Thursday, August 22, 2013

Chess World Cup 2013 Tromsø - Round 5 Quarter Final

It's almost two weeks in actions now happening in Tromsø for a 2013 FIDE Chess World Cup. The KO system has successfully eliminated 128 players done to 8 players only by round 4. It's the quarter final awaiting next.

Here the four pairings for 2013 Chess World Cup :

Gata Kamsky vs Evgeny Tomashevsky
Gata Kamsky played 19th century chess match against Mamedyarov and on the winning side. He actually got a 'warm up' playing in King Gambit in previous round, so Mame was just being unlucky in his choices. As a reward, Kamsky relax and waiting in his cozy hotel for the exhausted Tomashevky who played a bizarre long tie break games. Tomahawk Tomashevsky was playing epic battle in order to survive Morozevich, coming back from loses, misses mate in 1 but still, advance. So it's another hard shell to crack for Kamsky, who will try as hard as possible to avoid similar fate happened to Aronian, Morozevich and even Wesley So, all eliminated by Evgeny Tomashevksy.

Morozevich vs Tomashevksy round 4 blitz game 2 was just the longest game of the tournament so far of 169 moves

Peter Svidler vs Dmitry Andreikin
Peter Svidler dismissed Le Quang Liem's fine campaign on the tournament, Le hold it nice but couldn't crack Peter and worst, defeated. Peter is to meet Dmitry Andreikin on this quarter final. Dmitry Andreikin, seeded 21,  is running good results, he comes to quarter final by stepping on alike of Dreev and Karjakin. A Russian derby, statistic is equal between the two.

Fabiano Caruana vs Maxime Vachier-Lagrave
Both defeated a 'senior' opponents on round 4. Fabiano is having 'easier' time, defeated populist Julio Granda Zuniga 2-0 and comfortably sitting waiting for Maxime to defeat Boris Gelfand. On tournament performance, Caruana had been consistently solid, except for his lucky victory against Malakhov on round 3. He is a step closer to realistically winning this World Cup. Maxime is only two years older than Caruana and they played each other well too, with Maxime got the upper hand on their meeting history.

Vladimir Kramnik vs Anton Korobov
Now the popular 'guy of the round' is move from Julio Granda to Anton Korobov. Korobov will need to play Kramnik because he just simply stop Hikaru Nakamura on round 4. Kramnik on other side jump to quarter final by defeating Vassily Ivanchuk. What we previously unclear about Anton Korobov's background, now become revealed in the post-game interview. The facts for Anton Korobov:
- He happened to quit chess, and thinking to re-quit it again
- He is single and free
- He play on ICC, (and has encounter with Nakamura and maybe Kramnik)
- He will go fishing on the day break.... before meeting Kramnik
- He brings chess partner / second but no identity revealed
- He like to stay home instead of travelling
The last pairing for quarter final, Korobov is the last standing Ukrainian and he got no meeting history, in meeting Kramnik.

Ukrainian Anton Korobov is qualified, and find a time to expos his 'status' under Susan Polgar / Lawrence interview

and there the updated pairing tree and diagram chart for Round 5
more pictures and results on Official Website

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