Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chess World Cup 2011 Semifinals

This year's Chess World Cup semi finalist are set:

This first pairing of Ukraine vs Russian, generations of the 2000s vs 1990s is set after both eliminated their quarter final opponents in "normal" games. Both are familiar enough each other. They are 27 games in chess games database played from year 2000 until now. For this data Ponomariov surprising on greater score with 7-5-15 (draws). Ponomariov is now proved very specialist in K.O. setting, while Peter is on his top form, previously winning top league of Russian. In post interview after his games with Gashimov, Ponomariov set his target not the be the fourth place of semifinalist, as that will not earned him to Candidate challengers match. This is the repeated pairing of 2002 World Cup, also in semifinal where Pono won. Fact is, Ponomariov get the same pairing also in quarter final vs Gashimov, same as in 2009. Mean, less time to work on repertoire against them.

                                                Vassily Ivanchuk vs Alexander Grischuk

Second pairing, Alexander Grischuk is the only player to "tasted" recent World Champion KO candidate, where he reach final only to lost to Boris Gelfand. While Ivanchuk strongest KO tournament is the 2002 World Cup where he lost to Ponomariov. The chess database software of still put greater score for Ivanchuk 9-5-15 (draws).

If lucky enough, I will book money for Svidler vs Ivanchuk in final and let God decided who to win in this dream pairing. Both Svidler and Ivanchuk are "veteran" enough in era 2011 to deserved one more glory.
So, this semis is also about who didn't reach the three spots for next candidate match.

Partai semi final Piala Dunia Catur 2011 telah ditentukan malam ini, setelah Vassily Ivanchuk, pecatur Ukraina mengalahkan saingannya Teimour Radjabov. Vassily Ivanchuk yang pecatur angkatan 1980-1990 ini akan menghadapi pecatur generasi berikutnya Alexander Grischuk dari Russia. Grischuk adalah pecatur terakhir yang dikalahkan penantang Juara Catur tahun ini, Boris Gelfand dari Israel. Partai Ivanchuk vs Grischuk akan segera dimulai esok.

Partai semifinal lainnya adalah , juga pecatur Ukraina vs Rusia. Berhadapan adalah Ruslan Ponomariov vs Peter Svidler. Kembali terjadi saingan antara pecatur angkatan 1980-1990 Peter Svidler melawan pecatur generasi 2000an Ruslan Ponomariov. Perlu diingat Ponomariov adalah pecatur specialist turnamen sistem gugur, dia pernah menjuarai turnamen KO Piala Dunia ini tahun 2002 alias Juara Dunia FIDE tahun 2002. Kebetulan lawannya saat itu adalah Peter Svidler di Semifinal and Ivanchuk di Final.

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