Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gotth Reykjavik: Old,Middle and Youngster Galore

Forget Giri and Robson. Welcome more U15 gals, mr Richard Rapport (b1996), Illya Nyzhnyk (b1996) and Jorge Cori (b1995).

The first one finished second in a strong Gotth' Art Cup 2010. The winner of this event is an oldster Alexander Beliavsky. Second place is mentioned Richard Rapport who currently an IM with 2444 rating and finished with TPR 2638 of category XI tournament. His luck is good but in the last round defeated by another oldster, Lajos Portisch. See Gotth' Art at TWIC. News said by this performance he is ready to entitled GM.

The remaining two youngster played in Reykjavick Open. The tournament won by middlester, and seasoned, Ivan Sokolov. Ivan plays solid chess here, suffered two defeats but finished shared 7 points with four others players. Back to the news, Jorge Cori having mentioned last year as candidate youngest current GM is probably a GM right now. Defeated twice in this tournament he won the last three games and finished second with 6.5 points. The last games is a minitaure in Italian Game against 2500 rated Igor Nataf, see here.

The candidate of youngest-GM-without-a-vowel-in-his-name Illya Nyzhnyk has less luck in last round against seasoned Ehlvest, but world wide news proclaimed about his final GM norm, so probably he is also a GM right now. For now see two minitaures about how to capture a queen.

I Nyzhnyk vs L Ptacnikova 1-0 23 2010 Reykjavik Open
E11 Bogo-Indian Defense

G Gislason vs I Nyzhnyk 0-1 23 2010 Reykjavik Open
D27 Queen's Gambit Accepted, Classical

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