Saturday, April 20, 2013

Alina L'Ami Won Jakarta Japfa Festival 2013

The 2013 edition of Chess Festival in Jakarta, Japfa International had been concluded. The main event consisted of all females (the beauties, they dubbed...) won by Alina L'Ami. The contest held from April 14th 2013 for a week. Not much information can gathered from internet, only few official's snaps taken from Facebook to let us to get a bit of feeling around the tournament.

The Final Standing of Japfa International:

1L'ami Alina***½ ½1 ½½ 1½ ½0 16.0
2Milliet Sophie½ ½***1 00 ½½ 11 16.0
3Sihite Chelsie Monica0 ½0 1***1 ½1 ½½ ½5.5
4Kotchetkova Yulia½ 01 ½0 ½***1 0½ 15.0
5Medina Warda Aulia½ ½½ 00 ½0 1***1 15.0
6Benmesbah Natacha1 00 0½ ½½ 00 0***2.5

Indonesian line up consisted of Monica Chelsie Sihite and Medina Warda Aulia. The rest are female chess players from Europe. Japfa Festival also included side events for local. The events were part of Utut Adianto Chess School projects. Here the photos taken from Facebook.


Slovakia's Julia Kochetkova facing Indonesian Medina Aulia, white won in this game.
More comprehensive report had been posted by Alina herself on Chessbase

Monday, April 1, 2013

London 2013 Winner: Carlsen (vs Anand)

Turnament kandidat penantang juara dunia catur di London berakhir dengan Magnus Carlsen sebagai juara. Walaupun di ronde terakhir Carlsen dikalahkan oleh pecatur Rusia Peter Svidler, namun saingan terdekat, mantan juara dunia, Vladimir Kramnik juga dikalahkan pecatur flamboyan Vasily Ivanchuk. Dengan hasil ini juara dunia catur saat ini Vishwanathan Anand akan ditantang Magnus Carlsen di edisi turnamen juara catur dunia berikutnya. Magnus Carlsen adalah pecatur muda dari Norwegia yang juga pecatur dengan rating tertinggi dunia saat ini. Dia pernah berlatih di bawah bimbingan Garry Kasparov dan memang dijagokan untuk menantang Anand sekaligus bahkan menjadi juara dunia baru. Hasil terakhir dari turnament London 2013 FIDE Candidate tournament bisa dilihat di bawah.

London 2013 FIDE Candidate tournament just over few minutes ago. Both top contender, Magnus Carlsen and Vladimir Kramnik dramatically lost in the last round. Carlsen lost to Svidler while Kramnik suffered the 'up-the-roller-coaster-moment' Ivanchuk. Although Ivanchuk play extremely unstabil result of the tournament, he is again prove to be one of main attraction in every tournament he join in. Same thing to Peter Svidler who just finished with a plus score.

Ironic lost to Kramnik who gain momentum in the last part of tournament but must surrender the ticket to meet Anand to Carlsen. Both come with same score but Kramnik is sort of one win, so the Norwegian wonder is instead the challenger of World Chess Championship title, against Vishwanatan Anand later on. After twenty years, who may predict it will be Norwegia vs India for the chess title!

Levon Aronian is half point behind leaders, so do Peter Svidler. While Boris Gelfand and Alexander Grischuk make a good playing chess friends for the rest. Invited Teimour Radjabov will need to prove he is serious participant in the top ten of chess for rest of his life. He is on the last position.

BTW, this is not an APRIL Fool joke!

Final result: London 2013 FIDE Candidate Tournament:
1. Magnus Carlsen 8.5/14 (+5 -2 =7)
2. Vladimir Kramnik 8.5/14 (+4 -1 =9)
3. Peter Svidler 8/14 (+4 -2 =8)
4. Levon Aronian 8/14 (+5 -3 =6)
5. Alexander Grischuk 6.5/14 (+1 -2 =11)
6. Boris Gelfand 6.5/14 (+2 -3 =9)
7. Vassily Ivanchuk 6/14 (+3 -5 =6)
9. Teimour Radjabov 4/14 (+1 -7 =6)
from Chessbase - Magnus Carlsen vs Peter Svidler 0-1 London 2013
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