Thursday, February 5, 2015

Alexander Beliavsky Wins HIT Open Slovenia 2015

This quiet tournament of chess, HIT Open Slovenia, happened in Nova Gorica, Slovenia was won by GM Alexander Beliavsky. "Big Al" top seeded the tournament and then finished sole first with 7.5 out of 9 swiss rounds. Tournament done from January 30 to Febuary 5 2015. Several GMs and IMs from nearby Baltic area are join in. Alexander managed to score some interesting games, such as this one where we have aesthetic checkmate position:

chess checkmate we rarely seen today

Partai Catur Alexander Beliavsky vs Sebastijan Markoja, 1-0
King's Indian Defence

Though the tournament get little attention, eclipsed by big event such as Gibraltar Chess 2015, Moscow Open 2015 and GRENKE Chess Classic 2015, there is a Facebook page to view some nice photos HERE.

Alexander Beliavsky, HIT Open Slovenia 2015 champion

 Alexander Beliavsky vs Grandmaster Robert Markus 

 Boris Markojva vs Alexander Beliavsky 

Official website
Final standings HIT Open Slovenia Chess 2015:

1. Beliavsky,Alexander GM SLO 2623 7.5
2. Markuš,Robert GM SRB 2614 7.0
3. Blagojevic,Dragisa GM MNE 2520 7.0
4. Indjic,Aleksandar GM SRB 2546 6.5
5. Drazic,Sinisa GM SRB 2437 6.5
6. Sriram,Jha GM IND 2413 6.5
7. Kerigan,Demre FM TUR 2311 6.5
8. Maiorov,Nikita GM BLR 2596 6.5
9. Tratar,Marko GM SLO 2474 6.5
10. Mazi,Leon IM SLO 2359 6.5

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