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US Chess Championship 2015 and Wesley So Case

This year of US Chess Championship, 2015, is amazing show compared to their previous edition. Not only that we got a returned Hikaru Nakamura, but inclusion of Wesley So is highly anticipated by chess fans from outside US by now. The tournament is getting very hot situation where each rounds see amazingly unusual games, resulting in high volume of blunders and decisive results.

The tournament see colorful participants, rarely seeing in US Championship for a long time. These include old timer, ex Kasparov-Karpovian era, Gata Kamsky still a strong competitor in this championship. The almost same personalities goes to Alexander Onischuk, strong ex-Sovyet school of chess. Then of course top ten Hikaru Nakamura and Wesley So on board. Some young rising bloods, leading by Sam Shankland, then Samuel Sevian, Kayden Troff, Conrad Holt, Daniel Naroditsky. Ray Robson, one of Wesley So's room mate and also his contemporaries in term of age. Varuzhan Akobian, about one generation before Hikaru Nakamura. Then the colorful Timur Gareev.

As the time of writing, in round 9, each player exchanged battle on almost any type of battle we can expected in chess. Blunders and counter blunders are quite frequent to happened here. Then when the situation was so high, we got a shocking case. In round 9, just after playing ten minutes in the game of Wesley So vs Varuzhan Akobian, Wesley So forfeited by tournament arbiter. The reason, as the moment of writing, is pretty clear. Wesley So was bringing extra paper and write down notes on that during the game against Varuzhan Akobian. They are self-improvement notes. From the news, it is clear that Wesley So got warning before and the chief arbiter, Tony Rich. Wesley forfeited when he did not comply with the warnings.  The FIDE law of chess :

8.1b The scoresheet shall be used only for recording the moves, the times of the clocks, offers of a draw, matters relating to a claim and other relevant data. 

11.3 During play the players are forbidden to use any notes, sources of information or advice, or analyse any game on another chessboard. (...) The rules of a competition may specify a different, less severe, penalty. 

in worst situation, maybe Wesley So was confused. There is speculation that Wesley So actually mis understood the warning and rules, he bring in extra piece of paper to get the situation of "not writing in the scoresheet".

Saint Louis Chess Club twitter:

In more insight of the situation, reported that Wesley So actually quite habitual in doing this. Including on live commentary, Alejandro Ramirez confirmed something like when he was playing Wesley in Millionaire chess, he saw Wesley writing notes there. As we know, Wesley So having a bumpy tournament here, to add something in the case.

The most detail news so far came from article HERE.
Varuzhan Akobian interview post the incident HERE reached Paul Truong, a member of his former college chess team at Webster University. He said that Webster Chess Team Director GM Susan Polgar and him constantly warned So not to take notes during chess games.

"This is exactly what we told Wesley three years ago," Truong said. "He always writes notes to himself. We told him this is against FIDE rules...We discussed this issue at least a dozen times. He had a smile and thought nobody's going to complain about it." from

Live video captures on moments of Wesley So's forfeiture:

hot debated in twitter, can't be avoid in this situation

Wesley So vs Varuzhan Akobian, US Champ 2015

Nevertheless, US Chess championship 2015 has many entertaining games. Hikaru Nakamura is leading by half point as per middle round 9 moments.

See on their official website and LIVE coverage, with Yasser Seirawan, Jennifer Shahade, Maurice Ashley, Alejandro Ramirez etc giving live commentaries.

More screenshot:
Hot female chess players as well ..... Tatev Abrahamyan vs Nazi Paikidze

hot guy ? ....  GM Timur Gareev

Timur giving interview just after his win over Samuel Sevian in amazing Trompowsky game

Live coverage with Yasser Seirawan and co


Turnamen catur Amerika Serikat atau US Chess Championship 2015 sedang berlangsung. Turnamen ini sedikit lebih bergairah dengan kehadiran dua pecatur top ten, Hikaru Nakamura dan Wesley So. Hingga round 9, Hikaru masih memimpin. Di turnamen ini juga tampil Gata Kamsky, pecatur senior dari era Kasparov Karpov. Bintang-bintang muda Amerika, Sam Shankland, Samuel Sevian, Ray Robson, dan lain-lain.

Di ronde 9 terjadi sedikit kericuhan. Wesley So dinyatakan kalah teknis setelah kedapatan menulis notes / catatan selama pertandingan berlangsung. Di ronde 9 ini Wesley So bermain melawan Varuzhan Akobian. Setelah 10 menit, Varuzhan melaporkan kepada wasit bahwa Wesley So memiliki kertas lain di bawah kertas score-sheet nya. Rupanya di kertas lain ini, Wesley So mencatat kalimat-kalimat pengembangan diri , mungkin untuk memotivasi dan memperingatkan Wesley agar bermain lebih baik. Hal ini jelas bertentangan dengan peraturan FIDE bahwa catatan dalam bentuk apapun yang tidak berhubungan dengan langkah catur, tidak diperbolehkan.

Keterangan lain didapat bahwa kebiasaan ini sudah berlangsung cukup lama untuk Wesley So. Di ronde 1, 2 dan 3 Wesley So dilaporkan menulis kalimat-kalimat pengingat di scoresheet nya. Wasit mendapatkan kejadian ini dan memberikan peringatan 2 kali. Sayangnya di ronde 9, lawannya Varuzhan Akobian merasa kegiatan ini sudah berlebihan, apalagi Wesley So menulis di kertas tersendiri pula. Wasit pertandingan Tony Rich langsung memberikan nilai 0 kepada Wesley karena sudah merupakan pelanggaran berulang-ulang.

Kalimat yang ditulis Wesley So :
di ronde 1 adalah "Use your time you have a lot of it" (Pakai waktumu, sudah banyak yang kau habiskan untuk itu)

di ronde 2 "Sit down for the entire game. Never get up". (Duduklah selama pertandingan, jangan pernah menyerah). Sham Shankland menyampaikan protes atas note ini.

di ronde 3 Wesley menulis lagi dan wasit pertandingan memberikan peringatan.

di ronde 9 tulisannya adalah "Double Check and triple check" and "use your time".

Wesley So dinyatakan gugur di ronde ini. Dari berita di twitter dan diketahui bahwa memang Wesley So memiliki kebiasaan menulis kalimat-kalimat di kertas catatan langkah catur / score sheet. Perlu diketahui, Wesley So terseok-seok di turnamen ini, kalah tiga kali. Sehingga ada sedikit benang penghubung antara kebiasaan menulis sesuatu dengan harapan dia agar bisa tetap bermain konsisten. 

Berita hangat ini masih terus berkembang dan kita nantikan situasi sebenarnya.

Berita lainnya dimuat di surat kabar lokal Minnesota, kota tempat Wesley So tinggal, bahwa dia memiliki problem keluarga yang cukup mempengaruhi keadannya sekarang.

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