Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Topalov Won Linares 2010

Linares, one of top tournament in chess, finished yesterday with Veselin Topalov secured the first place. Topalov won about 4 games against all the players, except Levon Aronian. He lost a game to the closest competitor Alexander Grischuck who stand as nos 2 in final ranking. Most of the games are a drawn result, but all the decisive games are hard fought and the shortest is at 35 moves.

In last round Topalov defeated new World Cup holder, Gelfand and Aronian break the egg defeating political rival Vugar Gashimov. The final ranking closely resemble the ELO ranking for these players :

1. Veselin Topalov 6.5/10 (+4 -1 =5) [view games]
2. Alexander Grischuk 6/10 (+3 -1 =6) [view games]
3. Levon Aronian 5.5/10 (+1 -0 =9) [view games]
4. Francisco Vallejo-Pons 4/10 (+0 -2 =8) [view games]
5. Boris Gelfand 4/10 (+0 -2 =8) [view games]
6. Vugar Gashimov 4/10 (+1 -3 =6) [view games]

By this result Topalov's live rankings is now one point behind Magnus Carlsen. Also this is looks a bit intimidating to Anand, to whom he will play the world championship match. Anand finished Corus undefeated but not won the event, Topalov lost one but still won Linares. Aronian finished +1 and Gashimov is quickly fade away from top ten, his highest in the last FIDE ranking. Grischuk is confincing as serious competitor this year to the elite and Vallejo-Pons finished as expected.

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