Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Le (not shared) First in Aeroflot Open

After shared first in Moscow Open a weeks ago, Le Quang Liem also finished first in Aeroflot Open, this time a sole first. Playing last round against Ian Nepomniachtchi he will tied first if the result is only a draw, but an long battle give Le one full point. His country man, who also a big buzz, Nguyen lost the last round to Anton Korobov making his good run ended in third place, the second being Korobov himself.

Wesley So finished #11 shared 7-19 with 5.5 point out of 9 rounds. His fellow Phillipino Darwin Laylo perhaps got his most nightmare tournament with 0.5/9 and solely stand at #80, he withdrawed in last two rounds base on what I see in crosstable. Seeing Le's success I think it's time for Wesley So to get a strong coach. Le is being coached by Evgeny Bareev since the World Cup last November.

China's Zhou Jianchao and Bu Xiangzhi is other Asians finished in Top 20 :

1. Le Quang Liem 7/9 [view games]
2. Anton Korobov 6.5/9 [view games]
3. Ngoc Truongson Nguyen 6/9 [view games]
4. Boris Grachev 6/9 [view games]
5. Alexander Motylev 6/9 [view games]
6. Evgeny Bareev 5.5/9 [view games]
7. Evgeny Najer 5.5/9 [view games]
8. Ivan Cheparinov 5.5/9 [view games]
9. Maxime Vachier-Lagrave 5.5/9 [view games]
10. Alexey Dreev 5.5/9 [view games]
11. Etienne Bacrot 5.5/9 [view games]
12. Artyom Timofeev 5.5/9 [view games]
13. Boris Savchenko 5.5/9 [view games]
14. Bu Xiangzhi 5.5/9 [view games]
15. Borki Predojevic 5.5/10 [view games]
16. Ian Nepomniachtchi 5.5/9 [view games]
17. Wesley So 5.5/9 [view games]

Aeroflot Official Site.


  1. I like your blog, nicely written and always up to date. The links to other references are also useful.

    I would love to hear more about indonesian chess news though, since the news of huge international event is easy to get from other similar blogs or sites.

  2. thanks for writing.

    Actually my first intention to write a blog is to write more about Indonesian chess. But alas, Indonesia chess is struggling with information online. I am not staying in Indonesia and rely on online news, if I did not write more about Indonesian chess scene, you guess what is the reason. And also the achievement of our player is not very convincing to get International attention.


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