Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Night Live Chess : Rising Stars vs Experience

Is this the best era for chess? As long as I can recount, almost every day you can find a live chess on net, starting this year. Just like tonight, it is Friday and while I'm checking my facebook, I can also see a bunch of GMs sweating on their seat playing a chess. Tonight menu is, still, seven games from FIDE Jermuk Grand Prix. And if you dislike a draw, see an alternative game of four from the Rising Stars versus Experience, happening in Amsterdam. Last if you like Russian or Chinese lad check the traditional Russian vs Chinese team match. Unfortunately unlike the Women section , they always have better spirit, the Men section also has a big percentage of draw games.

It is round 11 in Jermuk, with as many as three players on tie with 6.5 point things are quite hot. Leko just draw with Kasimdzhanov so they are now at 7. Ivanchuck, the other guy on top, still in middle game with Bacrot. Can't predict what will the outcome now.

On the Rising Star vs Experience the Oldster is taking Black on round 2. Interesting is all 4 games are on Sicilian route and only Caruana - Beliavsky is not. Tonight we also have an audio commentary from icc, none other than GM Larry Christiansen is providing comments tonight.

Anyway, most of chess event is coming from Europe continent. With Europe to SE Asia time different, chances is we can only see the opening and then fall to sleep in their middle game. Most of European games can only be enjoy at late afternoon here. A little different when the bout is on America soil. Chances is we can see the late game on early morning here, as happen when the US Champ take time earlier this year. Of course the best timing will be event in Australia and Asia. All the game can be follow in its entirely on this zone, and of course since its take time on working day, you may expect a little bit distraction to your work.

Now, here an idea for chess IT man, why not put all the live chess shattered around and compiled it into one web page, specialist in live chess. That will be a fantastic way to see chess rather than open eight windows in your desktop.

So, enjoy your weekend now.

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