Friday, March 6, 2020

Priasmoro Novendra is Indonesia's Newest Chess Grandmaster

The young Priasmoro Novendra is Indonesian latest chess grandmaster. He earned it in Liberec Open chess tournament that held in Czech 22-29th February 2020. Novendra finalized his chances by defeating IM Klaudia Kulon rated 2335 from Polandia in 25th Trompowsky Attack game. This was his 7th consecutive wins. Novendra won the tournament as well.

photo from official Facebook

 Novendra born Jakarta, 24 November 1999 is part of Indonesian "millenial" chess line up along new blood such as IM Sean Winshand, Jodi Setyaki, Theofilus Tahir etc. His favorites opening are Sicilian, King Indian, Ruy Lopez, French Defence and even the Reti. He is sponsored by United Tractor. After waiting for 16 years, Indonesian Chess Federation (Percasi) finally added their grandmaster title list.

GM Herman Suradiradja (1977)
GM Ardiansyah (1986)
GM Utut Adianto (1986)
GM Edhi Handoko (1994)
GM Ruben Gunawan (1999)
GM Cerdas Barus (2002)
GM Susanto Megaranto (2004).

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