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EICC 2010 round 9 Amber round 3

Ian Nepomniachtchi takes sole lead in European Individual Chess Champ after round 9. The clash of top rank between Ian and Jobava ended in Ian's favor. So here he goes with 7.5/9 and about seven other players with 7/9 like Sokolov,Efimenko,Baadur, Mamedov, Timofeev, Akobian and Khismatulin in his back. Rounds 10 pairing going to be extremely high tension show:

Khismatulin (RUS) 7.0 - Nepomniachtchi (RUS) 7.5
Mamedov (AZE) 7.0 - Jobava Baadur (GEO) 7.0
Akopian (ARM) 7.0 - Sokolov (BIH) 7.0
Efimenko (UKR) 7.0 - Timofeev (RUS) 7.0

Ivan Sokolov and Akopian are the player age 38+ while the rest are all below 30s. Country wise this is a six contries affair, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Armenia. We will see the winner very soon tonight.

The girls section also high heel. Viktorija Cmilyte is now on top of her stiletto with three more women trying to steal it. Round 10 top pairings :

Cmilyte (LTU) 7.5 - Anna Muzychuck (SLO) 7
Pia Cramling (SWE) 7 - Stefanova (BUL) 7

Also a four countries competition here. Chess-result for more.

Side story is the priest of Vatican, Papa Don Valerio Piro is survive with 2.5/9. All his loses are to titled opponent. He has a philosophical quotation here :
"There are a lot of connections between spiritual and chess. This game helps me to question myself repeatedly, because its philosophy is very simple. You are constantly obliged to make decisions and when you make a move you cannot take it back, while each move has its consequences. In chess you cannot cheat and when you analyze the game you have played, it is possible to make a lot of conclusions thus improving yourself not only as a chess player, but as a person in general."

Ok with that. See one of his win here.

[Event "European Individual Championships"]

[Site "Rijeka CRO"]
[Date "2010.03.10"]
[EventDate "2010.03.06"]
[Round "5"]
[Result "0-1"]
[White "I Cabrijan"]
[Black "V Piro"]
[ECO "B18"]
[WhiteElo "1811"]
[BlackElo "2067"]
[PlyCount "98"]
1. e4 c6 2. Nc3 d5 3. d4 dxe4 4. Nxe4 Bf5 5. Ng3 Bg6 6. Nf3 Nd7 7. c3 e6 8. Be2 Ngf6 9. O-O c5 10. Bb5 a6 11. Be2 Be7 12. Re1 O-O 13. Qb3 b5 14. Qd1 Nd5 15. Bd2 Bf6 16. a3 Qb6 17. Be3 c4 18. Nd2 Be7 19. Bf3 N7f6 20. Bg5 Ra7 21. Ndf1 h6 22. Bd2 a5 23. Ne2 Rc7 24. Nf4 Bh7 25. Nxd5 Nxd5 26. Ng3 b4 27. axb4 axb4 28. Bxd5 exd5 29. Ne2 b3 30. f4 Be4 31. Ng3 f5 32. Qh5 Kh7 33. Ra4 g6 34. Qe2 Ra7 35. Rea1 Rfa8 36. Rxa7 Rxa7 37. Qe1 Ra2 38. Rxa2 bxa2 39. Qa1 Bb1 40. Nf1 Qe6 41. Be3 Qe4 42. Kf2 g5 43. g3 gxf4 44. Bxf4 Bg5 45. b4 cxb3 46. Ne3 Bxf4
47. gxf4 Qxf4+ 48. Ke2 Qxh2+ 49. Ke1 b2 0-1

Amber 2010
Another high drama is in Amber. The annually no-peeking and do-it-fast chess is at round 3 now. Vassily Ivanchuck is on highpoint of his roller coaster pattern in combined standing. He defeated Carlsen 1.a3 in day 1. Carlsen himself bounced back with 4 wins over Aronian and Svidler.

Report from TWIC here.

Partai ronde 9 di turnament Eropa Perorangan menghasilkan si Ian Nepomniatchi sebagai pemungut nilai terbanyak sementara. Tinggal 2 ronde lagi tetapi beliau musti bersaing ama sekitar tujuh pemain lain yang bernilai setengah di bawahnya. Pairing ronde sepuluh bisa dilihat di text bahasa Inggris di atas. Beberapa pemain dengan nilai tertinggi akan kualified buat Piala Dunia beberapa tahun mendatang. Di bagian puteri pecatur dengan nama sulit diketik (seperti Ian Nepomniathachihdc.... ahh...) Viktorija Cmilyte telah berada di puncak dan tinggal sebabak dua babak lagi boleh tidur senang. Saingannya adalah Stefanova, pecatur molek dari Bulgaria dan Pia Cramling Swedia dan Anna Muzychuck.

Sementara itu di kota Nice, turnamen catur nggak boleh lihat dan buru buru berlangsung di sana. Turnamen Amber adalah turnamen paling bergengsi di nomor ini. Pak Vassily Ivanchuck penggemar setia turnamen ini (udah main 19 kali) sementara ada di peringkat teratas setelah tiga ronde. Di hari pertama si Ivanchuck ketemu Carlsen, Carlsen bermain pembukaan 1.a3 , cukup seru tapi Ivanchuck kembali memberi pesan agar nggak usah memainkan langkah ini karena sering kalah. Mungkin Carlsen terinspirasi kemenangan Tony Miles atas juara dunia Karpov puluhan tahun lalu.

Lihat tayangan langsung di sini.

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