Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chess in World Cup 2010 Season

With World Cup 2010 hailed in South Africa, will it enough time for chess watching ? Sure it is, in fact the combo do nicely, sadly, the chess live perfectly fill for waiting time between World Cup match. On last night, North Korea finished the 90 minute with a face look like a person who just won the battle, though they are 1-2 against Brazil. Portugal score a 'spectacles' against Ivory Coast and New Zealand is perfect example chess player to never resign (early), having equalized against Slovekia 1-1. Tonight will be Spain versus Swiss, Honduras vs Chili and S.Africa looking for first win over Uruguay.

Meanwhile in the waiting time here recommended live chess :

45th Capablanca
Ivanchuk and Short are the only guy who has a win result. Ivanchuk now won three times and twice draw, he is on top with 4 point after 5 rounds. The event is double round robin of 6 players.

Dutch Championship
Funny game between Benjamin Bok - van Wely, Bok try a 13 repetition fold draw. A bit stubborn, van Wely reportedly not happy with this approach by the young player. See Chessvibes.

4th Bazna King
Magnus Carlsen play, Nisipeanu and Gelfand temporary on top standing. Radjabov and Wang Yue need to pay their minus point and Ponomariov still looking for decisive result. Chessdom annotated live games.

1st Danzhaou Tournament
Is in Danzhou City, Hainan province, China. All elites from China guys minus Wang Yue. Wang Hao is top seed , Hou Yifan still enjoying jump in all male species tournament.

Ruy Lopez Festival
And a rapid chess, nice to watch live, in Spain. Unique combo of 8 players, from 2700 elite Malakhov, Madame Pia Cramling, Peruvian Deysi Cori, Caruana and so on.

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