Thursday, July 8, 2010

Alexander Alekhine in Jakarta 1933

This is another old article about "Berdirinya Percasi" or Arise of Indonesian Chess Union. The article give a photo of Alexander Alekhine playing simul in Jakarta 1933. Translation to the article :

Arise of Indonesian Chess Union
In late 19th century, a number of matchs played in Central Java turn out to be a factors to the arise of Nederlandsch Indische Schaakband (NISB) in Yogyakarta (Jogja) 1915. NISB doing great and success in inviting World Champion 1927-1935 Alexander Alekhine to do simultan in several cities in Java and Sumatera. Alekhine played in 469 games with 95% wins. NISB also invited Dr. Max Euwe, World Champion 1935-1937 doing the same thing.

After Japan arrive, NISB dismissed in 1942. But the chess itself never end. From duel meet between Percam (Mataram Yogyakarta Chess Union) and Percaso (Solo Chess Union) in Solo 1948, the idea to form Percasi (Indonesian Chess Union) begin.

Two years later, Percasi declared and dr.Suwito Mangkusuwondo, who also head of Percam, be the first president. In 1960 Percasi join FIDE, not long after join in Chess Olympiad at Liepzig, the players are Max Arie Wotulo, Arovah Bachtiar, Abubakar Baswedan and Tan Hoan Liang as substitute.

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