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Partai Catur Jadul Jacob Baay vs Frank Crowl - Australian Chess Championship 1951

As my post earlier, we come to discover new game by Jacob G. Baay, who was a strong Dutch chess player living in Indonesia during the World World II era. You can check his other game in this post. Jacob G. Baay earn his reputation playing in Java island of Indonesia during that time. This game was recovered from the Sidney Morning Herald, dated May 13th, 1951. The chess column editor was Australian master Gregory Koshnitsky.

The full text of the article:

The Victorian chess champion, Frank (Arthur) Crowl, has been often compared to the great Russo-Danish player and thinker, Aaron Nimzovitch, whose original ideas on chess strategy shocked the conservative school of his day.

Like Nimzovitch, Crowl is a great strategist and some of his games have been acclaimed as masterpieces of subtlety and ingenuity, but it is only just that both players should suffer from the same weakness-inability to cope with direct methods. Nimzovitch's genius was ineffective against Lasker and Alekhine, while Crowl is notoriously weak against our attacking players when they get positions which suit them.

In the following game, the visiting Dutch master brilliantly exploits a weak move in the opening to inflict on Crowl a crushing defeat.

Jacob G. Baay chess games, the Sidney Morning Heral chess column by Gregory Koshnitsky 1951

Di postingan blog terdahulu, kita sudah melihat partai catur dari pecatur berdarah Belanda yang tinggal di Indonesia tahun '40an, yaitu Jacob G. Baay. Pecatur Indo-Belanda ini mengunjungi benua Australia di tahun 1951 dan bermain di kejurnas catur Australia tahun 1951. Berikut adalah partai catur yang kembali ditemukan di surat kabar The Sidney Morning Herald.

Lawan master Jacob Baay adalah pecatur dari Victoria Frank Crowl. Dalam artikel tersebut diketahui bahwa pecatur ini adalah pecatur nyentrik yang disetarakan dengan pecatur Russia-Denmark Aaron Nimzovitch. Sayangnya seperti Nimzovitch, keunikan pecatur un-ortodox seperti Frank Crowl tidak berkutik kalau sudah bertemu pecatur dengan tipe penyerang. Mari saksikan partai catur jadul Jacob G. Baay yang sangat langka ini, di mana sang master dengan mudah menangkis pembukaan kurang lazim dari hitam.

Jacob G. Baay vs Frank Crowl , 1-0, Australia Championship , Brisbane 1951 
C60 - Ruy Lopez Fianchetto Smylov Defence

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