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Biel Master 2013 Round Ten

Victories over stronger GMs are the highlight news for Indonesian chess players 'contingent', who play in 2013 Biel International Chess Festival. These results keep them close to the top of table and put some of them as serious contender for prizes. The event has now reach round ten, notable victory result of the round are from Susanto Megaranto who defeated GM Ognjen Cvitan , quite a senior Grandmaster from Croatia. Susanto also defeated GM Sandipan Chanda on previous round nine. Susanto is only half point away from tournament leader Bartel Marteuz, in fact Susanto will face against him on round 11. With result from round ten, Susanto collected 7 points, catched his 'mentor' GM Utut Adianto who drew to GM Tigran Gharamian and now respectively stand by 6.5 points.

IM Farid Firmansyah also score important victory over GM A.R. Saleh, keeping him as the highest third Indonesian player on the field. He also defeat GM Vadim  Malakhatko on round 8. This followed by Medina who also reach the same point as Irene, together by 5.5 points. Irene has been highest INA girl before 'settled' with a draw with fellow Rahman Masruri, allowing Medina to rise up. Irene key game with GM Zhao Xue did not turn well as she defeated by the Chinese girl.

Key result from Biel Master round 10, Indonesian players:

Adianto,Utut GM (6) - Gharamian,Tigran GM (6) ½ - ½
Megaranto,Susanto GM (6) - Cvitan,Ognjen GM (6) 1 - 0
Farid,Firman Syah IM (5½) - Salem,A R. Saleh GM (6) 1 - 0
Masruri,Rahman  (5) - Sukandar,Irene K WGM (5) ½ - ½
Lang,Torsten FM (4½) - Medina,Warda Aulia WIM (4½) 0 - 1
Sihite,Chelsie Monica WIM (4) - Bozinovic,Bogdan FM (4) 1 - 0

About nine chess players from Indonesia participating in 'Master' section of 2013 Biel International Chess Festival, included are Indonesian most popular GM Utut Adianto who just returned to chess on this event. The group travel half world away from Jakarta. As Indonesian sources mentioned, this participation will accounted as warm up exercise before jump into SEA Games (South East Asian's Olympiad) later.

Standing after Round 10 - Biel Master 2013
1. Bartel,Mateusz GM 2619 POL 7.5
2. Harikrishna,Penta GM 2680 IND 7.5
3. Solak,Dragan GM 2598 TUR 7.0
4. Grachev,Boris GM 2683 RUS 7.0
5. Bu,Xiangzhi GM 2664 CHN 7.0
6. Hausrath,Daniel IM 2516 GER 7.0
7. Saric,Ivan GM 2639 CRO 7.0
8. Megaranto,Susanto GM 2524 INA 7.0
9. Smeets,Jan GM 2643 NED 6.5
10. Gharamian,Tigran GM 2655 FRA 6.5
11. Adianto,Utut GM 2548 INA 6.5
12. Malakhatko,Vadim GM 2529 BEL 6.5
13. Farid,Firman Syah IM 2396 INA 6.5
full result

Other news, Susanto Megaranto score bronze medal in Chess960 events, the winner was Jan Smeets and runner-up Tigran Gharamian. On Blitz event, Farid Firmansyah reach number seven on final standing, but Chelsie Monica called as 'best women' on the section. On Main event, Nadia Anggraeni and Dita Karenza have seriously contending for prizes, after round eight however, only Nadia remained on top with 6.5 points while Dita fallen to only 5 points.

GM Susanto Megaranto meraih ranking - 3 di section Chess960, Biel 2013

The key victories games for Indonesian players in Biel Master 2013:

Susanto Megaranto vs Chanda Sandipan, 1-0, Biel Master
[Event "MTO Biel"]
[Site "?"]
[Date "2013.07.30"]
[Round "9"]
[White "Sandipan, Chanda"]
[Black "Megaranto, Susanto"]
[Result "0-1"]
[ECO "A84"]
[WhiteElo "2623"]
[BlackElo "2524"]
1. d4 d5 2. c4 c6 3. Nf3 e6 4. e3 f5 5. Bd3 Nf6 6. O-O Bd6 7. b3 Qe7 8. Bb2 O-O
9. Nc3 Ne4 10. Ne2 Nd7 11. Rc1 Rf6 12. Ne5 Rh6 13. f3 Qh4 14. h3 Ng5 15. Nf4
Nxe5 16. dxe5 Bc5 17. Qd2 Qxf4 18. Kf2 Rg6 19. Ke2 Ne4 20. Rg1 Ng3+ 21. Kf2 Qh4
22. Qe1 f4 23. Bd4 fxe3+ 24. Bxe3 Nf5+ 25. g3 Bxe3+ 26. Qxe3 Nxg3 27. Qe1 Nf5+
28. Ke2 0-1

Farid Firmansyah vs Vadiam Malakhatko, 1-0, Biel Master 2013

[Event "MTO Biel"]
[Site "?"]
[Date "2013.07.29"]
[Round "8"]
[White "Farid, Firman Syah"]
[Black "Malakhatko, Vadim"]
[Result "1-0"]
[ECO "D48"]
[WhiteElo "2396"]
[BlackElo "2529"]
1. d4 d5 2. Nf3 c6 3. c4 Nf6 4. e3 a6 5. Nc3 e6 6. Bd3 dxc4 7. Bxc4 b5 8. Bd3
c5 9. a4 b4 10. Ne4 Nbd7 11. O-O Bb7 12. Nxf6+ Nxf6 13. Qe2 cxd4 14. Rd1 Bd6
15. exd4 O-O 16. Bg5 Be7 17. Rac1 a5 18. Bxf6 Bxf6 19. Be4 Ba6 20. Bd3 Bxd3 21.
Qxd3 Qd7 22. b3 Rfc8 23. h3 g6 24. Qe4 Rxc1 25. Rxc1 Rc8 26. Rxc8+ Qxc8 27. d5
exd5 28. Qxd5 Qc1+ 29. Kh2 Qc2 30. Nd2 h5 31. Ne4 Qc7+ 32. g3 Be7 33. Kg2 h4
34. g4 Qf4 35. Nd2 Bf6 36. Nf3 Qc7 37. g5 Bc3 38. Nxh4 Kg7 39. Nf3 Kg8 40. Nh2
Kg7 41. Ng4 Ba1 42. h4 Qf4 43. Qf3 Qb8 44. Nh6 Qe8 45. Ng4 Qe6 46. Ne3 Qe7 47.
Qd5 Qc7 48. Qf3 Qe7 49. Nd5 Qd6 50. Qe4 Qd8 51. Nf4 Qd1 52. Qf3 Qd4 53. h5 gxh5
54. Nxh5+ Kg6 55. Ng3 Qe5 56. Qh5+ Kg7 57. Qd1 Bc3 58. f4 Qe6 59. f5 Qc6+ 60.
Qf3 Qc8 61. f6+ Kf8 62. Ne4 Be5 63. Qh3 Qc2+ 64. Nf2 Qc6+ 65. Qf3 Qc8 66. Qe4
Bd6 67. Ng4 Qa6 68. Nh6 Qc8 69. Nf5 Bc5 70. Qd5 Ke8 71. g6 fxg6 72. Ng7+ 1-0

Menyimak sepak terjang rombongan pecatur Indonesia di ajang festival catur 2013 bertempat di Biel, Swiss. Beberapa pemain catur Indonesia membukukan kemenangan atas grandmaster-grandmaster catur yang hadir di tempat. Antara lain di babak 10, Susanto Megaranto mengalahkan pecatur cukup senior dari Kroasia, GM Ognjen Cvitan, di mana di ronde 9, Megaranto juga telah melewati tantangan Grandmaster dari India, Chanda Sandipan. Kemenangan ini membuat Susanto Megaranto mengejar 'guru' GM Utut Adianto. Utut yang sebelumnya menjadi pecatur terbaik Indonesia di festival Biel, harus puas melewati dua hasil remis, terutama di ronde 10 Utut draw melawan GM Tigran Gharamian. 

Berita baik juga dibukukan Farid Firmansyah yang juga mengaet dua kemenangan atas pecatur bertitel Grandmaster. Yaitu di ronde 8 melawan GM Vadim Malakhatko dan di ronde sepuluh melawan GM AR Saleh. Di rombongan puteri, Irene terkejar Medina Aulia dalam posisi pecatur puteri teratas setelah gagal menahan GM Zhao Xue di ronde sembilan, dan harus bermain remis dengan pak Masruri Rahman. Medina di papan lain mengalahkan FM Lang Torsten.  Posisi sementara hasil Biel Master 2013 bisa dilihat di atas. Di berita lainnya, GM Susanto Megaranto meraih ranking tiga di cabang catur960, kemudian Chelsie Monica dinobatkan sebagai 'best women' di cabang catur kilat, Farid Firmansyah menempati urutan ke tujuh di cabang ini. Sementara itu di turnamen 'Utama' / Main section, Dita Karenza dan Nadia Anggreani masih saling genjot untuk bertahan di zona 'berhadiah'. Setelah melewati babak ke delapan Dita tampak mulai ketinggalan meninggalkan Nadia untuk bertahan di papan atas.

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