Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bazna King 2009 - Ivanchuck Smiles

This week's Bazna King 2009 is my dreamt tournament because its composed of most of my favorite chess players. Exluding Teimour Radjabov who is a golden boys of the 2000s, all players are hailed from the late 1990s era, the era where I enjoy chess only by newspaper or magazine. Alexei Shirov is always a fire on board to cheers up the tournament, we are now anxious to see wheter he will top as in Mtel or down like in Poikovsky Karpov Tournament. Accompanied is Vassily Ivanchuck, the tournament marathoneers. Back in action is Gata Kamsky from USA, Boris Gelfand, the 2009 ACP triumphant. And the line up concluded by hailed as a very creative chess player, Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu of Romania.

Round 5 show two wins by Black, Boris Gelfand kick off Shirov in Queen Indian game and Ivanchuck finished Gata Kamsky in a Surreal Sicilian style. While Nisipeanu drew win Black defending a creative Scandinavian game against Radjabov. Let's now see the Kamsky-Ivanchuk game including the climax tactical blunder by white here.

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