Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kamsky US Champ and late May Chess

Bravo to Gata Kamsky for his 2nd US title and he got it with a draw. The event play several round before pick up top four guys and called it quad final. Shulman defeated Nakamura and Kamsky take Onischuk. Then Shulman and Kamsky play a draw game and go to armageddon mode. Somehow you can bid for your time and Kamsky win the bid with 25 minutes against a default white side of 60 minutes, for this Kamsky got black and draw odd. Very blurry but believe me this is the shortest sentence I can put in and hope everyone understand. So that is why with a draw he can kiss the 2010 US cup. See more here.

Meanwhile the other competitor country (in business, a bit in chess) China also started the party and play their championship. Yesterday Hou Yifan give the most entertainment in live chess (happening afternoon in Singapore, best time) defeating Zhou Weiqi in a miniature of anti 1.d4. I steal the PGN from Mig's Chessninja, hope he doesn't angry, but this is really nice game. The LIVE page for China CC here and TWIC.

Then there are also enough LIVE chess for this week's loooong weekend, it is Vesak (Waisak) Day tomorrow so Happy Vesak day for my fellow Buddhist friends.

4th ACP Rapid, last year winner was Boris Gelfand remember? LIVE
18th Sigeman, Anish Giri try to tricks other chess player with his magic. LIVE.
83rd St Petersburg Championship, all Russian vodka party.
STG Matches Warsaw, featuring duels : LIVE
-Malakhov vs Bartel
-Rajlich, Iweta vs Sznapik, Aleksander
-Socko, Monika vs Macieja, Bartlomiej
III Copa Roggio A Asuncion, somewhere in Paraguay, LIVE
2nd Open Bhubaneswar, Dreev and Turov enjoy some Indian foods, LIVE
and... Battle of Grandmaster in Phillipine, Wesley So shows some talents

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