Friday, April 20, 2012

Japfa Chess Festival Jakarta 2012

Jakarta's largest chess festival, the Japfa Chess Festival concluded last week. There were three events that need to highlight here. First is the Japfa Women International, participated by three overseas WGMs. This is the event to train local girls. WGM Anna Burtasova won this event, eventhough she "sincerely" give away two points to WFM Medina Aulia and WIM Monica Chelsie Sihite.

Japfa Women International 2012:

1 WGM Burtasova Anna RUS 2276 6.5
2 WFM Medina Warda Aulia INA 2172 6.0
3 WGM Doluhanova Evgeniya ARM 2269 5.5
4 WIM Sihite Chelsie Monica INA 2181 4.5
5 WGM Gutsko Anastasia UKR 2328 4.5
6 Jelsen Yemi INA 2016 3.0

Japfa Open 2012 won by IM Tirta Chandra Purnama, ahead of many his colleagues. GM Megaranto Susanto was missing from the final standing, he was "sent" to Campomanes Rapid Chess at Mallaca in the last two rounds.
Japfa Terbuka / Open 2012:
1 IM Tirta Chandra Purnama INA 2455 DKI 8.0
2 NM Armansyah Putra INA 2310 Jambi 7.5
3 IM Salor Sitanggang INA 2394 Jatim 7.5
4 IM M. Ivan Situru INA 2368 Sumsel 7.5
5 IM Ronny Gunawan INA 2371 Jatim 7.5
6 GM Ardiansyah Haji INA 2419 Riau 7.0
7 IM Dede Liu INA 2400 Dki 7.0
8 FM Johan Gunawan INA 2384 Banten 7.0
9 FM Kasmiran INA 2390 Sumsel 7.0
10 NM Octo Dami INA 2217 Bali 7.0

Japfa Women 2012 won by untitled Ummi Fisabillah ahead of many her "senior". Ummi is just 12 years old.
1 Ummi Fisabillah, MPW INA 1690 DKI 7.5
2 Aay Aisyah Anisah, MPW INA 1823 Jatim 7.0
3 WFM Dita Karenza INA 1834 Kaltim 6.5
4 NM Felica Trenseno INA 2081 Dki 6.0
5 WFM Dewi A.A. Citra INA 2226 Kaltim 6.0
6 WCM Evi Lindiawati INA 2126 Dki 6.0
7 Virda Rizka Aulia, MPW INA 2023 Dki 5.5
8 Khadijah Qa INA 1776 Dki 5.5
9 NM Norasa Verdiana INA 2107 Kalsel 5.5
10 Nadya Anggraini, MPW INA 1945 Kaltim 5.0

Interesting snapshoot courtesy of WIM Chelsie

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Japfa Round 1 Anna Burtasova Surprised by local

As reported by Director of SCUA (Utut Adianto School of Chess),  local chess player Medina Aulia surprised WGM Anna Burtasova and defeat the Russian in a French Opening as black. This is a the second decisive result of round one Japfa Women International, the other was GMW Anastasia Gutsko (Ukraina)-Yemi Jelsen 1-0 and GMW Evgeniya Doluhanova (Armenia)-MIW Chelsie Monica Sihite 0,5-0,5.

Anna Burtasova who recently more focus on chess journalism met a tough defence by Medina and then losing in 44 moves, before blundering on 21.Bg4, allowing Black to win a combination of two pawns ahead.

Chess game provide by

more result in chess-result :

Friday, April 13, 2012

2012 Japfa Chess Festival Jakarta

Jakarta will again host the Japfa Chess Festival, start tomorrow April 15th 2012. The event will be also included a women international tournament that participated by Anastasia Gutsko (2328), Anna Burtasova and Indonesian locals.

Complete line up for Women International Tournament:

1. WGM Gutsko Anastasia UKR 2328

2. WGM Burtasova Anna RUS 2276
3. WGM Doluhanova Evgeniya ARM 2269
4. WIM Sihite Chelsie Monica INA 2181
5. WFM Medina Warda Aulia INA 2172
6. Jelsen Yemi INA 2016

This is the second attendant of Anna Burtasova as in 2011 she also participated here. Chesslink URL address for update here.

The tournament poster here.
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