Sunday, August 2, 2009

2009 Singapore National Rapid Chess

The 21st National Rapid Chess Championship 2009 just finished yesterday in Singapore. This one and a half day event concluded in three sections. In Open section, where you need up to 1800 rating to participate, dominated by IM Enrique Paciencia who finished 7 or 9 round. Followed by FM Timothy Chan Wei-Xuan with 6½ . A total of 22 players take part of this section.

In Women , WFM Liu Yang set the perfect record of 9 points. The runner up is WFM Jeslin Tay Li Jin with 7½ points. For Women section it is a nine round robin setup. A total of 10 players take this section.

Now the last section, called the Challengers, was participated by more than 200 players. Mostly are juniors , adults are minority here. Richard Lean Boon Seng finished number one with 8½ point, he only draw to runner up Jaime R. De Leon in last round. Your truly also take part of this section. After get slaughtered three times good new is I am making new chess friends. They are adult veterans and also the energetic youngsters.

For completed follows this links: Open, Women, Challengers .

The playing hall at Bishan Community Center, Singapore Chess Federation is exactly on second floor in the same building. At the nearest row : the Singapore's WFMs in action.


  1. thanks for the report. so what was your results in the Challengers section?

  2. 6 points! lost to 2 juniors and 1 adults.


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