Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sicilian Thematic Match 4-0 for White

A Sicilian thematic match was held in South Carolina, very few of its kind so this is a welcome addition to our chess attraction. The player are Judith Polgar vs Gregory Kaidanov. The match is closely facilitate by Susan Polgar in her blog. The final result is a draw 2-2 for them but color wise it is a perfect 4-0 for White side.

For those who not familiar with Kaidanov, Susan give a bit of preview on him :
1. He was ranked as the top U.S. player for many years.
2. He represented the U.S. in many Olympiads.
3. He has very deep understanding of chess and you just don't lose this.
4. He won the Aeroflot Open clear first and this is the strongest Open Swiss tournament in the world.

And he is also a reputable coach in US from what I read in Chess Life magazine.

I convert two games from Susan Polgar commentary into an interactive chess player for your enjoyment. Bottom notes is, there are many book written in Sicilian defence, maybe compare to other opening? New book on Sicilian :

7 Way to Smash the Sicilian
New Sicilian Dragon by Simon Williams
Play the Sicilian Kan by Johan Hellsten
Dangerous Weapon: Anti Sicilian by John Emms etc.
ABC of Sicilian Dragon DVD by Andrew Martin

For newest Sicilian Books see :

Barusan berlalu adalah duel tematik antara Judith Polgar lawan Gregory Kaidanov. Temanya adalah pembelaan Sisilia. Berlangsung di South Carolina, seluruh liputan pertandingan bisa dilihat di blog nya Susan Polgar beserta komentarnya per langkah. 1....c5 adalah pembelaan satu-satunya terhadap 1.e4 yang saya mainkan hampir belasan tahun so....... T_T tetaplah TABAH.

Berikut dua game interaktif dari pertandingan ini dari komentar ibu Susan. Partai Catur Pembelaan Sisilia - Gregory Kaidanov vs Judit Polgar 1-0

Play chess online

Play online chess

Partai Catur Pembelaan Sisilia - Judit Polgar vs Gregory Kaidanov 1-0

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Topalov Won Linares 2010

Linares, one of top tournament in chess, finished yesterday with Veselin Topalov secured the first place. Topalov won about 4 games against all the players, except Levon Aronian. He lost a game to the closest competitor Alexander Grischuck who stand as nos 2 in final ranking. Most of the games are a drawn result, but all the decisive games are hard fought and the shortest is at 35 moves.

In last round Topalov defeated new World Cup holder, Gelfand and Aronian break the egg defeating political rival Vugar Gashimov. The final ranking closely resemble the ELO ranking for these players :

1. Veselin Topalov 6.5/10 (+4 -1 =5) [view games]
2. Alexander Grischuk 6/10 (+3 -1 =6) [view games]
3. Levon Aronian 5.5/10 (+1 -0 =9) [view games]
4. Francisco Vallejo-Pons 4/10 (+0 -2 =8) [view games]
5. Boris Gelfand 4/10 (+0 -2 =8) [view games]
6. Vugar Gashimov 4/10 (+1 -3 =6) [view games]

By this result Topalov's live rankings is now one point behind Magnus Carlsen. Also this is looks a bit intimidating to Anand, to whom he will play the world championship match. Anand finished Corus undefeated but not won the event, Topalov lost one but still won Linares. Aronian finished +1 and Gashimov is quickly fade away from top ten, his highest in the last FIDE ranking. Grischuk is confincing as serious competitor this year to the elite and Vallejo-Pons finished as expected.

Official website .

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Le (not shared) First in Aeroflot Open

After shared first in Moscow Open a weeks ago, Le Quang Liem also finished first in Aeroflot Open, this time a sole first. Playing last round against Ian Nepomniachtchi he will tied first if the result is only a draw, but an long battle give Le one full point. His country man, who also a big buzz, Nguyen lost the last round to Anton Korobov making his good run ended in third place, the second being Korobov himself.

Wesley So finished #11 shared 7-19 with 5.5 point out of 9 rounds. His fellow Phillipino Darwin Laylo perhaps got his most nightmare tournament with 0.5/9 and solely stand at #80, he withdrawed in last two rounds base on what I see in crosstable. Seeing Le's success I think it's time for Wesley So to get a strong coach. Le is being coached by Evgeny Bareev since the World Cup last November.

China's Zhou Jianchao and Bu Xiangzhi is other Asians finished in Top 20 :

1. Le Quang Liem 7/9 [view games]
2. Anton Korobov 6.5/9 [view games]
3. Ngoc Truongson Nguyen 6/9 [view games]
4. Boris Grachev 6/9 [view games]
5. Alexander Motylev 6/9 [view games]
6. Evgeny Bareev 5.5/9 [view games]
7. Evgeny Najer 5.5/9 [view games]
8. Ivan Cheparinov 5.5/9 [view games]
9. Maxime Vachier-Lagrave 5.5/9 [view games]
10. Alexey Dreev 5.5/9 [view games]
11. Etienne Bacrot 5.5/9 [view games]
12. Artyom Timofeev 5.5/9 [view games]
13. Boris Savchenko 5.5/9 [view games]
14. Bu Xiangzhi 5.5/9 [view games]
15. Borki Predojevic 5.5/10 [view games]
16. Ian Nepomniachtchi 5.5/9 [view games]
17. Wesley So 5.5/9 [view games]

Aeroflot Official Site.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Le and Nguyen top at Aeroflot

Aeroflot is flotting in the air
On top the Vietnamese pairs
GM scracthing his hair
1.b3 or 1.g3 just play it fair

Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son - Arty Timofeev
1.b3 , 1-0

Evgenij Romanov - Illya Smirin
1.g3, 1-0

TWIC Report

Monday, February 8, 2010

Le Shared First in Moscow Open

Been very lazy to do blogging lately. Perhaps because not muc feedback to this blog ?

Btw, following his succesful 2009 year, Le Quang Liem once again shared first in quite a strong open tournament in Moscow. The tie break winner is Konstantin Chernyshov and the other tie breakers are the 'old' Evgeny Bareev and Ernesto Inarkiev. Four of them are half point above like Kurnosov, Bologan, Bu etc with their 6.5 point. See TWIC conclusion.

Soon after the Moscow Open some player will transfer to another massive Aeroflot Open, to be played from 8th to 19th February 2010. See TWIC preview. Last year winner is Etienne Bacrot.

Other late story, Mickey Adams won Gibraltar by play off with Vallejo Pons. In Paris Blitz, Sebastian Feller and Georg Meier shared first. Alexandra Kosteniuk who flying from Gibraltar shared 5th-8th. US Sam Shankland had a good third position result.
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