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Magnus Carlsen defeated Vishy Anand on Round 5 - World Chess Championship 2013

Komentar Partai catur dwitarung Magnus Carlsen vs Viswanathan Anand Round 5 1-0 ada di bawah

On round 5 of the World Chess Championship match between Viswanathan Anand vs Magnus Carlsen, the challenger finally scored the first point. The first blood draw , as we used to describe in that way. The battle between two of very good chess player of our age is finally on its way to reach the climax. Magnus Carlsen keep his opening tricky by playing 1.c4 and reach another very hard to predict middle game. Anand plays passive (according to some GMs comments) and must accept his fate going into inferior endgame. Who knows that Carlsen ability to convert small advantage is maximize in this situation. Both enter a rook endgame with Anand lesser by one pawn, and although he fight well, Anand resign on move 58. Magnus Carlsen had just won his first match game, the world championship match ever.

Compilation of Round 5 commentaries:

World Chess Championship 2013, Chennai
Magnus Carlsen vs Viswanathan Anand 1-0
D31 - Semi Slav Marshall Gambit Forgotten Variation

Official Website Game 5 Report Chessbase with
GM Alejandro Ramirez and Josh Friedel and alternate article
Chessdom - no commentaries due to Victoria's Secret?? and the report
TWIC - Carlsen beats Anand  game notes by Mark Crowther
Chessvibes / by Peter Doggers
Video Analysis by Daniel King
Official Youtube LIVE commentaries by Susan Polgar, Lawrence Trent, GM Ramesh, Tania Sachdev with GM Daniel Gormally, Simon Williams
Video Analysis by IM David Pruess
OnlineChessLesson Youtube Video Round 5

Meanwhile, after Chess succesfully defeated all the lingerie by Victoria's Secret, most GMs still ambitiously posted twitter to strengthen the #AnandCarlsen and #FWCM2013 tag in twitter which dedicated to this match.

Minutes after Anand resigned:

Mark Crowther ‏@MarkTWIC 45s
#AnandCarlsen very quick post-game press conference following Carlsen's game 5 win vs Anand. Anand labeled 34...Rd4 (Rg8) as decisive error

Mig Greengard ‏@chessninja 2m
Norwegian python: 1, Indian tiger: 0.

Hikaru Nakamura ‏@GMHikaru 10m
Good win for Carlsen. Sadly, this game highlights why chess is getting harder and harder to play as you get older.

Nazi Paikidze ‏@Doge93 12m
YESSS!!! First win for @MagnusCarlsen ! 1-0 #CarlsenAnand #FWCM2013

Nazi Paikidze ‏@Doge93 30m
It's nice to wake up and see Magnus beating Anand! #MagnusCarlsen FTW!!!

Jon Ludvig Hammer ‏@gmjlh 13m
Very well done @MagnusCarlsen. But now it's gonna get tough, playing a wounded tiger!

Earlier in the game

Anish Giri ‏@anishgiri 3h
Anand plays again passively for a draw, dismissing any chances to get double edged game. May still hold though, why not. #FWCM2013

Erwin l'Ami ‏@erwinlami 4h
Carlsen's gutsy 12.0-0-0 seems to be paying off. With 14.Nxc6 bxc6 15.Qxd8+ Bxd8 16.g3 he can claim an edge in the endgame. #FWCM2013

A decisive game to be follow on Magnus Carlsen vs Vishy Anand round 5 WCC 2013
photo from Susan Polgar

Di babak kelima dwitarung Kejuaraan Catur Dunia Anand vs Carlsen akhirnya mencapai hasil decisive, yaitu kemenangan untuk Carlsen. Magnus Carlsen, pecatur Norwegia yang baru berusia 23an berhasil menaklukan juara bertahan incumbent Vishy Anand melalui 58 langkah yang dalam dan menegangkan. Carlsen kembali bermain dengan strategi andalannya, menghindari pembukaan yang terlalu biasa di mana Anand akan lebih siap, tapi menggunakan pembukaan yang lebih 'jarang'. Di ronde lima, Carlsen melangkah 1.c4 namun segera bangunan di atas papan berubah ke tipe Gambit Menteri Ditolak / Queen's Gambit Declined. Melalui manuver-manuver di babak pertengahan Carlsen akhirnya pelan pelan makin mengumpulkan keuntungan positional. Di babak permainan akhir, Carlsen akhirnya unggul 1 pion dengan posisi rook-endgame, alias endgame benteng. Walaupun secara umum ending benteng ini gampang menjadi remis, tapi posisi Carlsen yang unggul pion-luar / outside pawn di file A dan file H, tidak mampu dilawan oleh Anand yang memegang buah hitam. Anand menyerah setelah pasti melihat salah satu dari kedua pion tersebut bakal meluncur bebas berubah menjadi Ratu maut.

Komentar partai catur dwitarung Magnus Carlsen vs Viswanathan Anand round 5 (untuk analisis yang lebih akurat dan dalam dari para GM bisa ditinjau di link di atas)

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