Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Astrakhan Final and WC2011 Preview

Too early for 2011 World Championship Candidate match but finally we got more detail into it. There are eight players and so far 7 already confirmed. After last night Astrakhan Grand Prix, Teimour Radjabov confirmed his participation by drawing the last game with Wang Yue. Radja come to this Grand Prix with 99% clear swept, he was supported by the other two blood brothers, Gashimov and Mamedyarov. Now the conspiracy theory will sounds like this, Radja need to play solidly, drew to everybody then the two brothers take care of the rest. In a correct moment they beat each other to make sure one of them go in the WCC. Things not so easy as until last couple of moves between Wang 'Panda' Yue and Radjabov thing still not ok for Radja, because if Wang won he will be go in instead. But in the end the game is draw and Radja go in as shared 2nd and overall 2nd spot in FIDE Grandprix. Enough with the paranoia now and congratulation for Radja for his ticket.

Wait.. are we suppose to talk about the winner of Astrakhan? oh yeah, the name is Pavel Eljanov of Ukraine. This is maybe his greatest resume,the last feature was winning the 2009 Bosna. Ivanchuck started wrongly here, he even resign to Akopian in round 12 where the computer analysis only show 0.456565656565.

Back to Candidate match for WCC, the pairing is something like this :

Veselin Topalov vs Gata Kamsky
Magnus Carlsen vs Teimour Radjabov
Vladimir Kramnik vs NOMINEE
Levon Aronian vs Boris Gelfand

The Nominee should be between Mamedyarov or Gashimov, but I like it to be Mamedyarov just for the sake to see the complete Top 5 FIDE rating present there. This should be really fun somewhere next year.

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