Friday, November 16, 2012

Women's Chess Championship 2012 Round 3

With three strongest girls all falls apart, the KO format of Women's Chess Championship is under big talk already. First is Humpy Koneru that played too cool and then freezed by Madame Grischuk, or Natalia Zhukova. She was duly defeated in 2-0 score. Hou Yifan was also can't hold the more experience Monika Socko, vanished via tie break. Third seed Anna Muzychuk do nothing better against Anna Ushenina, going home as well now. All happens as early in round two. While the men's K.O. format of World Championship, some believe still maintained top seed, at least until later stage, the girls are now in question for their randomness champion via this road of competition. Nevertheless, the KO produced exciting pairing and temptative to given a commentaries.

Round 3 Women's World Chess Championship, Khanty Mansiysk 2012, pairings comments:

32 Monika Socko vs 16 Antoaneta Stefanova
Both eliminated world champion, Antoaneta played Zhu Chen previously, then Monika is the steel nerves that back from grave after 0-1 against Hou Yifan. This will be a solid pairing as the two are session players of thirty year old female player, not your just grow up girl in play. Stefanova is the only ex-Women Champion in this round, after the club's member being eliminated massively. The database give Antoaneta a huge plus point against Monika. But again, this is a balance pair that may need go tie break.

8 Marie Sebag  vs 24 Alissa Galliamova
Alissa is still eldest among the participants. She twice in match for champion, against Xie Jun back in the '99s, and Xu Yuhua in 2006. In the interview, Alissa looks fresh and a hard to defeat as an opponent. Marie Sebag go to third round with rather easier road, which is the same as Alissa. A balance pairing as well, interestingly, no Galliamova vs Marie Sebag in the database (?).

4 Zhao Xue  vs 20 Mariya Muzychuk
Behold, Zhao Xue is the strongest seed in round three now. She has been a consistent member of China team for ten years. Her biggest sensation in GP Nalchik 2011 where she won with 9.5/11. This is her chance to added world champion trophy in her portfolio. Mariya Muzychuk is on her way. Perhaps a note here is Mariya will come with free Anna as assistant. Zhao is experience more and could be advanced to round four.

28 Lela Javakhishvili  vs 12 Dronavalli Harika
And the last Indian representative in the bracket. She (maybe) will has team of Humpy and Soumya to help. Her opponent is a middle rank who managed to keep going. Lela Javakhishvili eliminated Katerina Lahno, is dangerous to underestimated. Not sure the outcome!

30 Anna Ushenina  vs 19 Natalia Pogonina
Though "only" seed #19, Natalia is popular favorite. Well known to fans due to her writing and commentaries, this is a chance to add spice for your next talk with fans, Nat! Anna Ushenina is here after eliminated Anna Muzychuk, so here giant killer waiting to give another surprise. Natalia and Anna both born in 1985.

6 Nadezhda vs 11 Tatiana Kosintseva
Now we are the lucky bastard who enjoy sister fight. Nadezha will play a one year younger blood sister, Tatiana. Very much not fixed for sure now, by the system. Who's going to win, the world also had no idea, as the sister put in, "I don't know how to prepare against Nad/Tatiana...." The predict can be two outcome, both played chess , regularly, and can go to tie break. Or.. they just commit one decisive result and save the extra days shopping together again. We'll see.

26 Huang Qian vs 23 Irina Krush
Don't forget the American contender. Irina Krush played a solid comeback and defeat veteran Pia Cramling. She is now quite experience player that played oversea chess, outside the USA soil. Huang Qian is another, not very much known, China team member. But for one thing, Huang Qian is 2012 Chinese Chess Champion ahead of Ju Wenjun. The pairing is well balance in term of rating point, 2470 vs 2465.

15 Ju Wenjun vs 31 Natalia Zhukova Ju Wenjun believe to be the next talent player from the crowd of China players. She finished 1st Hangzhou in 2011, ahead Hou Yifan and the Kosintseva sister. The China team come will enough players to assist their remaining bullets, including off working World Champion on the team now. Natalia Zhukova on other hand, need to refresh herself from the victory against Humpy, determined and focus to repeat the same feat. Spouse to Alexander Grischuk give us interesting pairing, from the point of view of China talent vs dark horse of the tournament.

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