Thursday, September 1, 2011

2011 World Cup Le Quang Liem advanced 3rd round

After eliminating GM Megaranto Susanto on round one and GM Boris Grachev on round two, GM Le Quang Liem secured third round spot. He will face either GM Lazaro Bruzon or GM Vallejo Pons, both must play extra tie break round as they shared point in their two encounters.

His fellow countryman, GM Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son also scored very good result, halting super GM Peter Svidler into two draws and now proceed to tie break. Nguyen halting Peter with a fast 21 moves Tarrasch's French Defence and 30 moves Neo Gruenfeld, should be Peter specialist! Previously, Nguyen had eliminated China hot player Li Chao.

Another SE Asianer, GM Wesley So struggling againts super GM Sergey Karjakin and today will playing extra tie break session. Both game of them finished in a draw, in move 31 on French Defence and move 26 on Nimzo Indian. It'll be great to see another breakthrough from Wesley So as in previous World Cup, where he eliminated Ivanchuk and Kamsky. But for a note, GM Sergey Karjakin is a serious contender for this World Cup session where he seeded as no.1. Winner of Wesley So vs Karjakin will face GM Judith Polgar.

From China, it's surprising to see how many of Panda men falling from rounds. The only surviving are GM Bu Xiangzhi vs GM Maxime V Lagrave, and GM Ni Hua vs GM Ruslan Ponomariov, both going to tie break. GM Ruslan Ponomariov is experienced World Cup KO players, if not specialist.

GM Alexander Morozevich score full 2-0 against GM Alexander Fier, same score for Shirov but he is the recipient of zero side where the full score going to GM Vladimir Potkin.

Confirmed 2011 World Cup Round 3 pairings commentary:

Sergey Karjakin vs Judith Polgar (UPDATED)
When Judith storming the chess world around late 1990, Karjakin perhaps only a baby in pants. But yet the database in link above shown Karjakin did play, lost, win and draw with Polgar right from 2002. This pairing should be interesting and pity, since Karjakin as top seed is favorite here and Polgar, everybody want to see how far the strongest female chessplayer can go now.

Leinier Domínguez  vs Igor Lysyj (UPDATED)
No database of previous encounter. Dominguez was top 2700 flying around Europe years ago and Lysys , for now , still less known.

Gata Kamsky vs Ian Nepomniachtchi (UPDATED)
Kamksy is sturdy and experience world champion challenger. One world cup title proves he is among level of Kramnik or Topalov, when he is in form! This is equal match.

Peter Svidler vs Fabiano Caruana (UPDATED)Same here  Svidler must play another "junior" after the troublesome Nguyen Ngoc T.S. Quite successful this year, winning the one good title, Svidler is the 90s generation that haven't got memorable chess no.1 achievement. Could Caruana ruined another runs for Svidler in yet another World Cup?

Vugar Gashimov vs Evgeny Tomashevsky
Gashimov move are considered "easy" with two very low opponents around, while Tomashevsky must eliminated a fair "stronger" GMs. Interesting is, although both are active players in same territory, looks like this will be their first encounter.

Vassily Ivanchuk vs Emil Sutovsky
On the other hand, Ivanchuk and Sutovsky are regular play mate, but from Chessgames database, Ivanchuk outplayed Sutovsky in breaking 6-0. Strongly advise Ivanchuk to play another round advance. Both are 90s generation GMs that play actively till today. Experience and as usuall guarantee exciting chess from Ivanchuk.

Dmitry Jakovenko vs Baadur Jobava
Same thing goes to Jakovenko vs Baadur, Jakovenko on 3-0 wins to his opponents.

Nikita Vitiugov vs Vladimir Potkin
And... Vitiugov on 4-0 victories point over Potkin. Both are young and 2010 generations of Russian GMs. They should know each other well. Potkin is on high for his passionate games against Shirov and a 2-0 spiritful moment.

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