Monday, February 8, 2010

Le Shared First in Moscow Open

Been very lazy to do blogging lately. Perhaps because not muc feedback to this blog ?

Btw, following his succesful 2009 year, Le Quang Liem once again shared first in quite a strong open tournament in Moscow. The tie break winner is Konstantin Chernyshov and the other tie breakers are the 'old' Evgeny Bareev and Ernesto Inarkiev. Four of them are half point above like Kurnosov, Bologan, Bu etc with their 6.5 point. See TWIC conclusion.

Soon after the Moscow Open some player will transfer to another massive Aeroflot Open, to be played from 8th to 19th February 2010. See TWIC preview. Last year winner is Etienne Bacrot.

Other late story, Mickey Adams won Gibraltar by play off with Vallejo Pons. In Paris Blitz, Sebastian Feller and Georg Meier shared first. Alexandra Kosteniuk who flying from Gibraltar shared 5th-8th. US Sam Shankland had a good third position result.

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