Thursday, November 26, 2009

World Cup 2009-Round 3 Pairing Comments

Round 2 final result here.

Round 3

Gelfand - Polgar
Gelfand is enjoying his favorite status, playing a weaker opponent in two rounds. A good warm up but now his real challenge begin with Polgar as the next opponent. Compare to Polgar who only finished 2 classical game so far. Both met many times with statistic show Gelfand a positive score.

Lagrave - Yu Yangyi
Battle of youngster and more exciting this is like Asia vs Europea U20 player face off. They did not played in the recent World Junior at Argentina.

Jobava - Grischuk
Best from Georgia, Baadur “Baldur Gate” Jobava crushed Itturizaga in 30 moves Bogo Indian in round 2 while Grischuk eliminated “Drunken Master” who defended with Semi Slav yesterday. Strong pairing here.

Jakovenko – Areshchenko
Jakovenko comes with 2-0 against his Indian opponent while Areschenko from tie break. Both played a draw game before.

Bologan - Laznicka
Laznicka is the guy who upset Morozevich while Bologan finished Cheparinov by tie break.

Mamedyarov - Wang Hao
So far Mamedyarov having perfect score 4-0. I can’t find reference that they both played each other so both are into unknown territory.

Sakaev - Vitiugov
And Sakaev proved to be the solid player, eliminating Azeri Radjabov. His next challenger is Nikita Vitiugov whom he eliminated in 2007 world cup edition by tie break in round 1

Navara - Karjakin
Both spend another day for play off. Navara slip one rapid game to Shabalov due to surprised opening but then crushed Shaba 3.5-2.5 total. Database slightly favor Karjakin.

Li Chao - Gashimov
Gashimov enjoyed his high seed by playing easy opponent so far. But now he must take care of China men extra preparation for him. Looks like a team battle as Mamedyarov also facing the Chinese.

Caruana - Alekseev
Caruana eliminated two Cubans, Dominguez was losing on time in drawn position in tie break. Caruana is the last of Mr.President's recommended player. Both equal in the past.

Ponomariov - Motylev
And the former champion still heading well. Both met many times with Ponomariov leading.

Bacrot - Wang Yue
The highest seed from China. They both drawing each other from Chessgames database. Both games are the Petrov and Slav.

Svidler - Naiditsch
Naiditsch finished American dream Onischuk with a 20 moves miniature and enjoy his extra day for preparation. Svidler is now experienced more on how to handle a dark horse. They met many times with Svidler getting a plus point, but that’s when Naiditsch still a young boy. Still big chance for Svidler.

Tomashevsky – Shirov
When all the favorite seems fade away from the tournament turn out Shirov also want to maximalized his trip to Siberia by playing in tie break. Winning the tie break 3-0 Shirov is to challenge Tomashevsky who hardly get rid of Khalifman. They both met in 2008 with draw result.

Kamsky - So
Wesley So is trying to redefined the status “elite” in chess scene. His victory over Ivanchuck must be one of 2009 most successful chess story. Oppositely Kamsky still cold blood eliminating Antonio and Zhou Weiqi. Again this is the battle of favorite vs outsider, if So win, it will be remembered for a long time.. Meanwhile we do hope Chucky recovered soon.

Eljanov – Malakhov
Both “enjoyed” extra day exercise their rapid skill, they played a draw games in the past.





  1. "Wesley So is trying to redefined [sic] the status "elite" in the chess scene. His victory over Ivanchuk [sic] must be one of 2009's most successful chess story [sic]."

    Seriously, man? So winning a bad game against Ivanchuk is the story of 2009? The year Carlsen smashed through more than one super-tournament, won the Blitz World Championship, and cemented his rating above 2008? How did you come up with this tripe?

  2. Carlsen is promising but he's not the best yet. At least 4 others are stronger. He has potential to overtake in a few years though.

  3. Yes, Carlsen achievement this year also ONE of successful story of 2009.

  4. ivanchuk reacted very emotionally, that is very impressive. i like him even more. i am sure, he will recover fast and will not retire.


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