Sunday, September 15, 2013

Rapid Chess ACP Cup 2013 won by Grischuk

A very strong  rapid chess event in ACP Cup is under way and concluded. The events that runs with KO format won by Alexander Grischuk. See the report on preliminary rounds and semi finals here, and in the final, Grischuk defeated Ian Nepomniachtchi 3-2 to grab the title. The tournament is on show from the 13th of September to the 15th of September in Riga, Latvia. 16 very strong players come together and try to defeat each other in rapid time control.

Alexander Grischuk claimed the title after defeated Ian in the final. They needed 5 games to concluded their meeting as the first two rapid was draws but then Grischuk scored two wins and Ian just won one in the tie break. Final score is 3-2 for Grischuk and congratulations for him to claimed the 5th ACP Cup.

See the final pairing tree diagram for ACP Cup 2013:
ACP Cup 2013, an elite rapid chess event won by GM Alexander Grischuk

Rapid play produce interesting opening ideas and tactical middle game, here exciting games from ACP Cup 2013 Day 3:

Ian Nepomniachtchi - Ruslan Ponomariov 1-0, ACP Cup 2013 Semi Final

Nepomniachtchi vs Ponomariov final position

Alexander Grischuk - Ian Nepomniachtchi 1-0, ACP Cup 2013 Final

Ian missed a back rank mate tactic in 20..Qd7, allowing Grischuk to just finished the match with beautiful combinations 21. Rae1!!

Grischuk vs Nepomniachtchi ACP Cup final 2013, position after 20..Qd7 (left) and final position (right)

Alexander Grischuk won 5th ACP Cup 2013, Riga
Rapid chess event in Knock Out format, ACP Cup 2013, Riga
Photos by Lennart Ootes from official website

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