official website for pairing and result and LIVE games. The live timing is about 6 o'clock Singapore time or 5 o'clock Western Indonesia time.

But, for today let's see what the Armenian's costume is so no surprise on the closing ceremony night.

Seri Grand Prix Fide kembali diadakan di Jermuk Armenia. Diikuti oleh 14 peserta ronde pertama dimenangkan oleh Peter Leko atas Inarkiev dan Ivan Cheparinov atas Jakovenko. Grand Prix terakhir di Nalchik dimenangkan Levon Aronian. Untuk siaran langsung catur bisa diikuti di website resmi Fide (link di atas) dan kira-kira dimulai sekitar jam 5 sore WIB.

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