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Chess World Cup 2013 Tromsø - Round 2 Pairings Chart

Chess World Cup now, happening 10 August to 3 September 2013 in the Northern area of the world, in Tromsø, Norway exactly. 128(-1) players now down to 64. As we know major upset of round 1 were, Judit Polgar lost to Cuban GM Isan Reynaldo Ortiz Suárez. Ian Nepo to give up his seat to Chinese Wei Yi. That's perhaps the most notables, but this year's edition also got a lot of 'sharks' been bitten down. Alekseev downed last minutes to Adhiban, then Ray Robson upset Volokitin etc.

On the drama, Teimour Radjabov vs Jorge Cori was the most controversial. The zero tolerances rules as we know again takes a victim. But last night, Jorge Cori was the worst example, he was simply jump into classic English listening error, mistaken 6.15 to 6.50 which made him show up late on board, what a worst time to experiences it. Jorge was reported to make official appeal, no official outcome by the time of this writing (updated here LINK). As we remember, in 2009, Wang Yue and Li Chao were first casualties of the rule, both late for being smoking (to release tension).

By now, please takes time to enjoy the unique 32 pairings of 2013 Chess World 2nd Round, Tromso.

1 Levon Aronian vs 64 Igor Lysyj
As expected from seed no.1 Aronian move through. Just one round differences and Aronian's opponent has upgraded half way, from seed 128 to seed 64. Pretty smooth system hugh... Igor Lysyj, 26 old Russian opponent with plenty of titles in his belt, including the recent 2012 Moscow Open first prize.

32 Evgeny Tomashevsky vs 33 Wesley So
Going to be their first duel by checking chessgames databases. Tomashevsky is well known talent from Russia also with plenty of achievements. How about: European Individual dude on 2009, regular Russian Olympiad Team and Gelfand's second on his World Champion match. But seeing the different seed between the two, rating-wise they are equal.

16 Alexander Morozevich vs 80 Rafael Leitao
Once more, Morozevich scary us with his promising-play-then-blunder syndrome, but he comfortable overcome Canadian Bator Sambuev in tie break, then advance to meet Rafael Leitao. Leitao was also in no holiday mode, playing tie break to meet Moro.

17 Niktia Vitiugov vs 48 Markus Ragger

8 Gata Kamsky vs 57 Alexansdr Shimanov
Gata Kamsky play solid chess, so solid to let him dragged to tie break by young Chinese Lou Yiping, let see how he can overcome Shimanov on round 2.

25 David Navara vs 89 Jon Ludvig Hammer
One of most bottom 'underdog', Jon Ludvig defeated Movsesian to give Norway a good face as a host. David Navara, as usual play the good guy here, let's not forget his kindness in the past, (remember Navara vs Moiseenko in 2011).

9 Shakhriyar Mamedyarov vs Maxim Matlakov

105 Wei Yi vs 41 Alexei Shirov
Alexei dragged to tie break by Hou Yifan, in fact, almost lost the match by letting the ex-World Champion (Women) won the first rapid. Alexei will meet another Chinese prodigy, Wei Yi who eliminated Ian Nepomniachtchi in their upset match. In the interview, Alexei admit he doesn't know well his opponent yet.

Narrowly escape from his first lost in 2013 World Cup, Alexei Shirov indeed manage to advance to round 2

Facing Wei Yi, Shirov, "..... I didn't know (well) my opponent (of round 2) yet.."

4 Alexander Grischuk vs 68 Dariusz Świercz
29 Le Quang Liem vs 36 Francisco Vallejo Pons
well, both juniors lead the bunch of junior friends to have a good time in round 1. Le Quang Liem and Dariusz to meet the opponents that also not too older to them.

13 Peter Svidler vs 52 Victor Bologan
Similarly to Shirov, Svidler also almost lost to the Women Champion, Anna Ushenina, the current one. Svidler vs Bologan is not a unique pairings as they had met many times. On popular statistic, Svidler on upper hand to Bologan, let see how the defending World Cup champion perform on round 2.

20 Teimour Radjabov vs 45 Lázaro Bruzón
It was a drama to let Teimour 'must' received his free victory on rapid games against junior Jorge Cori, as Jorge suffered the zero tolerances rule for being late. His match versus Bruzon will prove more difficult, as Jorge Cori is 'too much' a warming up. In the interview Teimour admit he got busy family time and less prepared for the World Cup.

5 Sergey Karjakin vs 60 Krishnan Sasikiran
28 Dmitry Jakovenko vs 37 Pavel Eljanov

12 Wang Hao vs 53 Alexey Dreev
Only four Chinese players advanced to round 2, Wang Hao is of course the highest rated of them.

21 Dmitry Andreikin vs 85 Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son

2 Fabiano Caruana vs 63 Yu Yangyi
Similar to Aronian, Fabiano round 2 opponent is now the seed no.63. Yu Yangyi surely better than Fabiano's first round opponent. Yu Yangyi was guilty to eliminate the tournament eldest player, Beliavsky.

31 Vladimir Malakhov vs 34 Laurent Fressinet

14 Peter Leko vs 40 Julio Granda Zuniga
Julio Granda struggle through the armageddon session last night, and must meet another 'sturdy' opponent, Peter Leko.

18 Anish Giri vs 47 Li Chao

7 Boris Gelfand vs 71 Anton Filippov
26 Étienne Bacrot vs 39 Alexander Moiseenko

10 Leinier Dominguez Perez vs 55 Alexander Onischuk
23 Maxime Vachier-Lagrave vs 87 Isan Reynaldo Ortiz Suarez

3 Vladimir Kramnik vs 67 Mikhail Kobalia

30 Alexander Areschenko vs 94 Ruben Felgaer
14 Michael Adams vs 51 Yuriy Kryvoruchko
About 11 Ukrainian masters to play in 2013 Chess World Cup, most are stuck in Section 7 and 8, mean they will need to face each other just to reach quarter final.

19 Vassily Ivanchuk vs Ray Robson
Interesting pairing, hopefully Ivanchuk will not gone 'nervous' against junior again. Ray Robson tremendously prove he is well prepared, defeated Volokitin convincing on round 1.

6 Hikaru Nakamura vs 59 Eltaj Safarli
Much buzz for his game 2 victory over Deysi Cori, Nakamura will met much stronger Azeri opponent, Eltaj Safarli. Hikaru is leading US team on this field.

102 Baskaran Adhiban vs 91 Alexandr Fier
Adhiban upset seeded 27 Alekseev in the blitz tie break. His fortune now challenge by 'lesser' high rate opponent, Alexandr Fier, who 'only' seeded 91. Fier gone through by eliminated Poland's Radosław Wojtaszek.

11 Ruslan Ponomariov vs 75 Daniil Dubov
22 Anton Korobov vs 43 Baadur Jobava

2013 Chess World Cup, Round 2 Pairing diagram / tree:

Good LIVE coverage and commentary from the venue, link:

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