Monday, November 16, 2009

Surreal Sicilian November 2009

A Sicilian games is always my point of interest. Here is a compilation of up and down of the Sicilian games for Black and White in the last couple of a day. First is Magnus Carlsen become the anti and pro Sicilian. He defeated Ponomariov with White but against Leko he is the Black side. Games can be followed here :

Peter Leko - Magnus Carlsen, 0-1
Tal Memorial 2009 Round 9 - annotated by Ian Roger (Chessvibe)
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Then from a less known tournament Magistral Ciutat de Barcelona, IM Daniel Alsina played a theorical Sicilian and put White's 6…Bd7 Rauzer in more homework. As suggested by Chessvibe opening expert, here the game :

Daniel Alsina - Alexey Dreev,1-0
Barcelona 2009
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And then two miniture games from team event. It is always nice to see that Sicilian games still have some miniature to pointed out that still many rooms in this opening. The US Chess League has the most entertained team name such as Arizona Scorpions or Miami Sharks. The US Chess League logo also a nice one, similar to NBA logo but with a Knight in Red and Blue background. Compared to what usually apply in Europe where the team given a boring name like these.

Nakamura is playing in US Chess League. Perhaps this is the reason for his absent in World Blitz this week as everybody cried out why he is not been there. Here he was down by Julio Becerra in a 12 movers Sicilian.

Julio Becerra - Hikaru Nakamura 1-0
US Chess League Quarterfinal 2009
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And from Bundesliga, Nisipeanu also scored a miniature as Black. His opponent is 2440 rated Christoph Renner.

Christoph Renner - Dieter-Liviu Nisipeany 0-1
Bundesliga 2009 round 3
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