Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Euro Individual 2010 Rijeka - Round 5

As a continent where some of the highest rated chess player in the world stays, the intern continental championship should be an elite tournament to watch. Just as in soccer where the Euro is as prestigious as World Cup. The European Individual Chess Champ is held in Croatia by the city of Rijeka. Top seed is Zoltan Almasi at 2720 followed by Etienne Bacrot 2714. Still missed most of top 15 players like those Armenians and Azeris players.

Up to round 5 looks like the 2690+ players dominated the scenes. Four players stays at 4.5/5 , quite a good result isn't! Nisipeanu, former champion, is on top shared with Efimenko, Jobava and Timofeev.

Side news is 100+ players sign up a petition for Zero Tolerance rule. This is a good news where common sense is being used in this obscured rule. But of course chess player should do their homework also to being professional and don't be late!

Official website, TWIC and Chessgames database.

And check a nice Gruenfel game by Anish Giri below :

Tournament buat para pecatur berpaspor Euro dan sekitarnya sedang berlangsung di Rijeka Kroasia. Paling kuat adalah pemain Hungaria Zoltan Almasi dengan rating 2720 dan pecatur yang waktu kecil agak kuat, Etienne Bacrot. Si Zoltan setelah ronde lima ada di posisi 20an dengan angka 4 sedangkan di puncak klasemen sementara justru beberapa pemain dengan rating hampir 2700 alias hampir elit punya. Si Nisipeanu yang adalah mantan juara Euro ada di puncak dengan 4.5 dari 5 ronde diikuti pemain Ukraina Efimenko, pemain Georgia Jobava dan pemain Rusia Timofeev.

Berikut dua partai mini , yang satu dari pemain muda Anish Giri yang mengalahkan pemain rating 2388 an. Anish yang berdarah Nepal ini agak jauh di urutan 99 dengan nilai 2.5/5. Dia adalah pemenang Corus grup B barusan dan kemungkinan segera menjadi pemain eliieet.

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