Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2012 Chess Olympiad Round 7 Indonesia Report

Half way to the tournament, this is commentary on round 7 of 2012 Chess Olympiad happening in Turkey. On top board, Russian and China gain extra point by defeat two powerhouse in chess team. Russian defeat Azerbaijan, with only Grischuk take down GM Eltaj Safarli. In also unfortunate situation for Armenia, China manage to give them their first defeat. Wang Yue found deadly checkmate pattern over Movsessian's under play and final blunder on move 34. The story of the day back to Ukraine, which struggling to the temporary round 7 third position. Vassily Ivanchuck play wild game to Francisco Vallejo Pons, Ivanchuck playing white and cracked his opponent's solid defence in 37 moves. Phillipines also maintained health position by playing draw to Hungaria. Legendary ASEAN GM Eugene Torre win the fantastic bishops+4 pawns vs rook+pawn endgame against GM Ferenc Berkes whom 200 elo higher.

The women section saw China girls catch up to the top position. They defeated Georgia narrowly with 2.5-1.5. Russian playing draw to Poland, Alexandra Kosteniuk got her first defeat, Natalie Pogonina saved the game for Russian by defeating  Karina Szczepkowska.

2012 Chess Olympiad After Round 7
1 Russia 13
2 China 12
3 Ukraine 12
4 Armenia 11
5 United States Of America 11

2012 Chess Olympiad After Round 7 Women
1 China 12
2 Russia 12
3 Poland 12
4 Ukraine 11
5 France 11
Indonesian team suffered the phase of lost round. Indonesian boys suffered lost against Slovakia 0.5-3.5, only Susanto Megaranto saved the split point. The girls lost to Czech Republic, although bringing dream team to board 1-3. Finally the board four get the miracle and Ummi Fisabillilah didn't forgive her opponent opening error and won in miniature 21 moves of Giuocco Pianissimo.

Slovakia - Indonesia 3½: ½
21.1 GM Ftacnik, Lubomir 2532 - GM Megaranto, Susanto 2529 ½ - ½
21.2 GM Petrik, Tomas 2529 - IM Purnama, Tirta Chandra 2384 1 - 0
21.3 GM Michalik, Peter 2508 - IM Halay, Taufik 2361 1 - 0
21.4 IM Jurcik, Marian 2486 - CM Muhammad, Luthfi Ali 2078 1 - 0

Czech Republic - Indonesia 2½:1½
17.1 WGM Kulovana, Eva 2259 - WFM Medina, Warda Aulia 2218 ½ - ½
17.2 WGM Nemcova, Katerina 2276 - WIM Sihite, Chelsie Monica 2162 1 - 0
17.3 WIM Havlikova, Kristyna 2298 - WFM Citra, Dewi 2143 1 - 0
17.4 WIM Olsarova, Karolina 2267 - Fisabilillah, Ummi 0 0 - 1

Indonesia masuk ke babak tujuh Olympiade Catur 2012 di Turki. Di babak giliran ketemu lawan kuat ini kedua tim gagal menahan lawannya dan menderita kekalahan. Tim putera hanya mampu memetik setengah angka hasil remis Susanto Megaranto melawan GM Lubomir Ftacnik. Di bagian puteri walaupun turun full team, Indonesia dikalahkan Republik Ceko 1.5-2.5. Medina berhasil menahan Eva Kulovana, tapi Chelise dan Dewi kalah. Hasil kejutan akhirnya dibukukan oleh Ummi Fisabilillah yang tak memberi ampun lawan yang teledor di pembukaan Italia / Giuocco Pianissimo dan memetik angka penuh di miniature 21 langkah ini.   Di berita papan atas. Russia mengalahkan tim Azeri lewat kemenangan GM Alexander Grischuk atas GM Eltaj Safarli. Azeri gagal melewati negara saingannya Armenia, yang juga harus puas dan mengalah pada China. China menundukkan Armenia lewat partai Wang Yue melawan Movsessian. Hasil baik juga dibukukan Vassily Ivanchuk yang bangkit membawa Ukraina duduk di peringkat tiga sementara sekarang.  

Ummi Fisabilillah - Karolina Olsarova 1-0
C54f Giuocco Pianissimo  

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