Friday, August 7, 2009

Simon's Sicilian - 2009 British Championship

In 2009 British Championship happening this week, many animated games being produced. For example the round 9 game of David Howell versus R Palliser with sacrifice Trompowsky put Black's Queen trapped in 24 moves. See IM Malcolm Pein analysis here.

But among many of British new woodpusher heroes I very much like GM Simon Williams. Simon, together with GM Mark Hebden, is now a point behind top standing David Howell by round 10. For update result of 2009 British Championship please visit here.

By now please see one of Simon's Sicillian. It is a black win in round 6 against non other than IM Gary Lane, famous as a chess writer and monthly contributor of Chesscafe Opening Lane column. This is will be this week Surreal Sicillian game. The game start with a variation called Sozin, not Scheveningen. For brilliant Queen sacrifice mate using this setup see Michael Roiz game here.

[Round "6"]
[White "Lane, Gary W"]
[Black "Williams, Simon K"]
[Result "0-1"]
[ECO "B57"]
[Opening "Sicilian"]
[Variation "Sozin, not Scheveningen"]

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