Thursday, September 8, 2011

2011 World Chess Cup Judit Joint Quarter Final

Come back from her first game lost to L.Dominguez, Judit Polgar bounced and bounced from any kind of positions into a winning one. Her second normal round against Dominguez was an epic battle up to hundred moves, she sure missed the "easy" Kc1 mate, then she went through a random moves of R+B vs R endgame and finally found the winning pattern to secured the tie break.

Easy mate in Dominguez - Polgar, R4 G2 World Cup 2011, Black to moves

On tie break, Judit executed again, the Sicilian as Black and get quite straightforward win. But the second tie break, Judith went "not drawish" opening, the Scandinavian, and quickly got drug by the Cuban and drag into hard work once again. Here another drama happening, the third game worked almost a win for Black's Sicilian, but then again Dominguez out of nowhere take the poisonous pawn on b2 and Judit line up forces of Queen and Rook is enough to push a win. And so did the fourth game bring back Dominguez, and both enjoying themself to the blitz. It is only the last blitz, Judit manage to score final point, with Black side of Sicilian.

So, Judit will play Peter Svidler, whom sitting comfortably waiting since yesterday, after he eliminated Kamsky in no less spectacular game than Judit's.

And here the database link for quarter final pairings, World Chess Cup 2011, Khanty Mansyisk.

Judit Polgar vs Peter Svidler
Now chess fans will need to divide sympathy between the sensasional Judit and the charming Peter. According to Peter, he got difficulty against the two (Dominguez)! The chessgames database confirmed the two is equal and splitting point several times.

Gashimov survived the last dynamite of Danish Peter Nielsen. Peter is extremely solid theoritician, worked as second to Anand and this proved fatal on the second normal game against Gashimov. After secured the first rapid, Gashimov fall to Judit's behaviour, playing his specialty yet "non drawish" Benoni gambit.

Nielsen tamed Gashimov's Benoni, and move 55.Rxd6! taken the extra piece in a careful minutes calculation in the thread of Black's coming promotion.

Gashimov still got the sting in this second rapid game but then his elo confirmed superiority on the last two rapid games. Now Gashimov going to play Ponomariov, who also got difficulty eliminating Lazaro Bruzon. Ponomariov himself outplayed Gashimov, in database.

Vugar Gashimov vs Ruslan Ponomariov

Same result going for Ivanchuk versus Radjabov, with positive score on Ivanchuk. Although Radjabov get one extra rest day and Ivanchuk himself performed "solid" in between blunders.

Vasily Ivanchuk vs Teimour Radjabov

And finally , mr.Fair Play Navara to play Grischuk. Navara is also one day extra to prepare, and Grischuk playing hard against Potkin in the tie break. Navara is nowday a player seems going nowhere in the realm of European chess scene, while Grischuk is settle quite strong in Russian and quite success in elite tournament. This should be the only chance for Navara to rise himself, not only as a nice guy. Database only show two games and a win for Grischuk.

David Navara vs Alexander Grischuk

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