Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rising Stars Vs Experience

Experiences team consist of Beliavsky, Svidler, Ljubojevic, van Wely and Nielsen is now enjoying the most success team for this traditional teenage vs GOM (Good Old Men - according to Giddins) event. In 2008 the experience team (Bareev, Korchnoi, Ljubojevic, Jussupow and Agdestein) lost badly with 331/2 - 161/2. A bit better was in 2009 when Beliavsky, Ljubojevic, Khalifman, Nicolic and Jussupow lost by 26½-23½. This year after round 8 the Experience now enjoying 22-18 lead.

This year, the Rising Stars team is Nakamura, Caruana, Smeets, Hou Yifan and Steelwagen. Top scorer of this team will to go thru next year Amber tournament. While Nakamura and Caruana is most predicted to be the qualifier, it is Jan Smeets that now had the highest point and most likely to present in Amber.

Many interesting games can be collected here, Nakamura's win over Beliavsky in Black side of KID is considered a fantastic game by many. But Big Al come back later, in round 7 he win a 25 moves game over Caruana in Shredding Chess Move style.

Alexander Beliavsky - Fabiano Caruana
Rising Stars vs Experience 2009, Round 7

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