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World Cup Baku 2015 - Round 4 Pairings

Chess World Cup 2015 in Baku moving on round 4 by now. Of all 32 players in round 3, half are eliminated. Those included Vladimir Kramnik, eliminated by Dmitry Andreikin. Andreikin did a sweet revenge on Vladimir, who beat Andreikin in previous World Cup final. Vladimir Kramnik down time happened in the tie break round of 10 minutes rapid games.

Wesley So defeats Le Quang Liem, which send the last of Webster team member go home. Teimour Radjabov also the one who lost, defeated by Peter Svidler in rapid game tie breaker.  Those left only one host player, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov in the field. Shakh skak-mat the last Indian player, Sethuraman.

Following Kramnik bad luck are : Vassily Ivanchuk, who resign peacefully in classical game 2 versus Dmitry Jakovenko. On those who comfortably won in classical games are two Chinese chess-ster. Ding Liren knock out Gadir Guseinov while Wei Yi punished Alexander Areschenko over a Poisoned Pawn game. The two will face each other in round 4.

Most dramatic episode in round 4 of course the last two matches, between Hikaru Nakamura vs Ian Nepomniachtchi and Michael Adams vs DPL (Dominguez Perez, Leinier). In Hikaru - Ian match, Hikaru Nakamura displayed strong rapid and blitz games. They draw the first two rapids, then Nakamura won the first 10 blitz games. In the fourth games, Nakamura already won a great deal of blow, but over pressing by Nakamura cost him this dear game.

Round 3.6 - Ian Nepomniachtchi vs Hikaru Nakamura 1-0

The two went into 5 minutes blitz with Nakamura as black once again emerged winner of middlegame exchange. Nakamura is two rooks vs Ian's rook and bishop. Once again over play let Nakamura must behind the point as Ian won this one. Nakamura put an inspiring comeback in must win of the next blitz game. So then, tonight's Armageddon is Nakamura vs Ian. And then we saw one of the most incredible Armageddon chess match in the entire Armageddon history. Nakamura was able to win with black and with one minute less. The opening seem to be okay for white. The first 30 moves didn't see much "red moves". Then suddenly black was able to create formidable R-R-Q attack in the kingside corner. The game went very sharp and very attacking chess. Fantastic match, Hikaru lift up his reputation and Ian can go home with his head high. With only one little problem,... Hikaru Nakamura did using two hands to do castling in the Armageddon game. In which, his opponent did not feel happy and duly filed an official appeal after it!

Partai Catur Ian Nepomniachtchi vs Hikaru Nakamura 0-1, Baku 2015 Armageddon tie break

Pertarungan di ronde antara Hikaru Nakamura dan Ian Nepomniachtchi harus menggunakan waktu kontrol Armageddon karena keduanya saling mengalahkan. Enam partai tambahan dilangsungkan semalam antara pecatur USA dan Rusia itu. Pertama mereka tanding catur cepat 20 menit, yang keduanya berakhir remis. Kemudian di catur cepat 10 menit scorenya 1-1, dilanjutkan catur kilat 5 menit juga 1-1. Di partai catur Armageddon Hikaru Nakamura memilih buah hitam. Seperti diketahui, buah putih diberi waktu 5 menit dan hitam 4 menit, namun kalau remis hitam dinyatakan menang. Hikaru Nakamura menunjukkan kelasnya dengan mengalahkan Ian dengan buah hitam dan waktu yang lebih sedikit. Insiden terjadi waktu di langkah ke-5 Nakamura menggunakan dua tangan untuk mengeksekusi langkah rokade / castling. Banyak yang berpendapat bahwa di USA, hal ini lazim dan tidak melanggar aturan, namun di ajang FIDE hal ini dipermasalahkan Ian. Alhasil, setelah usai babak tersebut Ian kesal dan mengungkapkannya ke twitter (lihat di bawah), bahkan mengajukan appeal ke panitia. Jelas panitia tidak bisa mengabulkan gugatan Ian dan Nakamura tetap dianggap pemenang, walaupun diberi peringatan oleh wasit. Seandainya seorang pecatur kalah murni karena kemampuan bermain catur, apakah kita perlu mempermasalahkan faktor etika? Terutama di partai armageddon. Nakamura akan maju ke round 4 untuk berhadapan dengan Michael Adams. Michael Adams juga lolos ke babak 4 hanya setelah melalui partai catur kilat melawan pecatur Kuda, Lenier Dominguez Perez.

Only five minutes later, the winner admit:
but somehow, the episode didn't stop there .... Ian is not happy after the duel:
well brother, even so, we all see that Hikaru played the games with superior skill. Nakamura replied is cold blood:

Through to round 4 of the Fide World Cup. Coming into this event, I felt that Grischuk and Nepomniachtchi were the two...
Posted by Hikaru Nakamura on Saturday, September 19, 2015

On other hand, Michael Adams is the one with superior luck skill. His first 10 minutes blitz game went all wrong, but somehow Leinier Dominguez Perez gone crazy in the couple of last moves. Allow Michael "Spider" Adams to do the most incredible comeback of World Cup.

Partai Catur Michael Adams vs Leinier Dominguez Perez 1-0, Baku 2015 Blitz tie break

In the second blitz games, Dominguez just couldn't reconciled himself and surrender. Michael Adams was go through to meet Hikaru Nakamura, in less than 20 hours by now.

Therefore, please meet our 16 finalist  and the round 4 Chess World Cup 2015 pairings commentaries :
#1 Bulgaria Veselin Topalov vs #16 Russia Peter Svidler
Veselin is 40 years old, Peter is 39. Sure this is the old guys match. In their 30 years of history, both played more than 45+ official games. Though Topalov is in his height of power this year, their last notable meeting in 2014 Candidate Match see both defeating each other. Even so, seeing how Topalov wins the "Grand Chess Tour" in Norway and good performance in Sinquefield Cup this year should worried Peter Svidler. The first member of "Grand Chess Tour" in round 4 World Cup Prediction: Veselin Topalov wins. Stats:
Classical games: Veselin Topalov beat Peter Svidler 10 to 6, with 13 draws.
Including rapid/exhibition games: Veselin Topalov beat Peter Svidler 16 to 12, with 17 draws.
Only rapid/exhibition games: Veselin Topalov tied Peter Svidler 6 to 6, with 4 draws.

#24 China Wei Yi vs #8 China Ding Liren
Two Chinese players left in the field. The rising star Wei Yi vs a "slightly-older" rising star. Their history games is here, and Ding Liren in the leading score. Wei Yi is the youngest player left with only 16 years old!! Ding Liren is a big brother with 22 years spend in his life. One thing is clear, do not challenge Wei Yi in open Sicilian game with black. Predictions : well, we all want sensation , Wei Yi!
Classical games: Ding Liren beat Wei Yi 2 to 1, with 4 draws.

#5 United States Wesley So vs #21 France Maxime Vachier-Lagrave
Wesley So vs Maxime Vachier Lagrave seem to be a boring pairing, as they both just played each other a couple of weeks ago in Sinquefield Cup. In that moment, Maxime defeat Wesley So with black side. Though the elo rating seem quite far in gap, the two "Grand Chess Tour" participants encounter is always an elite show. Their meeting stat. Prediction: Armageddon.
Classical games: Maxime Vachier-Lagrave beat Wesley So 2 to 0, with 5 draws.

#20 Poland Radosław Wojtaszek vs #4 Netherlands Anish Giri
Radoslaw is the next hot guy to cruised into the elite world. Just this year he had been invited to Tata Steel Group A. The fruit of his work as Anand assistant is what belief as his asset. He will played the other "Grand Chess Tour" member, Anish Giri.  Both played at least four official games, with Anish leading the point by +1. Prediction : Anish Giri
Classical games: Anish Giri beat Radoslaw Wojtaszek 1 to 0, with 3 draws

#3 United States Fabiano Caruana vs #19 Azerbaijan Shakhriyar Mamedyarov
World top five player, Fabiano Caruana is going finally meet elite opponent. His three opponents are quite non in "the same class". Shakhriyar Mamedyarov is always in top 20 of chess world in the last decade. He will give real trouble for Caruana. Especially now Mamedyarov is the only Azerbaijan player left in the field. They do have lengthy history of meeting. Prediction : Caruana
Classical games: Fabiano Caruana beat Shakhriyar Mamedyarov 3 to 1, with 6 draws.
Including rapid/exhibition games: Fabiano Caruana beat Shakhriyar Mamedyarov 4 to 3, with 6 draws.
Only rapid/exhibition games: Shakhriyar Mamedyarov beat Fabiano Caruana 2 to 1.

#11 Russia Sergey Karjakin vs #27 Russia Dmitry Andreikin
Sergey Karjakin eliminated Yu Yangyi without much problem. Dmitry Andreikin sensationally knock out Vladimir Kramnik in their revenge match. Dmitry Andreikin hold a better score between the two players. This one is very closely match. Prediction: Karjakin.
Classical games: Dmitry Andreikin beat Sergey Karjakin 2 to 1, with 8 draws.
Including rapid/exhibition games: Dmitry Andreikin beat Sergey Karjakin 6 to 2, with 11 draws.
Only rapid/exhibition games: Dmitry Andreikin beat Sergey Karjakin 4 to 1, with 3 draws.

#26 Ukraine Pavel Eljanov vs #10 Russia Dmitry Jakovenko
Next is the Ukraine vs Russian match. Pavel Eljanov is on his sixth consecutive wins in World Cup. All against 2600+ players. Can he do the Caruana? Or he will become another victom of Caruana-curse, stuck in number 6. Dmitry Jakovenko must played another Ukrainian as he just meet Ivanchuk the previous round. Again, both have long history with Eljanov leading the score. Prediction: we want 8-0!
Classical games: Pavel Eljanov beat Dmitry Jakovenko 3 to 1, with 10 draws.
Including rapid/exhibition games: Pavel Eljanov beat Dmitry Jakovenko 3 to 2, with 11 draws.
Only rapid/exhibition games: Dmitry Jakovenko beat Pavel Eljanov 1 to 0, with 1 draw.

#15 England Michael Adams vs #2 United States Hikaru Nakamura
Finally, just back from last night sensation. Both are squeeze to last minute in round 3 tie break by their opponent. Some how both are now experience in Armageddon session. Hikaru Nakamura is on the rise this year. He is the second strongest chess player in the planet according to rating , after Magnus Carlsen. Member of "Grand Chess Tour" and master in blitz. If you believe in karma here the twist, Michael Adams was the one eliminated Hikaru Nakamura in FIDE KO Championship 2004, way back in Tripoli, Libya. Remember, Kramnik? It is Hikaru the one in the favorite side. Karma works in mysterious way? They do have several official games, mainly when Hikaru Nakamura invited to play in London. Predictions; Red Bull.
Classical games: Michael Adams tied Hikaru Nakamura 2 to 2, with 4 draws.
Including rapid/exhibition games: Hikaru Nakamura beat Michael Adams 4 to 2, with 5 draws.
Only rapid/exhibition games: Hikaru Nakamura beat Michael Adams 2 to 0, with 1 draw.

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Regarding the two hand castling in Ian vs Nakamura , armageddon game, I have found something interesting :

what does it mean "touch the king and rook at the same time)?

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