Thursday, September 15, 2011

2011 Chess World Cup Final Svidler vs Grischuk

Although Svidler vs Grischuk is the real final, I have the feeling Ivanchuk vs Ponomariov will be more the adrenalin rising match. The millions question is, will Ivanchuk qualified for the next candidate match? From the day before, surely Ivanchuk is where fan's eyes going to, hoping for Planet Chucky as one of the entertainment in the, usually, boring candidate rendezvous.

The day before Ivanchuk losing to Grischuk, Ponomariov stated that to be the third person qualified is his highest priority now. And with current circumstance, with Ivanchuk haunted on his 1 seconds blunder, in better position, vs the two days fresh man waiting, Ivanchuk's task will be difficult. Analysis completed. But .... as many older generation fans, we are ok to sacrifice Pono for Chucky to sit on the third spot. So go Chucky, please beat the odd!

Here facts for final 2011 of Chess World Cup in Khanty Mansiysk.

After Ponomariov eliminated, it is confirmed another new name for World Cup champion. After Ivanchuk stopped, it is confirmed a new Russian champion, the first after Khalifman (and Kramnik)!

Peter Svidler gone to the final in good shape. After round III, he straighly gone 2-0 to Kamsky, and 1.5-0.5 to Judit Polgar and Ruslan Ponomariov. So far Svidler is on 9 wins and 9 draws. See the statistic of his previous tournament, the Russian Champ, we have enough trend that he will able to reach the title.

Alexander Grischuk, on other hand, have another great factor in chess, luck. His second game with Morozevich, gone "lucky" as Morozevich "not in fighting mood". Same thing, with Potkin and Navara it was plenty of luck Grischuk had. And obviously with Ivanchuk yesterday. So Grischuk went to final with 9-2-11 draws. Grischuk will at least repeat his appearances in Candidate matches.

So database entry for the final pairings, and put your online bookie now for:

Peter Svidler vs Alexander Grischuk
"Peter Svidler beat Alexander Grischuk 9 to 7, with 21 draws"


Vasily Ivanchuk vs Ruslan Ponomariov
"Vassily Ivanchuk tied Ruslan Ponomariov 7 to 7, with 16 draws"

website domain for Chess World Cup : , live chess online website , chess news

and enjoy the last battle.

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