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Magnus Carlsen Wins GRENKE Chess 2015

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The GRENKE Chess Classic 2015 was -almost not- won by Magnus Carlsen, after Arkadij Naitditsch continued to put obstacles to the world champion's path to champion. Playing after seven rounds, Magnus Carlsen drew against Etienne Bacrot put his point the same as Naiditsch, who also drew David Baramidze in this round. The GRENKE Chess Classic 2015 highest council in Baden-Baden then activated the tie-break law. Both players, Carlsen and Naiditsch, summoned for couple of extra blitz games, so that only one man standing in the last.

Two 10 minutes blitz games was equally won by both Carlsen and Naiditsch, then two 5 minutes bullet games was equally draw by them yet again. Luckily there is one more games, the holy Armageddon games to play. Carlsen get the white piece in opposite to Naiditsch with black, where he enjoy special draw-is-win spell. Alas, this is where the story end, Carlsen won the Armageddon game played in Sicilian defence thus claiming his second major chess tournament in 2015. To remind everyone, TATA Steel Chess 2015 is Carlsen's first trophy in 2015.

The other six players have different stories. Michael Adams is third-fourth place, winning the last games against Vishy Anand, and also David. Same as what happened in London 2014, Adams continued to show he can managed the big boy's tournament with respective result. Fabiano Caruana is third-fourth place, only won 'easy' game vs Levon Aronian, he is on his second 'average' tournament result in a row, after Tata Steel Chess 2015. Levon Aronian, also comes with 'average' result, but won one nice game vs Vishy Anand. Etienne Bacrot, undefeated and draw all his seven games. Vishy Anand, surprisingly bad result frankly, usually Vishy is a strong round robin tournament, but this event is not his best moment. David Baramidze in the last place, well, he is hundred more points below his closest competitor, so must said, it is predicted result.

-Grenke Chess Classic 2015 is yet another super tournament with absent of Russian players, something that familiar to post-2010s chess era.
-Grenke chess Classic 2015 participants all eight from different countries
- Magnus Carlsen won the title but according to Live Rating, he is lost -2.1 point.
- Fabiano Caruana joined the tournament as world number 2, when the tournament finished, he is down to number 3 due to his results here. Alexander Grischuk up to world number 2 without playing a game.

Grenke Chess Classic 2015 - Final Standing
1. GM Carlsen Magnus 2865 NOR 4½ + 3
2. GM Naiditsch Arkadij 2706 GER 4½ + 2
3. GM Adams Michael 2738 ENG 4
4. GM Caruana Fabiano 2811 ITA 4
5. GM Aronian Levon 2777 ARM 3½
6. GM Bacrot Etienne 2711 FRA 3½
7. GM Anand Viswanathan 2797 IND 2½
8. GM Baramidze David 2594 GER 1½
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Magnus Carlsen vs Arkadij Naiditsch, Grenke Classic 2015 tie break

World Number 1 Magnus Carlsen vs World Number 2 Fabiano Caruana
Grenke Chess Classic 2015

Magnus Carlsen, sang juara dunia catur dekade ini kembali merebut gelar turnamen bergengsi GRENKE Chess Classic 2015 di Baden-Baden Jerman. Di babak ketujuh, Magnus Carlsen hanya bisa meraih draw melawan Etienne Bacrot dari Prancis, walaupun posisinya sempat menguntungkan. Hasil ini membuat point Magnus Carlsen sama dengan kompetitor terdekatnya, pecatur Arkadij Naiditsch dari Jerman. Dengan demikian acara duel ronde tie-break pun dilakukan. Magnus Carlsen dan Arkadij Naiditsch, yang pernah mengalahkan Carlsen dua kali beruntun, main 2 partai catur kilat 10 menit, yang masing-masing dimenangkan kedua pemain. Hasil ini membuat mereka harus main lagi 2 partai catur 5 menitan, yang masing-masing draw. Di partai penentu terakhir adalah partai catur Armageddon, putih 6 menit dan hitam 5 menit, hitam akan menang kalau hasil draw. Magnus Carlsen memegang buah putih dan berhasil mengalahkan Naiditsch. Hasil inilah yang mengukuhkan  Magnus Carlsen berhak mendapatkan trophi juara satu Grenke Chess Classic ini.

Ini adalah kemenangan kedua Magnus Carlsen di dua turnamen kuat yang diikuti, sebelumnya Carlsen sudah memenangkan Tata Steel Chess 2015 di Wijk aan Zee Belanda. Di turnamen ini, beberapa pecatur kuat lainnya tidak terlalu menonjol. Levon Aronian dan Fabiano Caruana tampil biasa saja. Michael Adams dari Inggris yang cukup menggembirakan, mengalahkan Vishy Anand di ronde 7. Vishy Anand sendiri tampil buruk, tidak seiring prestasinya yang biasa baik di turnamen antar pemain ini. Lihat tabel urutan juara di atas.

Berikutnya Vishwanathan Anand, Levon Aronian dan Fabiano Caruana akan tampil lagi di lagi-lagi turnamen super kuat Zurich Chess Challenge 2015. Hikaru Nakamura, Vladimir Kramnik dan Sergey Karjakin akan ikutan nimbrung di situ. Sampai ketemu di liputan catur berikutnya...

Partai Catur Kilat Magnus Carlsen vs Arkadij Naiditsch , Grenke Chess Classic 2015 Baden-Baden tie break

2 x 10 Minutes Round

2 x 5 Minutes Round

Armageddon Round

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