Friday, June 4, 2010

Wang Hao and Ju Wenjun 2010 Chess Champions

Wang Hao come out the best tie breaker to get the Chinese Chess Champ title. He shared same point with Bu Xiangzhi and Zhou Jianchao with 7.5 points. 12 participant, 11 men and Hou Yifan played in Men section of the championship, in Xinghua.

In Women section, Ju Wenjun continue to be a bright promising 2010 generation chess line up. She was a point clear in the championship for the title. Second place is Huang Qian and third Tan Zhongyi. Week in Chess report here.

Here Ju Wenjun's game for Sicilian of the week. See the king traveling to the other end without worry since there is nothing to stop her.

Other LIVE games to watch this weekend :
Karpov Poikovsky, featuring many interesting line up, Sokolov, Onischuk, Karjakin, etc.
Mitropa Cup, well.. just to see Caruana hanging around. Can be watched at Chessbomb.
Leon Rapid KO, just begin and going to finished...Gelfand beat Vallejo
3rd Mumbay, Dreev extended his staying in India.
and French Team Championship with Svidler and friends.

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