Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ivanchuck and Carlsen tied at Amber 2010

Vassily Ivanchuck started by crushing Carlsen 2-0 in first round but both ended tied first in last round, in a combined standing. Amber is an elite tournament done in blindfold and rapid style. Twelve participants playing. At the end Carlsen continue showing his greatness, climbing to the top from the bottom. Ivanchuck finished undefeated and also a nice show to see this popular player win in this style, Ivanchuck plays in Amber more than anyone there. Third place is Kramnik, also playing solid chess and winning Carlsen in a way. Grischuk is winner in blinfold section, defeating Carlsen in final round, who drop a queen due to memory misplacement. Last year winner Aronian play moderate here and ended up at middle bottom standing. Smeets and Dominquez are the player with less win here. Standing :

1. Carlsen 14½
....Ivanchuk 14½
3. Kramnik 13
4. Grisshuk 12½
5. Karjakin 12
6. Gashimov 11½
....Gelfand 11½
....Svidler 11½
9. Aronian 11
10. Ponomariov 9
11. Smeets 6
12. Dominguez 5


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