Friday, May 14, 2010

Astrakhan R5 and US Championship 2010

Saturday morning and without a coffee (I hate coffee) I still got the latest entertainment. US Championship just begun hour ago and now I got the exciting last move section, very much like watching a blitz game. Three very exciting games to highlight are Irina Krush-G. Kaidanov (1-0), a black keep make a way to push his d pawn but white got very nice mate opportunity in kingside after a built up, my favorite typical d4 game.

Stripunsky-Nakamura (0-1) was a 1.e4 e6 2.f4 d5 3.e4 c5 game. Not sure the opening type but Stripunsky missed equalizing move and Nakamura sneak in attack at queenside with b4!

and must see Kamsky-Robson... I am waiting for result as the R+K+K vs R+B+pawns begin. The young man really put courage to defend a puzzle like mate from Kamsky. White problem also quite messy, he can't push the last remaining pawn without got snap by a bishop which will lead to drawish 2 Knights vs King. See final position to believe how Kamsky do it! (base on talks on Chessgames the games is finished several moves before and they just Live discussing it, need confirmation on this)

These games make the wonderful morning at Singapore! More live games.

In Astrakhan round 5, Ivanchuck score first victory versus Ponomariov and now 6 players stay 2/5, 5 players with 2.5/5, Gelfand and Gashimov 3/5, and Eljanov smiling at 3.5/5.

Also Wang Hao claim first place at Bosna 2010, Efimenko and Bologan claim 2nd. The tournament use 3 points per win see :

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