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Chess World Cup 2013 Tromsø - Round 4 Pairings and Comments

It's World Cup time, folks! And it's Chess World Cup on the Norwegian city called Tromsø, all the way from 11 August to 5th September 2013, in the hotel Scandic Tromsø. Thanks for all readers who visiting my little blog, and now get ready for big sixteen chess players boast for round 4.

A brief review for round 3, Levon Aronian sent home by Evgeny Tomashevsky, a flu illness could be Aronian excuses but of course the credit goes to Tomashevsky for his impressive game. As Aronian sent home, the other top player Alexander Grischuk followed. He was bitterly lost to Le Quang Liem and packing home as well after long games in tie break session. Svidler and Kamsky on other hand, pretty smooth defeating Radjabov and Jon Ludvig Hammer.

Player stats:
Caruana is highest rated, Zuniga the lowest
Caruana is also the youngest now, and Zuniga still the oldest player
Six Russians, two USA and Ukrainian, then others.

For now, here is the big 16, 2013 Chess World Cup Round 4 Pairings:
hi resolution 2013 Chess World Cup pairing tree / chart / diagram, up to round 4

Evgeny Tomashevsky vs Alexander Morozevich
Tomashevsky put the first all Russian pairing after eliminating Levon Aronian. Not sure if he will be a better opponent for Alexander Morozevich, as Tomashevsky 'only' a seeded no.32. For sure Morozevich doesn't have the extra rest day compare to Tomashevksy. It's looks like Morozevich will once again need extra luck to pass this test. Chessgames databases show Tomashevsky is even better in statistic for their encounter.

Gata Kamsky vs Shakriyar Mamedyarov
On previous round 3, the battle against young Wei Yi, Mamedyarov dragged into tie break and even at one moment given -1 evaluation by Houdini, but then he show how the World Rapid Champion should be and Mamedyarov get the ticket to met Gata Kamsky. So, forget the winning against 2500+ Shak and focus on your real opponent for round 4.

Gata Kamsky, who defeat Jon Ludvig Hammer, well it's Yoon precisely! The local hero got sent home after his adventurous after being provoked by Kamsky's Dutch defence got punished severely. Ultimately this mean Mamedyarov vs Kamsky is now the battle of big dog. Both are very close in rating. The statistic of this meet up is even, about 19 games in database.

Sergey Karjakin vs Dmitry Andreikin
The second match among the Russian. Karjakin as no.5 favorite was almost go home when his round 5 opponent Eljanov beat him in first rapid game. Karjakin then made the dramatic comeback and sent home his ex-Ukrainian friend. Karjakin vs Andreikin paired many times with statistic on slightly favor to Karjakin.

Peter Svidler vs Le Quang Liem
" "Playing for a draw in a KO event with Peter Svidler" - the groundbreaking new VOD series, coming soon to a computer near you." Peter Svidler tweeted after his won against Radjabov. That's it, the unsatisfied feeling by Peter Svidler that hopefully make him better motivated in the bout against Le Quang Liem.

Only one Asian player left, and that is Liem from Vietnam. LQL got hard time against Alexander Grischuk, their game moves, when combined, could be the longest in this world cup. Le Quang Liem happen to defeat Svidler twice, but only in blitz.

Fabiano Caruana vs Julio Granda Zuniga
The second strongest player on the field, 21 years old Fabiano was the one who survived a mate in 7 in his tie break rapid game. This also mean Vladimir 'the Nuclear man' Malakhov was the one who blundered it, and ultimately lost against Caruana. Fabiano may get lucky to passed through this, but unluckily his next opponent is the Peruvian Julio Granda Zuniga.

Now, Italy vs Peru would be a good match in football. Oldest in the field, Julio worked hard to earn his rightful sympathy by defeating Anish Giri in the tie break. This is Julio's finest moment so far. As a matter of fact, this blog got tremendous rising traffic from Peru, so finally, chess got followed by more fans in the football continent. Both played two games with Caruana winning 1.5-0.5, that was on 2009 when Caruana still literally a teenage.

Caruana post-game interview and waiting for Peruvian hero, Julio Granda Zuniga on round 4, 2013 Chess World Cup

Vassily Ivanchuk vs Vladimir Kramnik
In the post interview, Ivanchuk mistakingly guess his next opponent to be Anton Korobov, I hope he is not surprises to find out the correct foe is Vladimir Kramnik the man. Classic pairing, not much to comment as this battle had been go on since late '80 and actually both had spending time playing chess together together for almost their entire lifetime.  The statistik is on favor to Kramnik and their last meeting seem to be in 2013 Candidate matches where Ivanchuk beat Kramnik in Pirc game. They have played at least 98 games!

Boris Gelfand vs Maxime Vachier-Lagrave
The only confirmed pairing before round 3 tie break. Both players play finished their opponent in classical games. Should we expect a better quality opening preparation by both? Boris Gelfand of course expected to reach round 4, but for the young French, 'MVL' should enjoy his round 4 without much pressure. The age differences is 22 years for the 'advantage' of Boris 'Gandalf' Gelfand and the statistic give Gelfand a better score.

Hikaru Nakamura vs Anton Korobov
Now Korobov had avenged for both their Ukrainian colleagues by stopping the young Daniil Dubov, very hard as well in round 3 tie break. Korobov will meet Nakamura, who still comfortably hanging around Tromso with his three free days. The only pairing enjoying their 'first night' .... never before they sit on the same table.

the football style score banner make the Chess World Cup something exciting, it is on LIVE Transmission with live commentaries.

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