Friday, November 16, 2012

Women's Chess Championship 2012 Round 3

With three strongest girls all falls apart, the KO format of Women's Chess Championship is under big talk already. First is Humpy Koneru that played too cool and then freezed by Madame Grischuk, or Natalia Zhukova. She was duly defeated in 2-0 score. Hou Yifan was also can't hold the more experience Monika Socko, vanished via tie break. Third seed Anna Muzychuk do nothing better against Anna Ushenina, going home as well now. All happens as early in round two. While the men's K.O. format of World Championship, some believe still maintained top seed, at least until later stage, the girls are now in question for their randomness champion via this road of competition. Nevertheless, the KO produced exciting pairing and temptative to given a commentaries.

Round 3 Women's World Chess Championship, Khanty Mansiysk 2012, pairings comments:

32 Monika Socko vs 16 Antoaneta Stefanova
Both eliminated world champion, Antoaneta played Zhu Chen previously, then Monika is the steel nerves that back from grave after 0-1 against Hou Yifan. This will be a solid pairing as the two are session players of thirty year old female player, not your just grow up girl in play. Stefanova is the only ex-Women Champion in this round, after the club's member being eliminated massively. The database give Antoaneta a huge plus point against Monika. But again, this is a balance pair that may need go tie break.

8 Marie Sebag  vs 24 Alissa Galliamova
Alissa is still eldest among the participants. She twice in match for champion, against Xie Jun back in the '99s, and Xu Yuhua in 2006. In the interview, Alissa looks fresh and a hard to defeat as an opponent. Marie Sebag go to third round with rather easier road, which is the same as Alissa. A balance pairing as well, interestingly, no Galliamova vs Marie Sebag in the database (?).

4 Zhao Xue  vs 20 Mariya Muzychuk
Behold, Zhao Xue is the strongest seed in round three now. She has been a consistent member of China team for ten years. Her biggest sensation in GP Nalchik 2011 where she won with 9.5/11. This is her chance to added world champion trophy in her portfolio. Mariya Muzychuk is on her way. Perhaps a note here is Mariya will come with free Anna as assistant. Zhao is experience more and could be advanced to round four.

28 Lela Javakhishvili  vs 12 Dronavalli Harika
And the last Indian representative in the bracket. She (maybe) will has team of Humpy and Soumya to help. Her opponent is a middle rank who managed to keep going. Lela Javakhishvili eliminated Katerina Lahno, is dangerous to underestimated. Not sure the outcome!

30 Anna Ushenina  vs 19 Natalia Pogonina
Though "only" seed #19, Natalia is popular favorite. Well known to fans due to her writing and commentaries, this is a chance to add spice for your next talk with fans, Nat! Anna Ushenina is here after eliminated Anna Muzychuk, so here giant killer waiting to give another surprise. Natalia and Anna both born in 1985.

6 Nadezhda vs 11 Tatiana Kosintseva
Now we are the lucky bastard who enjoy sister fight. Nadezha will play a one year younger blood sister, Tatiana. Very much not fixed for sure now, by the system. Who's going to win, the world also had no idea, as the sister put in, "I don't know how to prepare against Nad/Tatiana...." The predict can be two outcome, both played chess , regularly, and can go to tie break. Or.. they just commit one decisive result and save the extra days shopping together again. We'll see.

26 Huang Qian vs 23 Irina Krush
Don't forget the American contender. Irina Krush played a solid comeback and defeat veteran Pia Cramling. She is now quite experience player that played oversea chess, outside the USA soil. Huang Qian is another, not very much known, China team member. But for one thing, Huang Qian is 2012 Chinese Chess Champion ahead of Ju Wenjun. The pairing is well balance in term of rating point, 2470 vs 2465.

15 Ju Wenjun vs 31 Natalia Zhukova Ju Wenjun believe to be the next talent player from the crowd of China players. She finished 1st Hangzhou in 2011, ahead Hou Yifan and the Kosintseva sister. The China team come will enough players to assist their remaining bullets, including off working World Champion on the team now. Natalia Zhukova on other hand, need to refresh herself from the victory against Humpy, determined and focus to repeat the same feat. Spouse to Alexander Grischuk give us interesting pairing, from the point of view of China talent vs dark horse of the tournament.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Women's Chess Championship Knock Out Round 2 Pairings

The all girls party at World Women's Chess Championship 2012, Khanty Mansiysk, Russia is in process. This is knock out rendezvous determined to choose the challenger for World Champion. The 2nd round pairing is up after the Armageddon drama on Mariya Muzychuk vs Cristina Foisor. Here the pairing with bits of big talk about it.

01 Hou Yifan vs 32 Monika Socko
Hou Yifan, of course the number one favorite on this tournament. She is the World Champion and winner of FIDE’s Women Grand Prix, in fact she didn’t even need to play this knock out since the winner will play her for the world title. Her name 侯逸凡, given name Yifan mean extra ordinary, exactly she is, raised from quite Chinese region Jiangsu and then proceed naturally to become world champion, the best from China chess story. However Hou Yifan’s notable weakness, her inexperience is also her opponent strongest point in this round. Monika Socko is well around player, spouse to GM Bartosz Socko, already proved capable to win prestigious. Sixteen year experiences more to Hou Yifan. Monika is hundred point below Hou, yet she will make interesting round to challenge the World Champion.

16 Antoneatta Stefanova vs 17 Zhu Chen
Battle of two former Women World Champion. Zhu Chen is slightly “senior” (can’t say ‘old’ to the ladies) to Stefanova. While Zhu Chen now on declined year after her household duty in Dubai, Stefanova is more having time to practice tournament chess. Both went to round 2 with 2-0 against lower rated opponent.  They had played many times, with Zhu Chen got the better standing. Well balance pairing that may went to tie break.

08 Marie Sebag vs 25 Olga Girya
GM Marie Sebag is eight seed fighting new comer Olga Girya. Hailed from Moscow. A senior vs junior pairing, both are active in European club as well. Olga is runner Girl Championship in 2011.

09 Valentina Gunina vs 24 Alisa Galliamova
Alisa Galliamova born 1972, making her the most senior in the round. Ex candidate challenger, she will playing rising star Valentina Gunina. Valentine is Gold Medal in European Individual and Russian’s 2012 gold medal olympiad team. This will be extreme example of experience try to overcome junior, something hard to do in women’s chess.

04 Zhao Xue vs 36 Nino Khurtsidze
Another very strong woman player from China. Nino is on other hand belong to generation that experience the Georgian’s domination on women in ’90. But seeing how Zhao Xue well balance play, Nino will got difficult time maintained the Georgian legacy.

52 Maritza Arribas Robaina vs 20 Mariya Muzychuk
A slight luck for rather unknown Cuban Maritza, her opponent Mariya Muzichuk is the most exhausted girl from last night. Mariya will need to get energy to fight natural born talent from Caribbean in less than 24 hours after her Armageddon night. We hope Mariya can go through to completed the sister bonding in this Knock Out session with her sister, Anna Muzichuk.

05 Kateryna Lahno vs 28 Lela Javakhishvili
Another former European Individual champ, she will take Georgian Olympiad member Lela Javakhishvili. Based on Kateryna performance in last Olympiad, seems she is able to balance between working on chess and manage her newborn twin. Seed no.5 is likely a favorite.

12 Drovalli Harika vs 21Elina Danielian
Second top women player from Indian is Drovalli Harika. Drovalli come with enough rest day after defeat fellow Indian player in round 1. The challenger is Armenian experience player Elina Danielian, who must go tie break last night to get to round 2. Bit of balance pairing and can go to tie break.

3 Anna Muzychuk vs 30 Anna Ushenina
The battle of Anna, which one you prefer? Anna Muzychuk is strongest participant from European continental in the field. She will face Ukrainian Anna Ushenina which is five more years senior than Muzychuk.

19 Natalie Pogonina vs 14 Alexandra Kosteniuk
Quite unfortunate pairing for two of women player that most popular to audients. Alexandra is still the charming Queen of Chess, slow making her way back to elite chess nowday. Part of Olympiad team that grab the gold medal. Natalie on other hand is also close to chess fans. Actively in commentaries and vote chess against the world. The most interesting pairing of this round. Their record in is equal.

06 Nadezhda Kosintseva vs 27 Lilith Mkrtchian
22 Hoang Thanh Trang vs 11 Tatiana Kosintseva
If the elo rating well function, we will get the first decisive result of the Kosintseva sister playing each other. Of course there are Lilith and Hoang in the way. For sake of entertainment please make way for the Kosintseva derby match.

07 Victoria Cmilyte vs 26 Huang Qian
Can Huang Qian combined her luck and score a big tournament result here? She has been a while in the China team yet haven’t get her big moment. Her opponent is a strong Lithuanian GM Victoria. On the elo rating this maybe Huang Qian another end of vacation in Siberia.

23 Irina Krush vs 10 Pia Cramling
Unfortunately Irina crushed the only South East Asian girl in the field, Li Ruofan in a tense tie break last night. (Li Ruofan is Singapore representative.) Irina will then face Sweden very experience Pia Cramling. Pia is still looking for her fortune in her forty, while Irina is trying to become USA first woman Grand Master.

15 Ju Wenjun vs 18 Anna Zatonskih
Ju Wenjun is bright star on the generation of Hou Yifan, her rating graphic is also keep rising. She will be challenge by the other American Anna Zatonskih, Irina’s Krush Armageddon partner. Well balance pairing, an interesting China vs America chess of school battle.

31 Natalia Zhukova vs 2 Humpy Koneru
And the second strongest lady in town, Koneru Humpy is thirsty looking for her breakthrough after a while. Nemesis to Hou Yifan, is on her not very well fortune situation for years now. On her way to challenge Hou is Natalia Zhukova. A big gap to overcome by the Ukrainian lady, but of course the secret weapon here is Natalia’s access to GM Alexander Grischuk advise. Can Natalia upset the challenger of Women’s World Championship? The record show Koneru in better score.

Let's the round begin!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

2nd Indonesia Open 2012

Coming up this week is the second Indonesia Open. Happening 10th to 17th October 2012 in Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel Jakarta, not only the tournament filled with chess stars, but for the once , Indonesian event got well internationally news coverage. As reported by Chessdom, the first round is clear. WGM Irene K. Sukandar paired with GM Li Chao (B) and managed to hold an half point. The chessbomb live transmit got problem and can't get the confirmed game score. As the other top seed went little injured in this first round.

Official website, provided enough information. Interview with Tania Sachdev, IM Sophie Millet, GM Dao Thien Hai etc all well reported.

IM Sophie Millet, photo from Chessdom

Sunday, September 9, 2012

2012 Chess Olympiad Final-Armenia Gold

Armenia rewarded a gold medal in the final of 2012 Chess Olympiad Turkey. Come very close and rewarded silver is team Russian. Bronze went to Ukraine. In Armenia vs Hungaria , it takes a while to confirm the champion because the battle in Judit Polgar vs Vladimir Akopian went to 90s moves before a draw. Thus Armenia dully won 2.5-1.5 by Movsessian won against Zoltan Almasi. Ukraine comfortably beat China, and Russian to Germany both in 3-1. Russian and Armenia in 19 points but Russian get the unlucky tie break system and must satisfy with a silver. Armenia, Russia and Ukraine consistently dominated Gold medal of Chess Olympiad in the last ten years.

2012 Chess Olympiad Medals:
Gold - Armenia 19
Silver - Russia 19
Bronze - Ukraine 18
4 China 17
5 United States Of America 17
6 Netherlands 16
7 Vietnam 16
21 Phillipines 14
59 Singapore 12
64 Malaysia 12
73 Indonesia 11

GOLD - Russia 19
SILVER - China 19
BRONZE - Ukraine 18
4 India 17
5 Romania 16
6 Armenia 16
7 France 15
24 Indonesia 14
26 Vietnam 13
43 Phillipines 12
61 Malaysia 11

Board best: (not confirmed)
Board 1: Levon Aronian, Armenia
Board 2: David Navara, Czech Rep.
Board 3: Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar Azerbaijan
Board 4: Vladislav Tkachiev, French
Board 5: Dmitry Jakovenko, Russia

Board 1: Hou Yifan, China
Board 2: Zhao Xue, China
Board 3: Nadezhda Kosintseva, Russia
Board 4: Huang Qian, China
Board 5: Natalia Pogonina, Russia

Tim Indonesia menyudahi perjuangan di Olympiade Catur 2012 Turkey dengan kemenangan ganda di babak terakhir. Tim putera mengalahkan Irak 2.5-1.5 dan tim puteri berjaya mengalahkan tim Yunani yang lebih kuat ratingnya 3-1. Hasil bagus dihasilkan tim puteri yang menjadi tim terbaik kategori group C. Tim puteri juga tim ASEAN berposisi tertinggi bahkan di atas tim Vietnam. Chelsie Monica Sihite dikabarkan meraih norma WGM dan menjadi penghasil angka paling baik dengan delapan angka hasil dari sepuluh kali tanding (8/10). Tim putera juga mengakhiri dengan angka positif. Prestasi olimpiade sebelumnya adalah tim putera di peringkat 67 dan tim puteri di peringkat 43.

Indonesia - Iraq  2½:1½
44.1 IM Purnama, Tirta Chandra 2384 - FM Abdul, Ahmed Abdulsattar 2314 0 - 1
44.2 IM Halay, Taufik 2361 - FM Ahmed, Ali Layth 2360 ½ - ½
44.3 CM Firmansyah, Farid 2318 - IM Al-Ali, Hussein 2329 1 - 0
44.4 CM Muhammad, Luthfi Ali 2078 - CM Ismael, Namir 2189 1 - 0

18 Greece - Indonesia 1 : 3
13.1 IM Dembo, Yelena 2457 - WFM Medina, Warda Aulia 2218 0 - 1
13.2 WGM Botsari, Anna-Maria 2336 - WIM Sihite, Chelsie Monica 2162 0 - 1
13.3 WIM Fakhiridou, Ekaterini 2215 - WFM Citra, Dewi 2143 0 - 1
13.4 WIM Pavlidou, Ekaterini 2237 - Fisabilillah, Ummi 0 1 - 0

Chelsie Monica Sihite - Anna-Maria Botsari 1-0
2012 Chess Olympiad Turkey round 11, B49 Sicilian Taimanov

Ekaterini Fakhiridou - Dewi Citra 0-1
2012 Chess Olympiad Turkey round 11, B84 Sicilian Scheveningen

Friday, September 7, 2012

2012 Chess Olympiad Round 10-Indonesia defeats Denmark

In the second final round of 2012 Chess Olympiad in Turkey, team Armenia defeat Netherland in significant margin of 3-1 to jump in the tie break galore of 17 points together with China and Russia. Round 10 saw  team China removed United States of America hope to compete in medal receiver with a narrow win 2.5-1.5. Alexander Onischuk was unable to defend rook+pawns endgame against Ding Liren. Russia also get a narrow won 2.5-1.5 against Argentine with Dmitry Jakovenko gone into inferior position all the time against Sandro Mareco but Sergey Karjakin won in encounter with Diego Flores. This tie break will decided in final round on Sunday where the pairing will be Ukraine-China, Armenia-Hungaria, Russia-Germany. So about five team are plausible for medals. In the South East Asian derby Vietnam played draw to Phillipine. Le Quang Liem split point to Wesley So in top board.

The Women room also saw China and Russia tie break on 17 point. In Round 10 surprisingly China girls lost a full point and must satisfy with 2-2 against Kazakhstan, where board four Ding Yixin lost to Madina Davletbayeva. The Russian beauties dominantly destroy Armenia 3.5-0.5. Ukraine and French ladies still behind the leader with wins.

In Indonesia stories. Both team against Scandinavian's 'viking'. The men's team didn't make it survive against Finland. Susanto Megaranto able to stop Tommy Nyback, but board 2 and 3 lost. In last board, Luthfi Ali was score upset to 2300 opponent Daniel Ebeling. With this Indonesia boys were on minus score , way rank below their previous Olympiad achievement. Final round see Indonesia face Iraq.

Indonesian girls get the better momentum by defeat Denmark. While top board Medina only able to split point with her lower rated opponent, board 2 and 3 , Chelsie Monica and Dewi Citra give a full score. Board four saw Anisa lost to her slightly upper hand opponent. The girls were in better ranking of 35th position , after round 10. Chelsie Monica is at 7/9, so far best performer in Indonesian team.

2012 Chess Olympiad after round 10
1 China 17
2 Armenia 17
3 Russia 17
4 Ukraine 16
5 Hungary 15
6 United States Of America 15

2012 Chess Olympiad after round 101 China 17
2 Russia 17
3 Ukraine 16
4 France 15
5 Kazakhstan 15
6 Germany 15
7 India 15

Di babak last two, ronde sepuluh Olimpiade Catur 2012 di Turki, tim putera harus menyerah melawan tim 'Viking' Finlandia. Walaupun sebelumnya tim Indonesia konsisten mempertahankan pola menang-kalah-menang-kalah, tapi di ronde ini lawanpun semakin berat. Susanto Megaranto bertemu lawan GM Tomi Nyback tapi berhasil menahan remis. Susanto dan Tomi mengakhiri permainan saat pertemuan benteng dan kuda ternyata tidak menghasilkan timbang kekuatan setelah 40 langkah. Papan dua dan tiga kalah, Taufik Halay bertahan cukup lama di permainan akhir benteng melawan benteng + 2 bidak. Komputer memberi angka untuk hitam (Taufik) tetapi kendala waktu sepertinya membuat Taufik musti menelan kekalahan. Farid juga bertahan cukup solid setelah masing-masing saling gempur di permainan Sisilia, Farid membuat dua kesalahan di langkah 39 dan 40 injury time dan terpaksa menyerah setelah hitam dengan leluasa melayangkan benteng dan ratu di depan raja putih. Kemenangan hiburan diperoleh Luthfi Ali melawan Daniel Ebeling yang 300 point lebih tinggi. Memegang hitam di permainan Sisilia Luthfi Ali berhasil menekan hingga unggul bidak di permainan akhir dan menang.

Puteri Indonesia juga melawan tim Skandinavia lainnya, kali ini mereka yang menang melawan Denmark. Walaupun tertahan seri oleh lawan yang rating lebih rendah sedikit, remisnya Medina bisa ditebus dua kemenangan Chelsie Monica dan Dewi Citra. Tetapi papan terakhir masih kecolongan angka karena Aisyah dikalahkan Marie. Dengan hasil ini tim puteri lebih naik posisi menjadi peringkat sementara 35. Pecatur puteri Chelsie Monica Sihite sementara adalah pemain Indonesia dengan performer tertinggi di angka 7/9. Sedangkan tim putera jatuh ke angka minus melalui hasil ronde sepuluh ini, Susanto cs akan menghadapi tim Irak di ronde sebelas dan Chelsie cs menghadapi tim Yunani.

Di babak sepuluh papan atas. Tim Rusia mengalahkan Argentina, Armenia menang mutlak atas Belanda dan China mengalahkan USA. Sehingga ada tiga tim dengan angka 17 di papan atas yang berarti kemungkinan pembagian medali terpaksa melalui tie break karena ketiga tim ini Armenia, Rusia dan China saling bertemu lawan yang berbeda di babak terakhir. Di bagian puteri persaingan tim Rusia dan China terus berlanjut dan keduanya akan membagi medali melalui tie break juga seandainya kedua tim menang di babak terakhir.

Laporan official dari Tim Merah Putih dalam bahasa Indonesia semua tersedia di blog

68 Indonesia - 52 Finland 1½:2½
36.1 GM Megaranto, Susanto 2529 - GM Nyback, Tomi 2638 ½ - ½
36.2 IM Halay, Taufik 2361 - IM Karttunen, Mika 2448 0 - 1
36.3 CM Firmansyah, Farid 2318 - IM Agopov, Mikael 2429 0 - 1
36.4 CM Muhammad, Luthfi Ali 2078 - FM Ebeling, Daniel 2350 1 - 0

  54 Indonesia - 51 Denmark 2½:1½
21.1 WFM Medina, Warda Aulia 2218 - WIM Vovk, Oksana Romanovna 2159 ½ - ½
21.2 WIM Sihite, Chelsie Monica 2162 - WFM Guindy, Esmat Susanne 2132 1 - 0
21.3 WFM Citra, Dewi 2143 - WFM Fredericia, Louise Winther 2091 1 - 0
21.4 Aay, Aisyah Anisa 1818 - WFM Frank-Nielsen, Marie 1983 0 - 1

Farid Firmansyah - Mikael Agopov 0-1
Chess Olympiad 2012 Turkey, Round 10, B38 Accelarated Dragon Maroczy Bind

Daniel Ebeling - Luthfi Ali, M 0-1
Chess Olympiad 2012 Turkey, Round 10, B33 Pelikan Chelyabinsk

Thursday, September 6, 2012

2012 Chess Olympiad Round 9 Hikaru Nakamura defeat Kramnik

In the top news of 2012 Chess Olympiad Turkey, GM Hikaru Nakamura defeat Vladimir Kramnik. Several notes for this victory, Nakamura surpassing Kramnik in live rating, and close to 2800. Gata Kamsky defeat Alexander Grischuk and United States now level the point together with China, Russia and Armenia all with 15 points. Armenia defeats Germany. China finally stop Phillipine getting more point, all board 2 to 3 are exhausted and defeat to the Chinese. On the other story, Vietnam give the second consecutive lost to English. Argentine make it to top ten after seize point to Serbia, making all three continents, Europe, Asia, North America and Latin all have their representative.

In Women news, China hold their supremacy with a sole lead. China defeat France, Russia continue the battle with a win over India. United States lost to Ukraine girls.

2012 Chess Olympiad Chess Olympiad Turkey after round 9
1 China 15
2 Russia 15
3 3 Armenia 15
4 United States Of America 15
5 Ukraine 14
6 Netherlands 14
7 Argentina 14
8 Czech Republic 13
9 Azerbaijan 13
10 Hungary 13
11 Germany 13
12 Philippines 13

2012 Chess Olympiad Turkey after Round 9 Women
1 China 16
2 Russia 15
3 Ukraine 14
4 Kazakhstan 14
5 Poland 14
6 Armenia 14
7 France 13
8 Israel 13

As predicted, Indonesian teams didn't make it survive in "odd" (tough) round. The boys team surrender 1-3 against Mexico. The girls narrowly missed the draw against Italian ladies. Chelsie Monica stolen a point, her games was being mistaken reported in chessbomb, Chelsie playing white and won against Olga Zimina in 86 moves over K+B vs K+1p endgame.  

Mexico (MEX) Rtg - 68 Indonesia (INA) Rtg 3½: ½
25.1 GM Leon Hoyos, Manuel 2579 - GM Megaranto, Susanto 2529 1 - 0
25.2 GM Gonzalez Zamora, Juan Carlos 2553 - IM Purnama, Tirta Chandra 2384 1 - 0
25.3 GM Gonzales Garcia, Jose 2532 - CM Firmansyah, Farid 2318 ½ - ½
25.4 IM Ibarra Chami, Luis Fernando 2481 - CM Muhammad, Luthfi Ali 2078 1 - 0

Italy (ITA) Rtg - 54 Indonesia (INA) Rtg 2½:1½
17.1 IM Sedina, Elena 2338 - WFM Medina, Warda Aulia 2218 1 - 0
17.2 IM Zimina, Olga 2327 - WIM Sihite, Chelsie Monica 2162 0 - 1
17.3 WIM Brunello, Marina 2239 - WFM Citra, Dewi 2143 1 - 0
17.4 WFM De Rosa, Mariagrazia 2087 - Aay, Aisyah Anisa 1818 ½ - ½

Kembali tim Indonesia gagal menahan lawan di ronde ganjil yang selalu bertemu lawan "berat" . Tim putera harus menyerah kalah 1-3 melawan Mexico yang memiliki 3 pemain rating 2500an. Di Olimpiade sebelumnya Susanto Megaranto mengalahkan Leon Hoyos, namun hari ini si Mexican berhasil membalas kesumat-nya. Di bagian puteri, ada sedikit perjuangan namun menyerah 1.5-2.5. Chelsie Monica yang bermain putih berhasil mencuri point dari Olga Zimina dari tim Italia. Di website chessbomb, games ini sepertinya dilaporkan salah. Chelsie memegang buah putih dan mengalahkan Olga melalui 80an langkah dalam permainan akhir Gajah melawan satu bidak.

Grandmaster Amerika Serikat mengalahkan mantan juara catur dunia Vladimir Kramnik, di babak ke sembilan Olimpiade Catur 2012 di Turki. Melalui kemenangan ini atas tim Russia, dan kemenangan Gata Kamsky atas Alexander Grischuk, tim USA ada di posisi ke empat dengan angka 15, setara dengan tiga tim pengejar medali lainnya, China, Armenia dan Russia. China mengalahkan tim Phillipina yang tampil solid di Olimpiade edisi ini. Sementara tim Vietnam mengalahkan Inggris, sehingga Inggris mengalami kekalahan berturut-turut melawan tim ASEAN. Di sisi lain, Olimpiade 2012 di Turki ini ditandai insiden pencekalan jurnalis Russia oleh tuan rumah. Pencekalan ini dicurigai berkaitan dengan pemberitaan si jurnalis terhadap keburukan tuan rumah dalam penyelenggaraan kejuaraan catur wanita sebelumnya, mengakibatkan simpati buruk kepada kebebasan pers di Turki. Beberapa grandmaster dunia menyatakan sikap dukungan terhadap si jurnalis.

Chelsie Monica Sihite - Olga Zimina 0-1
2012 Chess Olympiad round 9,C54 Giucco Piano

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2012 Chess Olympiad Round8 Indonesia defeat Lithuania

Russian played as best team so far in round 8 of 2012 Chess Olympiad, Istanbul Turkey. Russian stop another all 2700 team Ukraine, Sergey Karjakin patiently outplay Andrey Volokitin in R+1 endgame. Must be a bitter lost of Ukraine who formerly Ukrainian. China halt Azerbaijan 2-2, on other side Armenia won 3-1 to Uzbekistan. United States stop hot rising team Macedonia without Hikaru Nakamura. Finally Phillipines destroy England 3-1, Eugene Torre finally beat a top GM as in Nigel Short. Landing him a 2800 rating performance and Phillipine now in the 6th position after round 8. Wesley So drawing Michael Adams in top board.

In Women part, China defeat medal competitor Poland win both Hou Yifan and Zhao Xue won. Russian girls split point with Ukrainian, Natalia Pogonina lost her first. Nadezhda Kosinteva is the only undefeat girl in Russian team now with 6.5/7. French ladies also show serious medal hunting, they defeat Spain 3-1. USA team defeat Phillipine and India overcame Vietnam.

2012 Chess Olympiad After Round 8
1 Russia 15
2 China 13
3 Armenia 13
4 United States Of America 13
5 Germany 13
6 Philippines 13

2012 Chess Olympiad After Round 8 Women
1 China 14
2 Russia 13
3 France 13
4 India 13
5 Uzbekistan 13
6 Ukraine 12
7 United States of America USA 12
8 Poland 12

In Indonesian team news, both won in the "even" round. Boys take good care of Lithuania 3.5-0.5 and girls won against El Salvador. Susanto Megaranto shredding off GM Malisauskas Vidmantas in 31 moves 1.d4 Neo King India London System A48.

Indonesia meneruskan konsistensi untuk menebus kekalahan di ronde "ganjil" dengan kemenangan di ronde "genap". Dengan sistem swiss ini diharapkan setidaknya tim Indonesia terus diambang angka plus. Ronde ke delapan Olimpiade Catur 2012 di Istambul Turki, tim putera Indonesia mengalahkan tim Lithuania hampir sempurna, 3.5-0.5. Susanto mengalahkan GM Vidmantas Malisauskas di pembukaan 1.d4 Hindia Raja Baru dalam 31 langkah saja. Di tim puteri, mereka mengalahkan tim El Salvador 3-1, hanya Immi yang gagal memetik kemenangan.

Di berita utama Olimpiade Catur 2012, Russian masih terus berjaya mengalahkan tim kuat Ukraina. Sergey Karjakin menjadi pemetik angka satu-satunya melawan pecatur tajam Andrey Volokitin. Sergey Karjakin sebelumnya adalah warga negara Ukraina dan ganti federasi ke Russia. Sementara Armenia juga menambah angka dengan kemenangan atas Uzbekistan. Tim Phillipine terus menyodok ke perebutan papan atas dengan mengalahkan tim Inggris. GM Eugene Torre, pecatur Asia pertama bergelar GM masih menunjukkan kehebatannya mengalahkan mantan kandidat Juara Dunia GM Nigel Short. Phillipine sekarang di posisi ke enam klasemen sementara ronde 8. Tim putera Indonesia di klasemen sementara posisi 59, masih di atas Malaysia dan Singapore. Tim puteri di posisi 33, bernilai sama dengan puteri Phillipina.

Pecatur puteri China menduduki papan atas klasemen sementara setelah mengalahkan tim kuat Polandia. Tim Russian ditahan Ukraina 2-2 dan tim wanita Prancis kuatan posisi dengan menaklukan wanita Spanyol.

Indonesia (INA) - Lithuania (LTU) 3½: ½
40.1 GM Megaranto, Susanto 2529 - GM Malisauskas, Vidmantas 2451 1 - 0
40.2 IM Purnama, Tirta Chandra 2384 - IM Beinoras, Mindaugas 2346 1 - 0
40.3 IM Halay, Taufik 2361 - IM Pileckis, Emilis 2443 1 - 0
40.4 CM Firmansyah, Farid 2318 - IM Labeckas, Kestutis 2378 ½ - ½

Indonesia (INA) - El Salvador (ESA) 3 : 1
23.1 WFM Medina, Warda Aulia 2218 - WIM Zepeda Cortes, Lorena Marisela 2139 1 - 0

23.2 WIM Sihite, Chelsie Monica 2162 - WCM Sanchez Oliva, Ingrid Lizeth 1992 1 - 0
23.3 Aay, Aisyah Anisa 1818 - WFM Avelar Bonilla, Gabriela Maria 1939 1 - 0
23.4 Fisabilillah, Ummi 0 - Garcia Mendez, Alcira Guadalupe 1782 0 - 1

Susanto Megaranto - Vidmantas Malisauskas 1-0
2012 Chess Olympiad Round 8, A48 Neo King Indian London System

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2012 Chess Olympiad Round 7 Indonesia Report

Half way to the tournament, this is commentary on round 7 of 2012 Chess Olympiad happening in Turkey. On top board, Russian and China gain extra point by defeat two powerhouse in chess team. Russian defeat Azerbaijan, with only Grischuk take down GM Eltaj Safarli. In also unfortunate situation for Armenia, China manage to give them their first defeat. Wang Yue found deadly checkmate pattern over Movsessian's under play and final blunder on move 34. The story of the day back to Ukraine, which struggling to the temporary round 7 third position. Vassily Ivanchuck play wild game to Francisco Vallejo Pons, Ivanchuck playing white and cracked his opponent's solid defence in 37 moves. Phillipines also maintained health position by playing draw to Hungaria. Legendary ASEAN GM Eugene Torre win the fantastic bishops+4 pawns vs rook+pawn endgame against GM Ferenc Berkes whom 200 elo higher.

The women section saw China girls catch up to the top position. They defeated Georgia narrowly with 2.5-1.5. Russian playing draw to Poland, Alexandra Kosteniuk got her first defeat, Natalie Pogonina saved the game for Russian by defeating  Karina Szczepkowska.

2012 Chess Olympiad After Round 7
1 Russia 13
2 China 12
3 Ukraine 12
4 Armenia 11
5 United States Of America 11

2012 Chess Olympiad After Round 7 Women
1 China 12
2 Russia 12
3 Poland 12
4 Ukraine 11
5 France 11
Indonesian team suffered the phase of lost round. Indonesian boys suffered lost against Slovakia 0.5-3.5, only Susanto Megaranto saved the split point. The girls lost to Czech Republic, although bringing dream team to board 1-3. Finally the board four get the miracle and Ummi Fisabillilah didn't forgive her opponent opening error and won in miniature 21 moves of Giuocco Pianissimo.

Slovakia - Indonesia 3½: ½
21.1 GM Ftacnik, Lubomir 2532 - GM Megaranto, Susanto 2529 ½ - ½
21.2 GM Petrik, Tomas 2529 - IM Purnama, Tirta Chandra 2384 1 - 0
21.3 GM Michalik, Peter 2508 - IM Halay, Taufik 2361 1 - 0
21.4 IM Jurcik, Marian 2486 - CM Muhammad, Luthfi Ali 2078 1 - 0

Czech Republic - Indonesia 2½:1½
17.1 WGM Kulovana, Eva 2259 - WFM Medina, Warda Aulia 2218 ½ - ½
17.2 WGM Nemcova, Katerina 2276 - WIM Sihite, Chelsie Monica 2162 1 - 0
17.3 WIM Havlikova, Kristyna 2298 - WFM Citra, Dewi 2143 1 - 0
17.4 WIM Olsarova, Karolina 2267 - Fisabilillah, Ummi 0 0 - 1

Indonesia masuk ke babak tujuh Olympiade Catur 2012 di Turki. Di babak giliran ketemu lawan kuat ini kedua tim gagal menahan lawannya dan menderita kekalahan. Tim putera hanya mampu memetik setengah angka hasil remis Susanto Megaranto melawan GM Lubomir Ftacnik. Di bagian puteri walaupun turun full team, Indonesia dikalahkan Republik Ceko 1.5-2.5. Medina berhasil menahan Eva Kulovana, tapi Chelise dan Dewi kalah. Hasil kejutan akhirnya dibukukan oleh Ummi Fisabilillah yang tak memberi ampun lawan yang teledor di pembukaan Italia / Giuocco Pianissimo dan memetik angka penuh di miniature 21 langkah ini.   Di berita papan atas. Russia mengalahkan tim Azeri lewat kemenangan GM Alexander Grischuk atas GM Eltaj Safarli. Azeri gagal melewati negara saingannya Armenia, yang juga harus puas dan mengalah pada China. China menundukkan Armenia lewat partai Wang Yue melawan Movsessian. Hasil baik juga dibukukan Vassily Ivanchuk yang bangkit membawa Ukraina duduk di peringkat tiga sementara sekarang.  

Ummi Fisabilillah - Karolina Olsarova 1-0
C54f Giuocco Pianissimo  

Monday, September 3, 2012

2012 Chess Olympiad Round 6 Indonesia

Titanic team clashes in 2012 Chess Olympiad begun. Round 6 are Armenian clash to Russian, ended up wounded with split point to each side. Levon Aronian and Vladimir Kramnik in another encounter this year, Kramnik get the favour and kill off black in just 35 moves of exchange Slav variation. United States also split 2-2 with Germany, all boards draw. Hikaru at 3.5/5 yet Kamsky in 4/6. In other hot news, team Phillipines show serious medal tailler, defeating Bulgaria 2.5-1.5. Wesley So surrounded the rooks to Veselin Topalov's naked black king, yet it is a draw. Oliver Barbosa is the hero of the round because he tooks off GM Kiril Georgiev. Wesley at 4/6 and Oliver 5/6. Phillipine now at rank 5. Teimour Radjabov is in perfect 5/5, trivially Nigel Short and Le Quang Liem are among those with 5/6 scores.

2012 Chess Olympiad Turky - Round 6
1 Russia 11
2 Armenia 11
3 Azerbaijan 11
4 China 10
5 Philippines 10
6 Ukraine 10
7 Hungary 10
8 Spain 10

In Women Chess Olympiad , all hot girls with perfect score yesterday ended up imperfect now after round 6. Russian draw to China, Serbian lost to Poland, IM Rajlich Iweta ended Maria Manakova virgin streaks. In the news, Phillipine ladies lost to French but upset by Catherine Perena over Almira Skripchenko was notable.

Indonesian teams both boys and girls smoothly finished round six easily over their lower rated opponents. Indonesia defeat Zambia 3.5-0.5 with only Farid Firmansyah split the score. Ladies beat Costa Rica in narrow score actually, 2.5-1.5, board three and four still dropping the scores.

Zambia - Indonesia ½ :3½
35.1 FM Jere, Daniel 2382 - GM Megaranto, Susanto 2529 0 - 1
35.2 Chumfwa, Stanley 2347 - IM Halay, Taufik 2361 0 - 1
35.3 Bwalya, Gillan 2256 - CM Firmansyah, Farid 2318 ½ - ½
35.4 Kayonde, Andrew 2180 - CM Muhammad, Luthfi Ali 2078 0 - 1

Indonesia - Costa Rica 2½:1½
26.1 WFM Medina, Warda Aulia 2218 - WIM Munoz Solis, Carolina 1981 1 - 0
26.2 WFM Citra, Dewi 2143 - Gamboa Alvarado, Olga Leticia 1890 1 - 0
26.3 Aay, Aisyah Anisa 1818 - Acevedo Mendez, Lisseth Carolina 1843 ½ - ½
26.4 Fisabilillah, Ummi 0 - Rodriguez Arrieta, Maria Elena 1738 0 - 1

Babak enam olimpiade catur di Turki 2012 dimulai setelah peristirahat di hari Minggu kemaren. Indonesia mulus melewati babak ini dengan kemenangan atas Zambia dan Kosta Rika untuk tim putera dan puteri. Walaupun sempat bertegang ria karena melawan Kosta Rika, dua papan bawah masih terus berjuang untuk mensupport papan Medina dan Dewi Citra. Susanto Megaranto mengalahkan lawan terkuat dari tim Zambia Daniel Jere di pembukaan English mengarah ke Caro Kann. Megaranto unggul waktu cukup banyak dan si lawan melakukan kesalahan mulai dari langkah 28 yang memberi Megaranto unggul perwira benteng.

Di berita utama, Armenia dan Rusia bermain seri. Levon Aronian dikalahkan oleh Vladimir Kramnik. Kedua pemain super top ini pernah dwi tanding di tahun ini dan dunia kembali menyaksikan partai mereka yang berakhir decisive untuk Kramnik. Berita lainnya adalah tim Phillipine yang mengalahkan tim Bulgaria dengan Veselin Topalov, mantan juara dunia catur, harus puas diobok obok Wesley So dan "menderita" remis. Oliver Barbosa yang memetik angka tunggal untuk Phillipine. Sekarang negera tetangga ini duduk di peringkat lima.

Tim tetangga lainnya Vietnam ditahan remis Egypt/Mesir dan tim Singapore masih terus berjuang walaupun hadir dengan pasangan Zhang Zhong / Lu Ruofan, musti kalah melawan tim B nya Turki.

Daniel Jere - Susanto Megaranto 0-1
2012 Chess Olympiad Turkey A11:English Caro Kann

Saturday, September 1, 2012

2012 Chess Olympiad Round 5-Indonesia draw Belarus

Vassily Ivanchuck lost the top one board in 2012 Chess Olympiad Turkey round 5. Leaving Armenia as round five's top country in the list. Following Armenia with the same score of 10 points is team Russia. Same thing to Armenia, Russia take the standing with single win of Hungaria, Zoltan Almasi unable to stop Alexander Grischuk. In the Women section, Russia on fire 5/5 is in the progress and three of the players are still in perfect 4/4, GM Alexandra Kosteniuk, N. Kosintseva, and Natalie Pogonina. But the perfect girl so far is WGM Maria Manakova in 5/5 from team Serbia, who pursuing Russian closely together with team China.

2012 Chess Olympiad - Round 5
1 Armenia 10
2 Russia 9
3 Azerbaijan 9
4 Croatia 9
5 China 8

2012 Chess Olympiad - Women Round 5
1 Russia 10
2 China 9
3 Serbia 9
4 Poland 9
5 Slovakia 9

Team Indonesia enjoy their draw result against strong team Belarus. Top board Zhigalko defeated IM Tirta Purnama who take charge from resting Megaranto. Moment of glory was taken by CM Farid Firmansyah who consistently above performance by defeat GM Kirill Stupak in a French Winawer defence as white. To the girls section, Indonesia won 3-1 to Bangladesh. Both Monica and Dewi Citra scored full point while rookies Ummi and Anissa AA still struggling with draw to their slightly stronger opponents.  Indonesian girls flying to Turkey without their WGM Irene K. Sukandar due to schedule conflict to local provincial tournaments.

Indonesia - Belarus 2-2 - 2012 Chess Olympiad Round 5
34.1 IM Purnama, Tirta Chandra 2384 - GM Zhigalko, Sergei 2667 0 - 1
34.2 IM Halay, Taufik 2361 - GM Teterev, Vitaly 2528 ½ - ½
34.3 CM Firmansyah, Farid 2318 - GM Stupak, Kirill 2523 1 - 0
34.4 CM Muhammad, Luthfi Ali 2078 - IM Kovalev, Vladislav 2485 ½ - ½

Bangladesh - Indonesia 1-3 - 2012 Chess Olympiad Round 5
25.1 Sultana, Sharmin Shirin 2002 - WIM Sihite, Chelsie Monica 2162 0 - 1
25.2 WIM Hamid, Rani 1952 - WFM Citra, Dewi 2143 0 - 1
25.3 WFM Sultana, Zakia 1987 - Aay, Aisyah Anisa 1818 ½ - ½
25.4 Khan, Nazrana 2008 - Fisabilillah, Ummi 0 ½ - ½

Tim putera Indonesia hari ini sukses menahan tim kuat Eropa, Belarus. Tim yang dimotori Zhigalko bersaudara ini membawa serta rekan-rekan GM mereka yang berating rata-rata di atas 2500. IM Tirta Purnama Chandra bermain di papan pertama menggantikan GM Susanto Megaranto yang diistirahatkan. Sayangnya Tirta Purnama sejak awal sudah memasuki posisi inferior dan musti menderita selama 60an langkah dengan posisi minus. Di partai Firmansyah - Kirill Stupak, putih dengan cerdik mengambil keuntungan langkah blunder hitam di 33..Kh7 dan mengantar putih mempromosikan sebuah ratu walaupun rajanya juga penuh ancaman dikelilingi perwira musuh.

Tim puteri juga menikmati sukses menggebuk Bangladesh 3-1. Monica Chelsie dan Dewi Citra mengalahkan lawan mereka dan kali ini didukung dengan penahanan remis oleh kedua rekan lainnya. Monica cs akan menghadapi Costa Rica di round 6.

Di berita papan atas, Vassily Ivanchuck, GM gaek and nyentrik , kalah melawan 2800an Levon Aronian. Hal ini membuat Armenia sudah mencapai posisi urutan pertama disusul tim Rusia. Tim Rusia juga mengalahkan Hungaria dengan kemenangan satu-satunya Alexander Grischuk mengalahkan Zoltan Almasi. Di bagian puteri, tim Rusia masih sempurna 5 kali menang atas 5 ronde. Tiga pecatur puteri masih berposisi sempura 4/4 yaitu mantan juara catur wanita GM Alexandra Kosteniuk , Nadeszha Kosintseva dan Natalie Pogonina. Mereka ditempel ketat tim puteri Cina dan Serbia. Adapun dari tim Serbia pecatur WGM Maria Manakova memegang rekor sempurna 5/5 di Olimpiade Catur 2012 Turki, hingga babak lima....

Farid Firmansyah - Kiril Stupa 1-0
2012 Chess Olympiad Turkey

Friday, August 31, 2012

2012 Chess Olympiad Round 4 Indonesia draw England girls

Chess Olympiad happening in Turkey 2012 runs it way to round 4. In the top board, USA draw to India, Hikaru Nakamura won but Gata Kamsky lost a score to Pentala Harikrishna. Azeri also draw to Germany and give a chance to rivalry country Armenia sneak into the top standing by their win against unfortunate Phillipine, who hold strong until board four IM Oliver Dimakiling cracked by Gabriel Sargissian.

On the local country news, Indonesia lost its hopes to at least hold strong neighbouring country Vietnam. The final score is 0.5-3.5 with only IM Taufik Halay managed to hold on IM Nguyen Van Huy in board three. GM Megaranto Susanto gone to complicated English game against Le Quang Liem and lost in 45 moves. This is another important encounter to Megaranto against Le which ended up decisive.

Rather good news is to the girls, Indonesia hold England 2-2. Medina and Chelsie draw their important opponent. The turn of victory gone to board three, fellow "dream team" Dewi Citra Aa score her first important victory to Sarah Hegarty. In a lucky white against Black's sicilian, Dewi exchange blunder in the last part of game and won the final. But then missing chain in fourth person, fill by rookie Anisa Aisyah couldn't hold quite popular WFM Chevannes Sabrina, Anisa blundered in solid position on move 27.. Qe8 and lost quickly afterward.

Result for Indonesia 2012 Chess Olympiad round 4
Vietnam Rtg - 68 Indonesia Rtg 3½: ½
24.1 GM Le, Quang Liem 2693 - GM Megaranto, Susanto 2529 1 - 0
24.2 GM Nguyen, Ngoc Truong Son 2639 - IM Purnama, Tirta Chandra 2384 1 - 0
24.3 IM Nguyen, Van Huy 2506 - IM Halay, Taufik 2361 ½ - ½
24.4 IM Nguyen, Doc Hoa 2505 - CM Firmansyah, Farid 2318 1 - 0

Indonesia Rtg - 44 England Rtg 2 : 2
28.1 WFM Medina, Warda Aulia 2218 - WGM Corke, Anya 2254 ½ - ½
28.2 WIM Sihite, Chelsie Monica 2162 - WFM Yurenok, Maria 2058 ½ - ½
28.3 WFM Citra, Dewi 2143 - WFM Hegarty, Sarah 2120 1 - 0
28.4 Aay, Aisyah Anisa 1818 - WFM Chevannes, Sabrina 2090 0 - 1

Di ronde empat, pupus harapan Indonesia untuk setidaknya menahan tim kuat Vietnam karena hasil akhir adalah suram 0.5-3.5 untuk tim Merah Putih. GM Susanto Megaranto yang kembali harus menghadapi musuh bebuyutan GM Le Quang Liem terpaksa menyerah setelah masuk ke permainan komplikasi di pembukaan Inggris. IM Taufik Halay berhasil menahan seri dan memberikan satu-satunya point di pertemuan ini.

Di bagian puteri sedikit kabar gembira dihasilkan dengan menahan seri tim England 2-2. Medina dan Chelsie sukses menahan lawan mereka. Giliran menang ada di papan ketiga oleh Dewi Citra memukul Sarah Hegarty di pembukaan Sicilia. Pembukaan ini cukup beruntung bagi putih dengan hasil 1-0 yang banyak dibukukan dalam turnamen ini oleh pemain putih dan menular juga ke kubu Indonesia. Kedua pemain saling melakukan kesalahan, di langkah 37 putih melakukan kesalahan yang kelihatannya tidak disadari hitam dan justru hitam yang melakukan kesalahan fatal berikutnya. Sayangnya "mata rantai yang hilang" di orang ke empat tidak mampu diemban Anisa Aisyah dan dia harus kalah melawan Sabrina Chevannes, terlihat kekurangan pemain keempat ini signifikan bagi tim Indonesia yang tidak membawa WGM satu-satunya Indonesia, dan pemain rating tertinggi puteri, Irene K. Sukandar.

Di berita Olimpiade Catur 2012 Turki lainnya, papan atas kubu Amerika Serikat harus puas dengan hasil 2-2 melawan tim kuat India. GM Hikaru Nakamura kembali membukukan kemenangan tapi mantan penantang juara dunia (dua kali) GM Gata Kamsky menyerah di tangan GM Pentala Harikrishna. Di papan negara pecahan Sovyet Azerbaijan gagal melajukan ambisi mereka dengan ditahan tim Jerman 2-2. Ini membuat rival negara Armenia mencuri kesempatan naik ke posisi atas dengan mengalahkan tim Phillipines. GM Wesley So dan rekan berhasil menahan GM Levon Aronian dkk tapi Oliver Dimakiling gagal menahan Gabriel Sargissian, Phillipine pun dipaksa naik peringkat.

Malaysia juga menderita kekalahan 0.5-3.5 melawan Finland. Tim Singapore yang dimotori GM Zhang Zhong eks China sukses 3.5-0.5 mengalahkan tim Panama.

Dewi Citra Aa mengalahkan Sarah Hegarty 1-0

Le Quang Liem - Susanto Megaranto 1-0

Thursday, August 30, 2012

2012 Olympiad Round 3 Indonesia defeat Ecuador

Moving to round 3 of 2012 Chess Olympiad in Istanbul Turkey, Indonesia team manage to overcome quite an equal opponenets, team Ecuador. In the final score, the Red White team scored 2.5-1.5. By this result, Indonesia pocketed 4 points stayed at 44th position.

In the women party, Indonesian girls also face Latin team, Cuba. Top board and rising star Medina unlikely get her another luck and must submit 0-1 score to the opponents. A single victory stealth by Monica Chelsie Sihite against 2345 rating WGM Pina Vega Sulennis. Indonesian girls must satisfied with position 55th and three points collected so far.

Scoreboard for Indonesian team 2012 Olympiad Round 3:

Ecuador Rtg - 68 Indonesia Rtg 1½:2½

GM Matamoros, Carlos 2548 - GM Megaranto, Susanto 2529 ½ - ½
FM Guerra Tulcan, Lenin 2424 - IM Purnama, Tirta Chandra 2384 0 - 1
IM Macias Murillo, Bryan 2365 - CM Firmansyah, Farid 2318 0 - 1
IM Mieles Palau, Daniel 2370 - CM Muhammad, Luthfi Ali 2078 1 - 0

Bo. 15 Cuba Rtg - 54 Indonesia Rtg 3 : 1
WGM Ordaz Valdes, Lisandra 2344 - WFM Medina, Warda Aulia 2218 1 - 0
WGM Pina Vega, Sulennis 2345 - WIM Sihite, Chelsie Monica 2162 0 - 1
WGM Arribas Robaina, Maritza 2296 - WFM Citra, Dewi 2143 1 - 0
WIM Llaudy Pupo, Lisandra 2264 - Aay, Aisyah Anisa 1818 1 - 0

Hasil akhir di ronde tiga Olimpiade Catur di Istanbul Turki mencatat Indonesia 2.5 - Ecuator 1.5. Hasil bagian putera ini membawa Indonesia mengantongi angka 4 dan berposisi no.44, di atas Malaysia dan Singapore tapi sama dengan Vietnam. Di mana tim Vietnam akan menjadi ujian terberat pertama Indonesia di babak ke empat. Hasil di tim puteri masih lebih berat karena kalah 1-3 melawan tim Amerika Tengah Kuba. Untung Chelsie Monica mampu memberikan hiburan dengan mengalahkan WGM Pina Vega yang dua ratus point rating di atas Monica. Chelsie bermain putih dan menaklukkan permainan Sisilia lawan, di mana hingga langkah 40 telah berhasil membuat kombinasi skak mat karena lawan terburu-buru melangkah pion f4 di saat raja hitam sedang dalam posisi bahaya di kelilingi benteng putih.

Tayang ulang partai Monica Chelsie vs Pina Vega bisa dilihat di bawah ini:

Monica Chelsie Sihite - Pina Vega Sulennis 1-0

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2012 Chess Olympiad Round 2 Medina Aulia Wins

Round two of 2012 Chess Olympiad gives the Indonesian team first real deal of tournament. The girls facing Bulgaria is hard encounter and finish in 2-2 score. Medina scores another wins to Iva Videnova in first board, got a check mate in 4 for the black king in 30 moves of Sicilian game. The men team facing Chile is out of luck, result 1.5-2.5 points slip away in board 2 and 3.

Round 2 results:
Indonesia - Chile 1½:2½
24.1 GM Megaranto, Susanto 2529 - GM Morovic Fernandez, Ivan 2575 ½ - ½
24.2 IM Purnama, Tirta Chandra 2384 - GM Vasquez Schroeder, Rodrigo 2533 0 - 1
24.3 IM Halay, Taufik 2361 - GM Flores Rios, Mauricio 2498 0 - 1
24.4 CM Firmansyah, Farid 2318 - FM Salinas Herrera, Pablo 2417 1 - 0

Indonesia - Bulgaria 2-2
7.1 WFM Medina, Warda Aulia 2218 - WGM Videnova, Iva 2317 1 - 0
7.2 WIM Sihite, Chelsie Monica 2162 - WGM Nikolova, Adriana 2299 ½ - ½
7.3 WFM Citra, Dewi 2143 - WGM Voiska, Margarita 2281 ½ - ½
7.4 Fisabilillah, Ummi 0 - WIM Raeva, Elitsa 2313 0 - 1

Memasuki ronde ke dua, tim Merah Putih Indonesia baru mulai menghadapi tim tangguh hasil saringan dari ronde pertama. Di tim puteri, Medina kembali membukukan kemenangan atas lawannya berating 2300an Iva Videnova dari tim Bulgaria. Sayang walaupun papan ke-2 dan 3 berhasil ditahan oleh Chelsie dan Dewi Citra, namun di papan terakhir Ummi tidak bisa menahan lawan WIM nya Elitsa Raeva. WGM Irene Sukandar absen dari tim Olimpiade adalah sebuah tanda tanya besar. Di bagian putera, Indonesia kalah satu point dari lawan tangguh Chili. Di hasil ASEAN lainnya, Vietnam dan Singapore tumbang, Filipina menang. Malaysia menang atas tim merah putih lainnya Monaca, kemenangan dibukukan oleh  IM Lim, Yee Weng (atas Villegas, Pierre) dan  IM Liew, Chee-Meng (atas  FM Gentilleau, Jean-Philippe).

Partai Medina Aulia vs Iva Videnova 1-0

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2012 Chess Olympiad Round 1 - Indonesia Menang Ronde 1 Olimpiade Catur

Weeks after London Summer Olympic and Paralympic, human greatest mind games, chess, launched its Olympiad version.  40th World Chess Olympiad began today at the Istanbul Expo Center, 27th August to 10 September 2012 is the dates. A record breaking 158 teams compete in the Open Section, while the Women Section has 124 teams participating.

From Indonesian team , playing in Istanbul are:

1 WFM Medina Warda Aulia 2218
2 WIM Sihite Chelsie Monica 2162
3 WFM Citra Dewi 2143
4 Anisa Aisyah Aay
5 Fisabilillah Ummi 0

is Women team. Team flying without WGM Irene Sukandar, but the team looks forward to stealth moments and grab some norms. Round 1 finished with easy 4-0 against Fiji team.

The men:
1 GM Megaranto Susanto 2529
2 IM Purnama Tirta Chandra 2384
3 IM Halay Taufik 2361
4 CM Firmansyah Farid 2318
5 M. Luthfi Ali 2078

seeding at no.62 Indonesian crushed Ethipian team in round 1 and look forward to face Chile team (seed 24) in round 2.
Lot of upset story, neighbouring Malaysia country produced one of them. IM Mok, Tze-Meng rating 2354 and finished Dutch legend GM Loek van Wely in a Kan counter attack Sicilian game. Team mates Lim, Zhuo Ren  rating 2120 also deadlock GM Daniel Stellwagen in just 25 moves Sicilian and get a draw. Malaysia still lost narrowly 1.5-2.5 in the final result.

Official web, live games and chess-result

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

2012 World Junior Chess Championship Guo Qi won Tie Break to Medina

Duo Indonesian female chess player, Medina Warda Aulia (2218) and Chelsie Monica Sihite finished their journey in Junior Chess Championship with good performance. Medina is finished 9.5/13 which mean the same point as tournament winner WGM Guo Qi, only that Medina tie break system inferior to all three contestant with the same score. Final standing on female 2012 Junior Chess Championship are:

1 WGM Guo Qi CHN 2358 9.5
2 WGM Ziaziulkina Nastassia BLR 2342 9.5
3 IM Bodnaruk Anastasia RUS 2414 9.5
4 WFM Medina Warda Aulia INA 2218 9.5
5 WIM Arabidze Meri GEO 2379 9.0
6 WGM Cori T Deysi PER 2413 8.5
7 WIM Bulmaga Irina ROU 2380 8.5
8 WIM Sihite Chelsie Monica INA 2162 8.5
9 Wang Jue CHN 2355 8.5
10 WIM Abdulla Khayala AZE 2217 8.5
and more at

Both girls, Medina and Chelsie, performed above their rating and take time to enjoy upsetting upper hand opponents. In round 12 Medina upset Peruvian WGM Deysi T Cori in Queen Indian game and grab advantage from the opening line. She hold the ground all the way and secured a black victory. On round 13 Chelsie also close the tournament with a win, Chelsie scored 8.5/13. In the game against MNE's Jovana Vojinovic, Chelsie won the queen endgame and give her performance of 2319.

The male section was won by Alexander Ipatov , top ten in the final standing are below. CM Farid Firmansyah is in flat result, 7.5/13 and quite under performing.

1 GM Ipatov Alexander TUR 2577 10.0
2 GM Rapport Richard HUN 2605 10.0
3 GM Ding Liren CHN 2695 9.5
4 GM Grandelius Nils SWE 2562 9.5
5 GM Yu Yangyi CHN 2635 9.0
6 GM Ter-Sahakyan Samvel ARM 2567 9.0
7 GM Zherebukh Yaroslav UKR 2629 9.0
8 IM Indjic Aleksandar SRB 2481 9.0
9 GM Huschenbeth Niclas GER 2532 9.0
10 IM Hansen Eric CAN 2472 9.0

Medina Warda Aulia Kalah Tipis di perebutan medali Kejuaraan Junior Catur Dunia di kota Athena. Walaupun mengantongi nilai 9.5/13 tetapi sistem tie break yang Medina miliki harus kalah dengan tiga pecatur lainnya. Alhasil hasil ini membuat perjuangan puteri Indonesia harus puas di posisi ke empat. Medina bersama rekan Chelsie Monica Sihite berhasil tampil di atas rating mereka dengan memberi perlawanan dan kemenangan terhadap lawan-lawan dunia yang lebih baik ratingnya.   Turnamen ini dimenangkan oleh pecatur China WGM Guo Qi. Hasil tanding Chelsie bisa dilihat di siniDua partai catur Chelsie dan Medina bisa dinikmati di bawah ini.    

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Euro 2012 Poland Ukraine - Fantasy Chess

Let's celebrate Euro 2012 also, but in chess version. Here the fantasy Euro 2012 Poland-Ukraine team, but with chess players as the line up. The players are from FIDE highest rating, but I include some of notable name in case they are "missed" by rating in certain country.

It's a good exercise to compare chess as a sport in these country, counter part to their soccer achievement. We missed Magnus Carlsen as Norway is not an Euro 2012 team. Missed also, Bulgaria with Veselin Topalov and Armenia's Levon Aronian as member of top ten chess player.

Here the full line up of fantasy chess based on Euro 2012 football championship.

Group A
The line up quite reflected the real Euro soccer team strength. Russia is the highest here with all star team, with elo at 2770, similar to their soccer team. But by the time of writing, Russia already sent off with 0-1 knock off by Greece. Poland as the home team also suffered the same. So the team of Czech with David Navara and surprisingly Greece will proceed. The only highlight of this group is pairing of David Navara vs Vladimir Kramnik.

Poland  Avg Rating = 2662.75 -- eliminated
Radoslaw Wojtaszek 2717
Mateusz Bartel 2677
Bartosz Socko 2635
Milton Kamil 2622

Russia 2770.2 -- eliminated

Vladimir Kramnik 2801
Sergey Karjakin 2779
Alexander Morozevich 2769
Alexander Grischuk 2761
Peter Svidler 2741

Czech Republic 2654.5

David Navara 2706
Viktor Laznicka 2693
Zbynek Hracek 2624
Jiri Stocek 2595

Greece 2607.5

Hristos Banikas 2626
Dimitrios Mastrovasilis 2612
Ioannis Papaioannou 2597
Vasilios Kotronias 2595
Group B
The group of hell in soccer, but not really in chess fantasy. Highest here is Germany, which is a country with all around high in sports. But the anomaly here is Portugal, which is a great soccer team but very low rating in chess. Netherland is also very all around in both soccer and chess and full of talents, but they were went bad in Euro and straight away sent home after just two game. Denmark on other hand very similar to their soccer team which is a dark horse that produced surprised result. Germany team vs Netherland is very good pairing here.
Germany 2664.5

Arkadij Naiditsch 2698
Igor Khenkin 2670
Daniel Fridman 2653
Georg Meier 2637

Netherland 2645.8 -- eliminated

Anish Giri 2693
Loek van Wely 2682
Sergei Tiviakov 2656
Daniel Stellwagen 2630
Erwin L'Ami 2605
Jan Timman 2575
Ivan Sokolov 2680

Denmark 2608.75

Peter Heine Nielsen 2665
Curt Hansen 2619
Sune Berg Hansen 2577
Lars Bo Hansen 2574

Portugal 2474.25

Antonio Antunes 2496
Luis Galego 2481
Diogo Fernando 2466
Paulo Dias 2454

Group C
Spain dominated the elo rating by 15 points. Compared to Ireland which is the elo lowest rating team here, same to their soccer team which is already sent home in two games. Italy come with all young guns team, Caruana is the highest rating here with his 2770 rating. Croatia is at modest 2600 rating and come with very experience team.
Spain 2619.5

Francisco Vallejo Pons 2697
Ivan Salgado Lopez 2623
Oleg Korneev 2586
Manuel Perez Candelario 2572

Italy 2606.5

Fabiano Caruana 2770
Sabino Brunello 2592
Daniele Vocaturo 2543
Michele Godena 2521

Croatia 2600.75
Ivan Saric 2632
Hrvoje Stevic 2601
Zdenko Kozul 2593
Davor Rogic 2577

Ireland 2461.75 -- elimanated

Alexander Baburin 2537
Brian Kelly 2480
Sam Collins 2428
Alex Lopez 2402

Group D
Actually the real group of hell in our fantasy chess Euro. Ukraine come with all 2700+ team, similar to Russian. They are challenged by England and France, with Sweden as the last dark horse here. In soccer as the time of writing, all teams still top their chances to go round 2 except Sweden. Ivanchuk vs Adams and Ponomariov vs Short are some of high pairing here.
Ukraine 2719.6

Vassily Ivanchuk 2764
Ruslan Ponomariov 2726
Alexander Moissenko 2711
Andrei Volokitin 2704
Pavel Eljanov 2693

England 2699

Michael Adams 2728
Luke McShane 2706
Nigel Short 2705
Gawain Jones 2657

France 2690.5

Laurent Fressinet 2715
Etienne Bacrot 2695
Maxime Vachier Lagrave 2680
Christian Bauer 2672

Sweden 2594.5 -- eliminated

Evgenij Agrest 2614
Ferdinand Hellers 2599
Emanuel Berg 2587
Tiger Hillarp Persson 2578

So, it's still left Ukraine as the all 2700 team here, let's see how this can be reflected in soccer. While Spain, Portugal, Italy and Germany is the real favorite in Euro 2012. Will update this.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

World Celebrates Champion in Anand-Gelfand 2012

The World Chess Championship of 2012 have come the bittersweet end, Anand and Gelfand push around and finish the compulsory classical time chess games in 6-6 score out of 12 rounds. The tie break to decide the ultimate chess champion will be done soon. In will be a battle of four rapids following 9 set of blitz game and an armageddon, can you believe it.

Okay, here the tie break edition of "Grandmaster commentaries compilation", I hope everyone enjoy, I uploaded this two hours earlier to the game. Here the premonition, early bragging, quotation of many chess celebrities for the historic match before the start of tie break round.

Magnus Carlsen - twitter
Really looking forward to the tiebreak of Anand-Gelfand tomorrow. It's like in football, even after a boring 0-0 draw you want to watch ET

Mikhail Golubev ‏@mikhail_golubev
I hope that Anand & Gelfand will play today some interesting games at least. Whether this rapid is of the paramount importance, I doubt so.

Silvio Danailov ‏@SilvioDanailov (President of European Chess Union)
Waiting for exciting tiebreak today.So far,the most interesting thing of the match were the paintings from Tretyakov gallery:)
Anand’s the favourite in that format against any opponent. It’s his thing. His game. On the other hand, Gelfand has in his favour the fact that he plays tiebreaks extremely well. If they were simply going to play a match in rapid chess then Anand would be the clear favourite, but Gelfand has a very good ability to concentrate at the essential moment, and he plays tiebreaks extremely strongly. So I’d say the question of who’ll win a tiebreak (if, of course, one takes place) remains an open one.

After Rapid 2 Anand - Gelfand 1.5-0.5
Rapid 2, Sicilian Rossolimo. After a messy king exposed for both side, Gelfand give up pawn for piece coordination. In a second he seems managed to solve the problem, but in time trouble, Gelfand didn't survive. It was a 77 moves game.

Erwin l'Ami ‏@erwinlami
@SusanPolgar Feel chesswise Gelfand is not inferior this match. He basically outplayed Vishy from a very difficult (prepared!) position.

Jon Ludvig Hammer ‏@gmjlh
Watching the exciting WCC final. Go Nielsen ;)

Alexander Ipatov ‏@Ipatov_Chess
I think the next game Gelfand will start with 1.c4 avoiding long theory. But who knows,maybe he will go for some rare line in Slav.

Mark Crowther ‏@MarkTWIC
Svidler, 160 million people for live broadcast in Tamil and Hindu according to the official site. 225,000 people listening to English broadcast.

Rapid 3 and 4 - World Champion Viswanathan Anand defended his title!
In Rapid 3, Gelfand put in excellent opening in Semi-Slav and in fact get a +2 score from engines. He blowed up Nxe4 with a blunder Rxb8 and draw. The Rapid 4 saw Gelfand attacking from Black side of Sicilian, firing most of his pawn, but then time trouble again press Gelfand unable to crack Anand. It's a draw and overall the World Championship match only produced 3 decisive result!

Anand: "I'm mainly relieved, I understand that in all fairness this match could have gone either way."
"I cannot remember such a black day as after game 7. Game 8 was very important for my morale."

Pogonina At first I wanted to go for a walk with @Kosteniuk, but now I am enjoying the show and hoping for blitz! :D

Anand says he wasn't trying to get to the tie-break like many people thought. But also didn't want to do something crazy to avoid it.

Both players are smiling shyly and saying that it's not the right time to disclose who helped them unofficially besides the seconds.

Gelfand: The public started wanting me to retire since 1998. "Wrong format; weak opponents; swan's song". I am just doing my job.
Erwin l'Ami ‏@erwinlami
I'm amazed how Gelfand keeps the game going! Extremely resourceful 
Spectaculair final day! These rapids could easily have gone either way!

Susan Polgar ‏@SusanPolgar
Anand did his job. Gelfand can claim moral victory for putting Anand against the ropes but almost doesn't count in a World Championship

Ian Nepomniachtchi@lachesisq
It was hard to call the Gelfand favorite, but he acted convincingly, and perhaps deserved success of the outcome to a greater extent.

from 29 May
Hikaru Nakamura ‏@GMHikaru
I must be a very bad chess player since I keep liking Anand's positions and he keeps offering draws instead of trying to win.

Sergey Shipov's Chess in Translation for All Rapid Games
Gelfand – Anand, rapid game 1
Anand – Gelfand, rapid game 2
Gelfand – Anand, rapid game 3
Anand – Gelfand, rapid game 4

Viswanathan Anand Pertahankan Juara Catur Dunia

Setelah melewati 12 babak partai catur klasik, atau pertandingan catur dengan peserta masing-masing mendapat waktu pikir panjang, pertandingan dwi tarung Anand melawan penantang Boris Gelfand, harus masuk ke babak tie break. Ini terjadi karena di 12 babak tersebut posisi akhir adalah tetap remis, 6-6. Untuk menentukan pemenang maka digelar empat partai catur cepat dengan masing-masing waktu pikir 20 menit. Di partai catur cepat ini, Anand remis di tiga babak, 1,3,4 dan menang di babak ke dua. Dwi tarung perebutan juara dunia ini berlangsung 10 Mei 2012 hingga 31 Mei 2012 di Moscow di dalam sebuah museum Tretyakov.

Partai Catur cepat babak pertama dimulai dengan Gelfand memegang buah putih, Anand memakai pembelaan Semi-Slav variasi Chigorin dan berhasil cukup sukses memperoleh posisi menang. Tapi karena kurang akurat Boris Gelfand, pecatur Rusia berkebangsaan Israel ini berhasil memaksa remis.

Partai Catur cepat babak kedua kembali mengulang langkah Sicilian Rossolimo kedua pecatur ini di babak-babak partai catur klasik sebelumnya. Boris Gelfand kembali bermain lemah selepas pembukaan, dan masuk ke krisis waktu. Gelfand bermain agresif blokade panjang, dan mengorbankan bidak demi keaktifan perwira-perwiranya. Strategi ini cukup ampuh karena memaksa Anand bermain hati-hati dan Gelfand bermain gemilang di babak pertengahan bahkan bisa memaksa Anand hingga babak permainan akhir yang cukup aman, yaitu Benteng+Gajah melawan Benteng+Kuda. Tapi akhirnya karena krisis waktu menjadikan Gelfand melangkah blunder dan kalah.

Gelfand blunder Rxe8 , seharusnya Nxe4 Catur Cepat Babak III

Partai Catur cepat babak ketiga menyaksikan Gelfand turun dengan pembukaan yang cemerlang. Memaksa Anand bermain spekulatif di pembelaan Semi Slav. Tapi Gelfand membuat langkah blunder paling parah sepanjang pertandingan di langkah 26. Rxb8 (seharusnya Nxe4) dan pertandingan harus berakhir remis.

Partai Catur cepat babak keempat melihat Gelfand kembali turun di pertahanan Sicilia, di posisi harus menang. Gelfand bermain agresif dan menurunkan sebagian besar bidaknya untuk menyerang. Kembali hitam musti kecewa karena manajemen waktu pikir yang tidak sehat, hitam tidak bisa mengembangkan strategi hingga mencapai kemenangan. Hasil draw diperoleh dan Anand mempertahankan gelar juara dengan total skor, 6-6 dan 2.5-1.5.

Acara dwitarung ini di hari terakhir, babak catur cepat diperkirakan disaksikan 160 juta pemirsa dari India yang mengikuti langkah pertandingan melalui broadcast internet.
Keseluruhan partai duel dwi tarung Anand - Gelfand bisa diakses di link Chessgames.

1. Anand vs Gelfand ½-½ D85 Grunfeld
2. Gelfand vs Anand ½-½ D45 Queen's Gambit Declined Semi-Slav
3. Anand vs Gelfand ½-½ D70 Neo-Grunfeld Defense
4. Gelfand vs Anand ½-½ D45 Queen's Gambit Declined Semi-Slav
5. Anand vs Gelfand ½-½ B33 Sicilian
6. Gelfand vs Anand ½-½ D45 Queen's Gambit Declined Semi-Slav
7. Gelfand vs Anand 1-0 D45 Queen's Gambit Declined Semi-Slav
8. Anand vs Gelfand 1-0 D70 Neo-Grunfeld Defense
9. Gelfand vs Anand ½-½ E54 Nimzo-Indian, 4.e3, Gligoric System
10. Anand vs Gelfand ½-½ B30 Sicilian
11. Gelfand vs Anand ½-½ E54 Nimzo-Indian, 4.e3, Gligoric System
12. Anand vs Gelfand ½-½ B30 Sicilian
      ---- catur cepat ---
13. Gelfand vs Anand ½-½ D45 Queen's Gambit Declined Semi-Slav
14. Anand vs Gelfand 1-0 B30 Sicilian
15. Gelfand vs Anand ½-½ D12 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
16. Anand vs Gelfand ½-½ B51 Sicilian, Canal-Sokolsky (Rossolimo) Attack

Monday, May 28, 2012

GM Comments Anand-Gelfand Round 12

Last episode of drama in World Chess Championship 2012 between Anand vs Gelfand already concluded. It is a 22 moves draw in the battle of Sicilian games where Black forced to a bad pawn structure by white in the early phase of game. Anand force a Rossolimo variation and 7.e5 to give Boris Gelfand a double pawn stuck in the c and e files. But after long thinking, Gelfand managed the antidote and cleverly turn the board with a pawn sacrifice and fully compensation of space and bishop pair, to give white enough fear and the game was drawn.

Last piece of Grandmaster commentaries and quotation presented here. The sources are:

Live commentaris:
-Svidler and Kramnik in official site
-GM Csaba Balogh in chessbomb/chessdom
-Natalia Pogonina and Jennifer Shahade in chessgames
-Susan Polgar , Erwin l'Ami etc in Twitter
-IM Malcolm Pein and Mark Crowther in TWIC (post game analysis also)
-Sergey Shipov in chessintranslation (post game analysis also)

Post game analysis:
-Gilberto Milos in chessbase

The opening - Sicilian Defence
1.e4 c5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 e6 4. Bxc6 bxc6 5. d3 Ne7 6. b3 d6 7. e5 Ng6 8. h4 Nxe5 9. Nxe5 dxe5 10. Nd2

Malcolm Pein @TelegraphChess
Only the world title and $500,000 at stake, no wonder Vishy looked nervous
 GM Jon Ludvig Hammer @gmjlh:
@TelegraphChess more than 500 if you count next WC match too


@Pogonina: Kramnik: Vishy has the best record in rapid chess in modern history, even better than Kasparov or myself. Gelfand is also a good player.
@MarkTWIC: World #Chess Ch Gm12. Anand-Gelfand. 6.b3 * "They're not here today to entertain the public. They're here to win the World Championship.""

Csaba Balogh
4.Bxc6 bxc6 5. d3 so, Anand plays 5.d3 instead of 5.b3, which we have seen in game 10. It means, that Anand's team could not find any advantage after the strong 5.b3 e5! move

@ChessinT: On the Russian commentary Svidler and Smirin are discussing 6...d6 - "surprisingly enough a very concrete move" (Svidler)"

@MarkTWIC: World #Chess Gm12. Anand-Gelfand 8.h4!? "original way of playing" - "very strange" - Kramnik. This could be nasty for Gelfand to meet"
@erwinlami: 7...Ng6 8.h4!? sacrificing a pawn. This is becoming a very interesting battle! #anandgelfand."

@SusanPolgar: Gelfand deserves a medal if he can calmly get through this alive in the biggest and most pressured game of his career.

@erwinlami: Nice gesture of Gelfand, not to make a move untill the commercials have stopped on the official website. #anandgelfand"

@SusanPolgar: This is why chess is great. Strategy, psychology, nerve, and so many other factors come into play. I've been here before and it's not fun :)"

@ChessinT: Shipov: "Black has no obvious counterplay and it's not yet even clear what to defend against. In the long term time trouble is looming...""

1.e4 As it turns out, the world champion’s camp was not able to find a refutation of the Grunfeld Defense. Peter Svidler can be satisfied.
5…Ne7 A flexible strategy in the spirit of Philidor’s philosophy. Black’s central pawns, including the one on f7, can move forward, depending on what White does. It’s very important not to allow a complete blockade of the center and to give the bishops some room to operate. For example, with the pawn on d7 Black is prepared to meet the advance e4-e5 with the disrupting … f7-f6.
6.b3 An interesting and non-standard move order. It was first used by Boris Spassky in a game with Boris (yes, another Boris) Gulko in 1990.

Gilberto Milos 6.b3 d6 A novelty. This allows the weakening of both the e5 and c5 pawns.
8.h4 forcing Black to capture on e5 or play ..h5 weakening g5. This move has to be played before White plays Bb2, because on c1 the bishop controls f4 where the black knight might try to flee to.

Csaba Balogh 6. b3 is a real surprise, with only one high-level game in the database, which continued with Ng6 Bb2 f6 and e5 ,in Spassky-Gulko 1990. I am quite sure, such move could not be seriously analyzed by Gelfand's team, so it is a chance for Anand to catch him in the opening and achieve some advantage.
8.h4 played instantly. Impressive preparation. A positional pawn sacrifice. After 8...Nxe5 9.Nxe5 dxe5 White probably wants to put the c5 pawn under pressure with the Bishop and the knight.
10. Nd2 It is clear, that White is playing against the c8 bishop. It has no future in this game, cannot be activated, cannot have any target, at least in the next 10-15 moves.

the Pawn Sacrifice and Bishop Pair
c4 11. Nxc4 Ba6 12. Qf3 Qd5 13. Qxd5 cxd5 14. Nxe5 f6 15. Nf3 e5

@erwinlami: Gelfand didn't spend his time without reason! 10...c4 is a very interesting decision, opening up the f8-bishop.

: Finally, Gelfand played 10...c4. May not be the best but he believes Anand will be off book after this. Giving up the pawn for space.

10...c4 "I might be wrong but I don't like this idea too much." - Kramnik

@Pogonina: Kramnik: We were drinking coffee and talking about Buranovskie Babushki, while Gelfand was studying the position for 50 minutes!
Csaba Balog 11. Nxc4 Seems like the game is going to be an excellent lecture on positional pawn sacrifices! Another option for Black is first to exchange the dark squared bishops with 11...Bb4 12.Bd2 Bxd2 13.Qxd2 and only then Ba6, but I think, this is agreeing to suffer in a worse position.

@ChessinT: Svidler warming to the idea: "It might not be the best move in the position, but it's very conceptual

Natalia Pogonina: Anand the pawn grabber.

@erwinlami: Now it's Anand's turn to get us through the commercial break. Seems fair.

@SusanPolgar: 15. Nf3 e5 everything goes according to plan. After giving away a few pawns, the Bishop pair is now powerful.

@erwinlami: Interesting change of scenery. Now Black is the one sacrificing a pawn! 15.Nf3 e5 should be dynamically equal.

10…c4 My premonitions did not deceive me! Boris did not want to defend passively for many moves in a row. 13…cxd5 14.Nxe5 Black has repaired his pawn structure. Now he must attack!

Gilberto Milos c4 This was not necessary, and was a voluntary decision by Gelfand. The idea is to open the game for the bishops, an idea that Anand approved of in the post-game conference.
12...Qd5 Giving another pawn and definitively improving his pawn structure. 13.Qxd5 cxd5 14.Nxe5 f6 Now black has center and two bishops for the pawn. It is enough compensation

Malcolm Pein 10.Nd2, e5 and c5 are weak. Boris had a long think to 59 minutes used and came up with a dynamic and bold solution c4 Boris thought to 59 minutes!

Csaba Balogh 13.Qxd5 so Anand prefers to not risk and goes for the endgame, where only he can win. A practical decision!

the draw and tie break incoming
16. O-O Kf7 17. c4 Be7 18. Be3 Bb7 19. cxd5 Bxd5 20. Rfc1 a5 21. Bc5 Rhd8 22. Bxe7 1/2-1/2

@Pogonina: I wonder why Anand traded queens. Looks like full compensation for Black now: two bishops, nice pawn structure, etc.
Natalia Pogonina: It seems like Anand is not sure what he was trying to do. At first it looked as if he was pushing for a win. Then he started choosing one drawish continuation after the other. This is a bad sign for him. Anyway, we are headed to tie-breaks. A great achievement by Gelfand, even if he doesn't win in the end.
Csaba Balogh 17. c4 Be7 Black has a very easy play with Rhd8 then a possible plan could be Bb7 and a5-a4. The bishoppair dominates the board. It is very hard to suggest a plan for White, which could improve on his position. Any kind of pawn moves leads to kind of weakaning, of what the bishoppair could make use.

Svidler: "I'm sure the idea of offering a draw has visited Vishy more than once here

@TelegraphChess: Black intending d4 and kingside and central expansion I would be slightly concerned if I was VA kudos to Boris he plays superbly

@TelegraphChess: Vlad K says he is amazed and shocked as Vishy could play without risk 'One of the strangest positions I ever saw in WCC match" - VK

Malcolm Pein 16..Kf7 Black has ample compensation. Look how he has opened the game for the bishops and the light squared one is the key. To gain some space Vishy must consider c2-c4.

22.Bxe7 and here Anand somewhat unexpectedly OFFERED A DRAW, which Gelfand quickly accepted. [22.Nd2 was no worse, in effect telling Black to go ahead and trade bishops on c5.] A possible continuation was 22…Kxe7 23.Nd2 a4 24.Rc7+ Kf8! 25.b4 a3! and Black’s counterplay is not bad.

Gilberto Milos 22.Bxe7 and they agreed a draw. Really disappointing!

after the game

@Pogonina: Gelfand:We are playing a match, not entertaining the spectators! We don't have to play out the moves; commentators can explain

Mikhail Golubev sorry BG thats how you will kill the game for the public.

@SilvioDanailov: Anybody calculated what was the moves average on the match?24-25 moves per game perhaps? Looks like the players are proud & happy :) Congrats!

@albertovmelo: @LevAronian Lev, are you surprised on gelfands prep? Do tou believe he could win the rapid games against Anand?

@LevAronian: @albertovmelo yes,gelfand is playing very well.In the last couple of games Anand also showed fresh ideas! Can't guess what'll rapid bring.

@LevAronian: Anand-Gelfand g 12 was brilliant.Anand found a great pawn sac at home,and Gelfand answered with 2 pawn sacs! Wow,can't wait till tiebreaks!"

@anishgiri: @LevAronian Finally someone saying something positive about this short, but truly remarkable game! :)"

@stuthefox: Average number of moves per game in the Anand v Gelfand World Chess Championship: 29.

JenShahade: It's funny that everyone complains about how boring this match is (with such careful and often accurate play) but also complain about the prospect of a playoff, which will certainly be very wild & random. Chess fans can be a demanding bunch :)

@ChessinT: Svidler says some of the very strong players in the Tretyakov Gallery think Black is better. Svidler "doesn't rule it out

@MarkTWIC: World #Chess Ch Gm12. Kramnik thinks Anand will "already looking for the exit" which might be a draw offer, which Gelfand may turn down.

@Pogonina: Kramnik: Khalifman, Kasimdzhanov, Ponomariov have had great achievements, but winning the title in a match is a totally different thing.

-- all comments and quotations by its respective author --

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