Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fide GP Jermuk : Ivanchuck Wins it!

This is probably best yet GP so far. With two players playing for rank 1, and 4 players tailed behind with half point, the final round is perfectly the best climax to the event. And the drama is Vassily Ivanchuck , one of most popular chessman ever, is the main actor here. Outplaying Akopian, Ivanchuck wins with Black after winning the mid game and come out with bishop pair advantage. About an hour later, Leko, the other rank 1 contender, fight his most to catch up with a draw in a B+P vs B ending. But his opponent Gelfand put Leko chances to zero with precious play.

Final Standings :
1. Ivanchuk: 8.5
2-3. Aronian, Gelfand: 8
4-6. Alekseev, Kasim, Leko: 7.5
7. Karjakin: 7
8. Eljanov: 6.5
9-10. Bacrot, Kamsky: 6
11-12. Akopian, Jakovenko: 5
13. Inarkiev: 4.5
14. Cheparinov: 4

Ivanchuck is doing a fantastic year now by winning Bazna, shared first in Linares, and this event. Only in MTel that he came last.

V. Akopian vs V.Ivanchuck

(show chess board)(hide chess board)

Vassily Ivanchuck mengakhiri perlawanan Vladimir Akopian di ronder 13, terakhir ajang Grand Prix Fide di Jermuk. Kemenangan ini membuat dia satu satunya pemegang nilai 8.5 alias juara 1. Leko saingan terdekat musti puas di urutan 4-6 akibat kalah dalam ending Gajah+Bidak vs Gajah melawan Gelfand. Ivanchuck tak terkalahkan dan mengantongi 4 kemenangan. Prestasi yang baik buat pecatur popular ini, dia juga juara di Bazna dan Linares tahun ini.

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