Tuesday, July 6, 2010

World Cup 2010, World Open and Women Jermuk GP

It is a Holland vs Germany / Spain in latest World Cup 2010 situation. Germany give the shoot after playing Argentina 4-0. Spain still struggling to defeat Paraguay 1-0 in last phase of the quarterfinal game. So what to predict? The top scores are Wesley Sneijder and David Villa with 5 goals and Miroslav Klose with 4 goals, so much for competition here.

The other 'World' is the World Open in Philadelphia. Viktor Laznicka put it strong win overthere, ahead the like of van Wely, Vallejo Pons, Kamsky etc. Top player quoted (van Wely?) that playing in US is more about tactic and less about opening. Here I picked the miniature game and see how entertaining the US chess battling style. E Perelshteyn vs A. Onischuk in Dutch Defence :

On the other 'W' is the Women 4th GP in Jermuk. Georgian Nana Dzagnidze rulez all the girls with 9/11 ahead Tatiana Konsintseva 7.5/11. The women tournament are always brutal in term of slaying opponent pieces. In the future it will be a quote sayinng like this "decisive games is for girls!" to respond the statistic reported by chessbase here :

As is normal in women's tournaments the numer of drawn games is low – extraordinarily low in this case. Of the 66 games played:

37% (24 games) ended in draws
White won 26 games = 39%
Black won 24 games = 24%

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