Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chinese Chess Championship 2009 - Round 7 up

Let’s move to the mainland China to see how the chess going on there. From 26th May to 6th June 2009 the country runs The Chinese Individual Chess Champhionship 2009 in Xinghua . The city is located in Jiangsu Province, where the largest city most known to western would be a city of Nanjing. Jiangsu province itself located on eastern coast line, above the city of Shanghai. Hou Yifan, the youngest female grandmaster was exactly born in this city.

According to Wikipedia, this is where the little Yifan (逸凡=meaning out of ordinary!) stared at a glass chess shown behind a bookstore window. Her father then bought her the chess set and soon she was able to beat her father and grandma at only three years old.

In this Championship, Hou Yifan played in Men section, the same thing she had done in Asian Intercontinental at Subic a while ago. Unfortunately, facing most of China strongest GMs it’s happen a bit difficult for her and after Round 7 Hou ranks 9 with 2,5 points. Topping the standing table is GM Wang Hao with 6,5 points.

In Women section after round 7 unrated Tan Zhongyi stayed at number one with 6 points ahead of WGM Shen Yang and GM Zhao Xue whose followed half point behind.

Result for Men section see here.
Result for Women section see here.

Here a miniature from round 7:

Li Chao - Bu Xiangzhi - Round 7 - Petroff Defence
white just played 18. Qxe7, Black to move and win

While the Chinese usually played till very last here are nice miniature that can be put under Shredding Chess Move games collection.

GM Wang Hao – GM Zhou Weiqi
Round 4 – Queen Gambit Accepted

answer to above quiz is : 18.. Qxa2+!! 19. Kc1 Qa1+ 20. Kd2Qxd1+ 0-1

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