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2011 World Cup Round 4 - Moiseenko - Navara Draw case

As for other interesting story of round 3, are Judith Polgar knocked out seeded no.1 Sergey Karjakin and now she waiting for :

Judith Polgar vs Lysyj / Dominguez
Yes, both gentleman fought till Armageddon to play the only female opponent of the house. Judith Polgar vs Dominguez is big match for round 4. Although many sympathy goes to Judith the fact tells that Dominguez dominated Polgar for 3-0, but games are from blitz.

Vugar Gashimov, having been regular top ten elo man for years is also relaxing today waiting for:
Vugar Gashimov vs Parligras / Nielsen
Only one game by both. Nielsen is the player seems to be playing on form in this tournament. Can be dangerous for Gashimov, having losing his Azeri comrade each round.

Ivanchuk / Sutovsky vs Bu Xiangzhi
Last China man survived the shoot of Indian cowboy last night, he is now drinking (and smoking with Wang) waiting for his next challenge. Ivanchuk! Bu is experiences Chinese player, having touring Europe in the last decade, he got many encounter with Ivanchuck, but the favour still on Ivanchuck with 4-2, 2 draws.

For heavy clash in round three yesterday, Grischuck get the "bonus" as Morozevich is not in a mood to go berserk and offer short 12 movers draw. Now Grischuck has upgrade his name as big favorite for World Cup contender, he will playing :
Alexander Grischuck vs Vitiugov / Potkin
Grischuck favorite with 2-0 score in database.

As for another big story of round 3, repeated from other website:
Story of the round was the Moiseenko vs Navara board. After playing sharp opening with Queen Indian 3..b6 and 4.g3, on move 35, Navara accidentally, out of consciousness, touch the King first but in his mind it is a Bishop he need to move. It was indeed the Bishop and King stand each other closely. Navara account :  " On the 35th move I accidentally touched both pieces " the king and the bishop. I wanted to move my bishop on d6, but clipped the king also, however, Moiseenko insists that I have first touched the king, but I am not sure about that. Any move with the king would lead to the loss of the piece, however, Moiseenko did not insist that I make my move namely with it. I did not want to be referred as to the unethical chess player who managed to win in an unfair way,that is why at the end, having achieved the winning position, I offered a draw.

Alexander Moiseenko: " Navara on the 35th move first touched the king. I told him: the king moves. However, I realized that my opponent accidentally made this mistake, it is not possible that he could so easily blunder the piece. This is the reason I did not insist on his move with the king. Let us remind you that if you are knocked out in the 3rd round you get 12800 dollars, and the qualification for the 4th one guarantees you the minimum prize of 20 000 dollars. Besides, the winner of this match will continue fighting for three tickets to the World Championship

In this tense situation perhaps we should remember Navara is ,as long as I remember, having an autism in his younger year. Maybe that added something. But overall, we should praised this as fair play by both and at least we got the extra tie break for today. The winner will face winner of Mamedyarov vs Zerebukh, which is the biggest seed gap pairing that goes to tie break today.

Updated : Navara struggling to went blitz in tie break, but finally able to give a positive story on his side. His next opponent is surprise winner Zerebukh, Zerebukh refuke Mamedyarov 1.5-0.5.
David Navara vs Yaroslav Zerebukh
Should this be rest round for Navara? Looking at the rating it is! No previous encounter  and we will wait anxiously to see how Navara going to stop this unknown 18 years old GM.

And Le Quang Liem for first time... need to go tie break against GM Lazaro Bruzon and out. UPDATED: And Le is finally out, he slayed down by Bruzon 0.5-1.5 and the pairing is :
Lazaro Bruzon vs Ruslan Ponomariov
Ponomariov packed home his country mate Efimenko and now playing the Cuban, Lazaro Bruzon. Their database is an equal, but Ponomariov believe to be very luck and strong in KO events.

And then for a showdown :
Gata Kamsky vs Peter Svidler
Both are old enough to be played maybe more than dozens of serious games over the last twenty years. Unfortunately both must meet here, as they are both respected "elders" among the "teenage" chessplayers over here. There is enough statistic to be both are equal here.

The only confirmed pairing for round 4 after the "normal" round:

Teimour Radjabov vs Dmitry Jakovenko
It's a close favour score for Jakovenko (0-1) according to chessgames database. Jakovenko is a strong side to prevent all three Azeri gone to fourth round, as Mamedyarov (on tie break) will need to face Navara/Moiseenko and Gashimov is unlikely to be halt by his respective opponent.

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