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Chess World Cup Baku 2015 - Round 3 Pairings Commentary

The 2015 Chess World Cup reaching its 3rd round in Baku. The first round saw 128 chess players starting the game since September 9, 2015. Then the number quickly reduced to half and then to about 32 players only as per round 3. The most upset in round 3 is the quit of Levon Aronian. He is unable to score any victory point over strong Russian Alexander Areschenko, and then suffered defeat in the last rapid game in tie break round. Alexander Areschenko indeed having his revenge, for 10 years ago, it was Levon Aronian who knock him out in the 2005 edition of World Cup. Going with this result, Aronian will most certain out of the next Candidate match. The only hope is when Armenia hosting Candidate match and Aronian join as wild card holder.

Partai Catur, Alexander Areschenko vs Levon Aronian, 1-0 Baku 2015

Perjuangan pecatur unggulan asal Armenia, Levon Aronian akhirnya berakhir. Dia dikandaskan pecatur Russia Alexander Areschenko di babak ke-2, ronde tie-break catur cepat. Dengan kegagalan Aronian di World Cup 2015 Baku ini, satu-satunya harapan agar dia bisa tampil di turnamen kandidat adalah dengan menjadi wild-card / pecatur terpilih oleh panitia.

The other notable match is between Hou Yifan vs Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, who won by the Azeri player. Hou Yifan must be given credit for being able to force two draws in classical games, then only lost the first rapid game against Shakh. The other Chinese player in hot spot is Wei Yi, who match with Yuri Vovk is extremely pleased the fans. The first 10 minutes blitz see both playing aggressive game that make live chat explode. Wei Yi then strike back with the black game. The two went into five minutes blitz games. Eventually the younger Wei Yi won the match to move on round 3.

Partai Catur Wei Yi 韦奕 vs Yuri Vovk, 0-1, Baku 2015

Duel antara dua bintang catur terkini , yaitu antara pecatur China  Wei Yi dengan pecatur Ukraina, Yuri Vovk adalah salah satu partai terpanas di babak 2. Mereka sama kuat di catur klasik, Wei Yi pertama mengalahkan Yuri tapi di hari ke-2 , Yuri balas kalahkan Wei Yi. Mereka pun masuk ke babak tie-break di mana keduanya seri di partai catur cepat 20 menit. Di partai catur cepat 10 menit seperti terlihat di atas, Yuri memegang buah hitam dan mengalahkan Wei Yi dalam partai yang sangat ganas. Kemudian Wei Yi berhasil kembali mengejar ketinggalan, dan duel keduanya pun musti ditentukan dengan partai catur kilat 5 menitan. Akhirnya Wei Yi yang lebih muda yang menang di duel ini. Wei Yi akan berhadapan dengan pecatur Ukraina lagi, yaitu Alexander Areschenko di round 3.

The only penalty shooting episode of round 2 is Mickey "Spider" Adams vs Viktor Laznicka, who went into Armageddon blitz:

Partai Catur Michael Adams vs Viktor Laznicka 1-0, Baku 2015 - Armageddon Round
Pembelaan Scandinavia

Di ronde 2, satu-satunya duel yang harus diselesaikan dengan adu pinalti catur , atau sesi Armageddon adalah partai Michael Adams vs Viktor Laznicka. Di catur Armageddon, putih dapat lima menit sedangkan hitam hanya empat menit. Namun putih wajib menang, kalau remis maka hitam dinyatakan menang. Di sesi Armagedon ini pecatur Inggris Mickey Adams meladeni pembelaan Skandinavia nya pecatur Ceko Viktor Laznicka dengan benar. Sungguh agak aneh memang melihat strategi hitam yang hanya membutuhkan remis namun bermain dengan pembelaan tajam seperti ini. Mickey Adams maju ke round 3 bertemu pecatur dari Kuba, Leinier Dominguez.

screen capture from LIVE transmission - Official Website

The 3rd Round of Chess World Cup 2015 in Baku see the following pairings :
Berikut adalah pairing untuk ronde -3 Piala Dunia Catur di Baku 2015. Partai-partai catur World Cup ini bisa disaksikan LIVE kira-kira pukul 17:00 WIB di Official Website, lengkap dengan video.

#1 Bulgaria Veselin Topalov vs #97 China Lu Shanglei
Instead of Wang Hao or Moiseenko, Lu Shanglei is the one to challenge Topalov, Lu is the lowest seeded in the bracket. There are no games prior to their meeting according to Taking the rating wise assertion, Veselin Topalov should enjoy this "easy" round. Even Topa's last opponent, Sergei Zhigalko is higher rating than Lu Shanglei

Chinese team in World Cup 2015 Baku - photo from Chinese Chess Federation

#17 Azerbaijan Teimour Radjabov vs #16 Russia Peter Svidler
A regular meet up between the two chess players. The database see them playing each other over 37 games.  This is also the most "normal" pairing and the closest seed gap between the two. Stats:
Classical games: Peter Svidler beat Teimour Radjabov 3 to 2, with 17 draws.
Including rapid/exhibition games: Peter Svidler beat Teimour Radjabov 9 to 5, with 23 draws.
Only rapid/exhibition games: Peter Svidler beat Teimour Radjabov 6 to 3, with 6 draws.

#24 China Wei Yi vs #56 Ukraine Alexander Areshchenko
Wei Yi is the winner of battle of the youngster in round 3 tie break,  he finished off Yuri Vovk epic journey in epic battle. Now he will be challenge by stronger Ukrainian, Alexander Areschenko who just upset Levon Aronian. This is their debut meeting.

#89 Azerbaijan Gadir Guseinov vs #8 China Ding Liren
Ding Liren already world #8 in live rating. Gadir Guseinov upset David Navara to reach round 3. The two will played their first games. Three Azeri and four Chinese left in round 3.

#5 United States Wesley So vs #37 Vietnam Le Quang Liem
The hottest pairing in round 3. The pairing has many historic facts. They are both South East Asian-ers, and fight each other oftenly in junior years. Although only six games found in, it is must be more than that. The two are trained under Webster University, where Le Quang Liem still in the team while Wesley So is the "alumni" by now. Le Quang Liem came to US first, and at one point rated much higher than Wesley So. Then it seems Le Quang Liem frog leaped by Wesley in recent years in term of elo rating. Both will have something to prove and the two country's supporter will once again face to face.
Classical games: Le Quang Liem beat Wesley So 1 to 0, with 5 draws.

#21 France Maxime Vachier-Lagrave vs #12 Russia Evgeny Tomashevsky
Three games between them. Profesor Tomahawk is having hard times with non stop working days, while Maxime got extra two rest day.
Classical games: Evgeny Tomashevsky beat Maxime Vachier-Lagrave 1 to 0, with 2 draws.

#52 Peru Julio Granda Zuniga vs #20 Poland Radosław Wojtaszek
They were indeed met once, in 2014 Olympiad with draw result. The two got smooth round 2 victory and both will show up in fresh condition.

#29 Hungary Peter Leko vs #4 Netherlands Anish Giri
A regular meet up between Hungarian Peter Leo and Hollander Anish Giri, score is :
Classical games: Peter Leko tied Anish Giri 0 to 0, with 5 draws.
Including rapid/exhibition games: Anish Giri beat Peter Leko 2 to 1, with 7 draws.
Only rapid/exhibition games: Anish Giri beat Peter Leko 2 to 1, with 2 draws.

#3 United States Fabiano Caruana vs #94 Canada Anton Kovalyov
Just like Topalov, Fabiano Caruana is having unexpected guess in round 3. Anton Kovalyov is perhaps the first Canadian chess player to play in 3rd round of world cup. Caruana should treat his Canadian fellow with good care.

#19  Azerbaijan Shakhriyar Mamedyarov vs #78 India S. P. Sethuraman
Finishing Hou Yifan in round 2, Shakh will meet the true Indian S.P.Sethuraman who won the Indian derby in round 2. This is their first meeting. Sethuraman is the third lowest rating player in the bracket to challenge Mamedyarov, so another underdog in the line.

#11 Russia Sergei Karjakin vs #22  China Yu Yangyi
Five games between the two. Sergei Karjakin having hard times eliminating US Alexander Onischuk in round two. At least, Karjakin got extra training to play against Chinese player, as he was single hand defeat all the Chinese team last month. Yu Yangyi will need to bring up the justice for his "Xiong Di / brothers".
Classical games: Sergey Karjakin tied Yu Yangyi 0 to 0, with 2 draws.
Including rapid/exhibition games: Sergey Karjakin beat Yu Yangyi 3 to 0, with 2 draws.
Only rapid/exhibition games: Sergey Karjakin beat Yu Yangyi 3 to 0.

#27 Russia Dmitry Andreikin vs #6 Russia Vladimir Kramnik
Russian derby. Notable is the repeat of World Cup 2013 Final, where Kramnik won. Surprisingly, the database indeed show Andreikin won their meetings
Classical games: Dmitry Andreikin beat Vladimir Kramnik 3 to 1, with 5 draws.
Including rapid/exhibition games: Dmitry Andreikin beat Vladimir Kramnik 4 to 3, with 5 draws.
Only rapid/exhibition games: Vladimir Kramnik beat Dmitry Andreikin 2 to 1.

#7 Russia Alexander Grischuk vs #26 Ukraine Pavel Eljanov
Many games between the two with Grischuk edging out the score. Grischuk is having two tie break rounds, in which perhaps he enjoyed it. In contrast, Eljanov is one of the two players that got perfect score 4-0. (The other being Wesley So).
Classical games: Alexander Grischuk beat Pavel Eljanov 2 to 0, with 3 draws.
Including rapid/exhibition games: Alexander Grischuk beat Pavel Eljanov 8 to 1, with 3 draws.
Only rapid/exhibition games: Alexander Grischuk beat Pavel Eljanov 6 to 1.

#23 Ukraine Vassily Ivanchuk vs #10 Russia Dmitry Jakovenko
Don't forget Vassily Ivanchuk who having a smooth tournament so far. He played Jakovenko many games, and leading their score. Despite that, Ivanchuk is the lower seed player in this condition.
Classical games: Vassily Ivanchuk beat Dmitry Jakovenko 2 to 0, with 8 draws.
Including rapid/exhibition games: Vassily Ivanchuk beat Dmitry Jakovenko 2 to 1, with 9 draws.
Only rapid/exhibition games: Dmitry Jakovenko beat Vassily Ivanchuk 1 to 0, with 1 draw.

#15 England Michael Adams  vs  #18 Cuba Leinier Dominguez
Mickey "Spider" Adams won last night Armegeddon games with white against Laznicka. He got Leinier Dominguez sitting comfortably in round 3.  Stat shows that :
Classical games: Michael Adams beat Leinier Dominguez Perez 1 to 0, with 3 draws

#34 Russia Ian Nepomniachtchi vs #2 United States Hikaru Nakamura
The third of American, Hikaru Nakamura will play the eight Russian in the field, Ian in round 3. Somehow it's always the American who must stop Russian from doing something. Both meet several times with Hikaru on the leading score. Also, both are very strong blitz player.

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