Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sicilian Games of week - May 2010

Still a busy week to keep up and watch what happened in chess. Apart from the (many draws) Astrakhan (now about four players at 4.5/8) there are 2010 Commonwealth CC in Parsvnath and two junior theme event, VIII World's Youth Stars 2001 and Max Euwe Match 2010. And we still need to count the US Championship which produced great games so far. So here some games to be preview this week, as usually I only interested in Sicilian wins, and miniature... that's enough for chess. No comments on each games (as I am actually never good in commenting games :) ).

In Junior theme Max Euwe memorial, the juniors are to be teached a lesson by senior GM. Most notably is Yasser Seirawan, according to some source staying in Holland now, is playing. The juniors are all Holland's latest product, including Giri, van Kempen, Benjamin Bok etc. The game selected is senior Lubomir Ftacnik teach lesson to Robin van Kempen, twice in Sicilian defence :

In another junior event, the Somov Memorial also called World's Youth Youngstar , Armenian Samvel Ter-Sahakyan give some show in 23 moves against 1.d4 . The tournament won by Ukrainian Yaroslav Zherebukh.

In US Championship, senior Shabalov also give thrilling game in Sicilian and defeated Melikset Khachiyan.

And last is the 2010 Commonwealth Chess Championship, won by Pavel Maletin of Russian, but Commonwealth member RR Laxman (India) saves some face by tied up first place. Last year winner (but in different format) is Singaporean IM Enrique Paciencia, unfortunately the Indian food maybe too much for this fellow Phillipino master and he finished quite in the middle.

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