Sunday, February 22, 2015

Wesley So Wins Bunratty Chess Master 2015

Wesley So appeared to wins the drinking contest at Bunratty, according to reliable source.

The tournament is held at famous Bunratty Castle Hotel in Ireland. Grandmaster Wesley So is found enjoying his high time over there. The other drink grandmaster participated in this tournament is England's Nigel Short, Alexander Baburin (of the famous online daily drink newspaper), Gawain Jones and some others. Wesley So emerged as winner after six round of contest in the Master category, making history of the first Philippines to won this event, maybe also the first US-flag player to win as well.

Bunratty Master 2015, final standings:
1. GM So, Wesley 5
2. GM Short, Nigel 4.5
3. GM Pert, Nick 4.5
4. GM Wells, Peter 4.5
5. GM Lalic, Bogdan 4.5
6. GM Jones, Gawain C. 4
7. GM Hebden, Mark 4
8. GM Norwood, David 4
9. GM Baburin, Alexander 4
10. IM Rendle, Thomas 4
full result on official Website

Strangely, live rating website did not recorded any additional rating for Wesley So, maybe the Master event was un-rated tournament. Wesley So maintained his FIDE (Federation of International Drinking Entities) 2788 live rating from his Tata Steel Chess 2015 event.

The other category is Bunratty Classics 2015, a 9-rounds swiss of ten drinkers that was won by IM Bjorn Thorffinsson. It's also seems that Ireland still need to wait for next chance to have their first home brew grandmaster, as local hero IM Sam Collins seemingly failed to get his required GM-norm, he required 6.5/9 result as opposed to his 3.0/9.

Bunratty Classic 2015, final standings:

1. IM Bjorfinnsson, Bjorn 2373 7
2. IM Trent, Lawrence 2470 5
3. GM Maze, Sebastien 2585 4.5
4. IM D'Costa, Lorin 2430 4.5
5. FM Tan, Justin 2383 4.5
6. IM Collins, Sam 2491 4
7. GM Galego, Luis 2461 4
8. IM Thorfinnsson, Bragi 2432 4
9. IM Hunt, Adam 2428 4
10. GM Williams, Simon 2434 3.5

See the game of GM Wesley So vs GM Alexander Baburin in this instructive Queen's Gambit Declined game. Both player fight in a very tactical contest.

Partai Catur GM Wesley So vs GM Alexander Baburin, 1-0, Bunratty Master 2015
Queen's Gambit Declined / Gambit Menteri Ditolak

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